12 Things Women Confessed To Believing in Despite Not Having Proof

Belief is a powerful thing. It can shape our thoughts, actions, and even our lives. And sometimes, we believe in something that we have no proof of. Women from all walks of life have shared some things they believe in, despite no evidence supporting them. Here are a couple of them.

1. The Idea of Soulmates

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This is a common belief among many people, not just women. That there is one perfect person out there for us is a comforting thought. But is it true? No one knows.

While some people believe in soulmates, others think it's a romanticized notion. A contributor shares, “I used to believe in soulmates, but then I met my husband. He's not perfect, but he's perfect for me.”

2. That Ghosts Exist

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Many people claim to have seen or experienced ghosts. But without concrete evidence, it's hard to prove their existence. Nevertheless, some women still believe in ghosts. One woman shared how she saw a ghost as a child, adding that it was the scariest thing that ever happened to her.

3. Extraterrestrial Life

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The universe is vast, and imagining we're the only intelligent life out there is hard. While we have found no concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life, some women believe it exists. And honestly, even if we never find concrete proof of extraterrestrial life, the possibility is fascinating.

4. That The Government Is Hiding Things From Us

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Conspiracy theories abound, and many believe the government hides things from us. Whether it's the existence of aliens, secret technology, or other mysteries, some women are convinced that we're not being told the whole truth.

5. Fate Exists

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The idea that our lives are predestined is comforting for some people. They believe everything happens for a reason — even the bad stuff — and that we're all on a predetermined path.

6. Crystals Have Healing Powers

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Some women believe that certain crystals have healing powers. “I've used crystals to help with anxiety, and it really works for me,” says one. Whether it's the ability to calm anxiety, promote healing, or protect against negative energy, some swear by the power of crystals.

7. The Universe Gives Us Signs

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Some believe the universe sends us signs to guide us on our path. Whether it's a repeated number, a chance encounter, or a dream, these signs are meant to show us the way. A few claim that they have seen this work for them, even if they cannot explain precisely how it does.

8. Karma Prevails

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Another popular belief among women is karma, that our actions will eventually return to us somehow. While no scientific evidence supports this belief, it can motivate people to do good in the world.

9. The Belief in Intuition

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One would always hear such things as “I trust my intuition more than anything else.” Many women report believing in the power of intuition, that we can decide based on our gut feelings or instincts.

Yes, there is no scientific evidence to support this idea. Still, many people find that listening to their intuition can be valuable in navigating life's challenges.

10. Guardian Angels

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A couple of women admitted believing in guardian angels, spiritual beings assigned to protect and guide us. Many people find comfort in the idea of a benevolent creature watching over them, even if no scientific evidence supports this belief.

11. Premonitions

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Some women have shared their belief in premonitions, that we can sense something that will happen in the future. Many others have reported experiencing premonitions or intuitive insights about future events.

“I've had a few experiences where I just knew something was going to happen before it did,” one contributor says. “It's hard to explain, but I think there is something to the idea of premonitions.”

12. Parallel Universe

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Many believe there is a parallel universe; others consider it fascinating. Some scientists also believe in the theory of parallel universes or the multiverse, suggesting that there may be countless other universes similar to ours.

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