Cheap Thrills: 10 Budget-Friendly Finds That Will Upgrade Your Life

Can you think of something that seemed overpriced but, after using it, decided it was not? Then, you're in good company. Recently someone online asked, “What's something you thought wasn't worth the money until you actually tried it out?” Here are the top-voted answers, according to Redditors.

1. A Bath Sheet

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Redditor Taylorthetator nominated “A bath sheet. It's essentially just a huge towel. They're more expensive, so my husband and I almost didn't buy them when we were shopping for towels, but we decided to try them, and I will never go back to using a regular-sized towel again. A standard-sized bath towel is 27″x52″, and a bath sheet is 34″x68”.

Honestly, this is a game changer and worth the extra bucks.”

2. Electric Toothbrush

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IrishTeenGuy admitted, “Single most significant Win for my oral health ever was getting an electric toothbrush.”

I had my dental checkup yesterday. The hygienist was simultaneously impressed/disappointed to find no issues. I thank my Sonicare,” another user replied.

3. Noise-canceling Headphones

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DrPsychOut voted “Noise-canceling headphones. I never knew how much background noise caused my body to feel tense. So sometimes I wear them with no music.”

“I have a set of Bose noise-canceling headphones that I've had for 16 years. Not only is the sound fantastic, but you can also replace the parts like ear cups and cords that wear out (or get chewed on by your jerkface cat). Worth every penny,” another commenter confirmed.

4. Good Shoes

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One person expressed, “This is so true. Even a $100 pair of shoes makes a big difference compared to Target shoes.”

“Bad shoes can cost you more than what you paid if you hurt yourself wearing them,” added another commenter.

Finally, a user admitted, “I ruined my feet for six months after wearing a very cheap pair for a few days. I mean actual nerve damage.”

5. A Good Massage

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“I pay $119 a month for a massage membership to get a 90 min massage a month. It's a more significant chunk of my paycheck than I would like, but I don't have constant back pain like I used to. So I'm willing to budget in other places to keep that membership up. Because, holy moly, it changes everything,” admitted one user.

6. Therapy

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One Redditor admitted, “I spent a lot of time jumping between the ones in my insurance group. I got a bunch of doctors who couldn't help me. Finally, I decided to switch from HMO to PPO and went out of network to find a specialist in my disorder. It was the best decision ever.”

“I decided on therapy 18 months ago, and it was one of the most relieving decisions I've ever made,” confirmed another.

7. Underwear

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Jonahvsthewhale replied, “I'll second this. I'm not embarrassed that I have my boxer brief selection down to a science. I have no clue how other men let their jewels bang around like a wind chime in regular boxers.”

“Seriously. A good bra is so bloody expensive, but you immediately feel your back thanking you,” a second commenter concurred.

8. A Good Quality Mattress

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“Yes! I think this is also something you appreciate even more with age. In my 20s, I could sleep in a bathtub and be good to go the next day. In my 40s, I sleep on a mediocre mattress, and my back hurts for a week,” a user commented.

“I just bought a Sealy. Adjustable frame, the works. I fall asleep instantly, and my back pain has gone away. Worth it to not cheap out on a good mattress,” a second commenter replied.

Finally, another stated, “Never skimp on something that separates you from the ground.”

9. A Good Shower Head

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One user noted, “A good shower head. Seriously, it's worth every penny once you find the right one.”

“A good detachable shower head. Seriously. It's a godsend to clean the bathtub and the shower. Just spray, let sit if needed, and rinse with the head. Voila,” concurred another.

10. Paying for Movers

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StormtrooperGloves joked, “I like how they can somehow break the laws of physics. How on earth is anyone going to carry that sofa up that narrow stairca… oh wait, they've somehow done it already. After a three-week move from one coast to the other, I can confirm. We used movers to unpack the truck and kicked ourselves for not using them to load it before the move. PIVOT!”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is there something you would add to the list?

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