12 Little Everyday Things Women Do That Baffle Men Entirely

Have you scratched your head with confusion, wondering what on earth your girlfriend, mother, sister, or female friend is doing? Have you ever been completely baffled by the little things the women in your life do daily? Fret not, my friend, because you're not alone.

Members of a popular forum share what perplexes them about the seemingly insignificant things women do.

1. The Whispering Conundrum

Numerous members find it strange that women speak at a low volume as if whispering sweet nothings. But in reality, those ‘nothings' are quite important. According to some, asking to repeat is of no use either. Maybe it's time for men to invest in hearing aids.

2. Wolfpacks: A Case of Restroom Solidarity

It is one of the world's biggest mysteries: why do women visit the restroom in groups? Is it for moral support or a secret club meeting? One may never know for sure. Maybe it is for the best, though; look what going alone did to Moaning Myrtle!

3. Time Warp

Multiple users raise their concerns over a woman's time orientation. Five minutes or a whole hour to get ready? According to them, you may never know which one it might be. Isn't time a relative concept anyway?

4. A Cat in Disguise

Men of the forum are surprised that ladies have not gone bald by how much hair they lose daily. Their heads shed more than a Persian cat's fur. Who knows? Perhaps the strands are a way to mark their territory!

5. Scent-sational Obsession

The sheer amount of scented items women own is frequently questioned by forum users. From candles that smell like freshly baked muffins to lotions that smell like tropical fruits, they can't have enough!

6. Slimy Love: The Imaginary Test

Has your partner ever asked if you would still love for them if they morphed into a creepy crawly? How do you know if you are attracted to someone's inner earthworm or spider? It's a tricky riddle and a test of love men just don't understand.

7. Pimple Poppers: Gross Galore

Members wonder what's so appealing about the squeamish liquid oozing out of the pores. One even mentions his wife and girlfriend can't seem to get enough of his, popping them every chance they get!

8. Color Whisperers: The Art of Subtlety

It is remarkable how women can pick up the slightest difference between colors that men cannot even fathom. Members mention how odd it is that they can distinguish scarlet from red, navy from cobalt, or lavender from lilac.

9. Pockets? No Thanks, We've Got Hands

Users say it is strange that women can survive in clothes without pockets. Have you ever seen a woman holding her phone, keys, lipstick, and wallet in one hand? Women have adapted quite well to the scarcity of pockets in their clothing. I bet Darwin would agree that's evolution at its finest!

10. The Hoodie Heist

Members question how women are always cold, even with more layering than an onion. Is it just a ploy to steal their favorite hoodie? One may never know!

11. Bathroom Therapy: A Silent Contract

Have you ever created a deep bond with a completely random heartbroken person in a public restroom or attempted to console them beside a stinky toilet? Only to end up leaving and forgetting about their existence? Perhaps not. But this is common for women. Male members articulate how strange this is.

12. Claws Conqueror: Biological Weapon

One question has plagued men of the forum: how do women generally function with long, sharp, and pointed nails? These razor-sharp nails seem enough to pop a balloon or scratch a car, yet women carry out daily tasks like it's nothing! Who needs a Swiss pocket knife when you have a woman by your side?

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