21 Things You Should Make Instead of Buying

For you to adequately manage your finances and have extra cash for your needs, you should know things to stop buying and start making.

There are things you could save money off just by producing them or things you should make instead of buying.

I bet you don’t feel comfortable buying a product at $50 when you can produce it at home for only $20.

The truth is the only difference between these homemade products and those products you pick up from a store is just the branding.

Those at the store have a brand name while yours has no brand name.

Who cares about a brand name when you derive equal satisfaction from both products at a lower cost?

things you should stop making and start buying

Making some of these things at home saves you the stress of running out now and then to pick up a product at the store when you run out of it.

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Sometimes going to the store requires transportation expenses. When you start making and stop buying, you would have more money in your pocket.

You find out that not only have you saved from the product itself, you also saved transportation expenses.

This makes you free to live the self-sustainable life that you’ve always wished for.

There are several products which you use at home that you can decide to stop buying and start making.

  1. Newspapers: There are a lot of news sites and blogs you can ready for free. Visit any of them and get updated on what is happening around you instead of buying a newspaper. Read all your favorites stories online for free and start saving money.  
  2. Coffees out: A cup of coffee at your favorite shop every day will cost you a lot of money, instead make your coffee at home and carry your own in a flask.
  3. Bottles of water: You can get 32 packs of bottles of water for $3.99 at the grocery store instead of buying 1 bottle for a $1  or better still carry your water bottle.
  4. Soft drinks out: You can get a carton of soft drinks and use one at a time instead of buying one at a time. Consider taking water instead of a soft drink
  5. Books – Borrow books from your local library or start a book swap with friends and family. Consider Audibles to save some money.
  6. DVDs – Just like books, consider listening to online videos for free.
  7. Body Butter – the way the name sounds makes companies that produce this to attach a heavy price tag to it. You could produce yours for yourself at a cheaper rate and save money from it.
  8. Mouthwash – you could create a mouthwash for your personal use. With the right ingredients and procedure, it is assured that it will kill bacteria and freshen your breath. You could involve the whole family. This way, you not only save money, but you also promote healthy habits.
  9. Face Mask –Making a face mask is very easy. It contains natural ingredients like avocado, brown sugar, lemon, and coconut oil. You could make yours and know the real quality of what you have.  Check out the 7 easy DIY face masks 
  10. Deodorant – you can make deodorant and be sure that the organic concoction will help reduce odor and sweat in the armpit.
  11. Wrinkle Cream – look young with your homemade wrinkle cream. It requires natural ingredients like honey and eggs. It will help smoothen your face and get rid of those lines that appear when you smile or laugh.
  12. Toothpaste – there is no big deal in making toothpaste. All you need is coconut oil as a teeth whitening variation and herbs for making the breath fresher.
  13. Dish soap – this is something big families make use of all the time and easily run out of them. You could create dish soap. It would be way cheaper than the one you get at the store but it would clean up just as good. Check out the receipt: Dish Soap
  14. Window Cleaner – the price of window cleaners is high and this is because it is overrated. Once you have a spray bottle and all the required components, create one for yourself. It won’t leave any residue behind.
  15. Wood Polish – for your wooden furniture and floors, you would need a citrus wood polish. This keeps the surfaces shiny and makes them smell clean. It also gets rid of bugs. Check out the receipts: Wood polish
  16. Dust Cloths – dust and dandruff causes allergy and is not good for the health. Create a homemade dusting cloth and get rid of the dust and dandruff. Keep your tidy and dust-free.
  17. Stain Remover – Do you have kids around can be frustrating and messy. They mess up the house and leave stains behind. You need to have a stain remover handy so that you can quickly get rid of those stains on clothes once it is done. You get to save money you would have spent on new clothes.
  18. Ice Cream – all you need to know is how to make the base of ice cream, the rest is history. You get to try out all your favorite flavors and that of your kids. This is cheaper and puts smiles on the faces of your kids. Check out this receipt: Ice Cream
  19. Dog Food – dog owners know that taking care of a dog can be more expensive than caring for a full-grown man. If you always have an excess of produce, you have to put it to good use. Make an organic dog food from them instead of letting all the nutrients go to waste. Check out the DIY tutorial: Dog food
  20. Face cream- Face creams are insanely expensive. You don’t need to spend so much on a face cream when you can instead use affordable natural ingredients. Check out this affordable DIY face cream recipe.
  21. Laundry detergent– We all do laundry at least once a week and the detergent is expensive. So, why not make some laundry detergent yourself. Wellness Mama has an easy and cheap recipe that will last longer and cost less.  

Final Thought

It would also interest you to know that most of the products listed above are made from almost the same ingredient. All the ingredients can easily be gotten at a store and the rest can come from scraps at home.

In other to minimize expenses, you are advised to make a list of all the ingredients you need and buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk saves a lot of cash for you. It saves transport expenses as well.

The key to living a self-sustainable life is minimizing expenses and getting the same benefits. In other words, start making and stop buying.

When you make all these things for yourself, you will find out that your new worry is what to do with that extra cash you are saving. Interesting right? Yes, it is.

Now, all you need to do is go online and research how to make all these things so that you can stop buying and start making.

What are some other things you make instead of buying? Tell us in the comments section!

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