Don’t Leave Home Without These 15 Things You Need for International Travel

You just booked a trip abroad and are now deciding what to pack. There are a few things that are a must-have when you're traveling away from home. Whether it is a place to put all your items or a pair of sensible sneakers, we've covered you with a few recommendations.

15 Things You Need for International Travel

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A checklist can be helpful when packing. Don't forget to ensure your passport is valid before you leave! When you're ready to pack, these are the 15 things you need for international travel.

A Good Carry On Suitcase 

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You've booked your travel, so now you're ready to pack. Traveling aboard with many things can be challenging, so traveling light is the best. We love the Away carry-on that's taken us from the cobblestone streets of Italy to the back of a boat in Greece. This bag is a must for travelers with a hardshell, removable portable charger, and inside pockets. 

Packing Cubes 

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Packing cubes are a game changer. We love a set of cubes that fits perfectly in a carry-on bag and makes packing an organized breeze. Using the packing cubes, you can include more items together, and the bags compress your clothes to optimize space. Better for bringing a lot of options and prepping for possible weather changes. 

Travel-Sized Beauty Items

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The best way to transport your liquids is with refillable bottles. Be aware of the different rules for liquids and if there are any exceptions to those rules. With a set of bottles, you can bring the shampoo and conditioner you like, and the handy labels make it easy to see which item is which. 

A Kindle or E-Reader

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Travelers and packers alike know the same thing: books take up too much precious space. The best way to read on the go is to bring an e-reader. It will slip easily into your bag and holds more books than you can read. It's easy to carry, backlit, and waterproof.

Portable Charger 

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A rookie mistake is thinking you'll be able to charge wherever you are. You don’t want your phone to die while you’re out and about.  A portable charger fits right into the bottom of your phone, meaning you never have to take out our cords. 

A Universal Travel Plug

Universal travel plug
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Regarding cords, you have to make that yours will work wherever you land. We recommend a universal travel plug, which you can use in multiple countries. The dual USB ports mean you can charge various things simultaneously without worrying about travel adapters. 

First Aid Kit

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It's always better to be safe than sorry. An easy and packable first aid kit means you are always prepared for anything and don't have to stress about possible injuries. You never know when you'll be able to go to a pharmacy, so always back what you need. 

Travel Wallet

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Having a separate wallet for travel is always a good idea, so you can focus on bringing just the essential cards and international currency you need. We recommend a travel wallet, which can fit your passport, travel documents, and credit cards and even block potential scammers through its RFID blocking. It's a bonus that it also comes in so many cool colors. 

Crossbody Bag

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When traveling abroad, you must keep your valuables and things close to you to avoid pickpockets and having an open bag. We like the Baggu crossbody bag with zippers for your items on the inside. 

Travel Lock

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We recommend traveling with a crossbody bag that zips closed, where you can keep the bag zipped and locked so no thieves can get in. This travel lock should work with various bags and prevent thieves from getting in your bag while you're out and about. 

Comfortable Shoes 

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When you're going abroad, you must prepare for a lot of walking. Not just walking, but usually walking on uneven streets with historic cobblestone. We recommend a comfortable pair of shoes, like Dr. Scholl's Time Off Platform Sneaker, which offers the comfort and support you need to keep going and sightseeing. 

Travel Sunscreen

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When you're traveling, sunscreen is a must. Opt for a travel-size sunscreen like Supergoop to save space, or bring a powder sunscreen. You can keep this travel essential in your crossbody or tote bag when needed. 

Multi-Use Tech Pouch

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Just like you have to have a bag for your liquids and beauty supplies, it's good to have a bag for all your tech items. You can keep cords and plugs organized and tidy in your bag with a tech pouch. 

Packable Reusable Bag

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You never know what you'll need to carry while traveling – maybe you're leaving with new keepsakes for the family or a sweatshirt you picked up at the souvenir shop. We love this Baggu Bag, which takes up no space in your bigger bag and folds out to hold a lot.

Wrinkle-Release Spray for Clothing

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One thing we never leave the house without is a wrinkle-release spray. There's no better way to get wrinkles out of your clothes after being packed too tightly. With the travel-size version, you don't have to worry about liquid weights and limits. Plus, it reduces the need for a travel steamer and keeps your linens crisp for places like Italy and Greece.