Top 7 Things You Should Never Do at a Restaurant, Seriously, Never

Have you ever been out on a date with someone and they acted in a way that was completely unethical and you felt totally embarrassed to even be out with them? Or maybe, you've been at a restaurant and seen someone else act this way? Well, you're not alone.

Not every restaurant has “rules” or do's and dont's, but there are things you should never do at one.

According to Reddit, here's some of them.

1. Don't Be Disrespectful to The Staff

This is one of the most common ways people default when they visit a restaurant. You may be coming from a long day at work or school, or you may have been generally stressed lately, but it always important to treat everyone the same way you would love to be treated. Even those you consider less deserving.

2. Don't Refuse To Control Your Child

This can be annoying for people who just came to the restaurant to have a nice meal and recoup from a long day.

Letting your child run free can be disruptive to the ambience, especially as your child may make a stranger uncomfortable. Not to mention the risk this poses to your child, who may end up eating from a stranger, or worse, in danger to one.

3. Don't Think That The Waiter Is Flirting With You

They're not. Believe it or not, some people are just being nice, especially when their jobs depend on it. So the next time you feel the urge to “flirt” back with a waiter/waitress, take a deep breath instead, and let it go.

It's not only inappropriate, but even rude. Most of them are not at liberty to speak out for fear of their jobs, so always remember to put their feelings into consideration.

4. Don't Leave a Mess

Not everyone can be Monica Geller. Cleaning may really be such a chore, so much that you're tempted to leave without paying any mind to the table you sat on, but Redditors think that because you paid for the food doesn't mean you should make a mess.

The people who work at restaurants are just that – people. And whether it's a restaurant or your personal kitchen, it isn't nice when people leave a mess.

5. Don't Order Away From The Menu

Some restaurants have “off-menu” dishes that regulars know and can order and they are usually not so different from the menu.

Remember when your mother got upset when she cooked and how hurt she felt when you turned it down because it wasn't “what you felt like eating?” Though, it's considerably different here because a restaurant is a professional setting, but ordering off menu can be stressful to chefs who have to prepare these meals on a whim. So, Redditors think more people should try to stick to the menu or “eat somewhere that has what they want.”

6. Don't Mess up The Bathroom

Treat the restaurant bathroom like you would treat your bathroom and try not to leave a mess, people. The last thing you want to do to anyone is make them walk into the mess you left behind in a bathroom, expecting that they clean it up.

Asides respect for the cleaners, other guests may want to use the bathroom. That “small” act of abandon may taint the brand's reputation.

7. Don't Walk Into The Kitchen

No matter how hungry you are, try to resist the urge to walk into the kitchen. “It's not going to make your food ready any sooner,” a Redditor said. It only puts extra pressure on the chef. So, try to sit back and be a little patient. If you can't, you can always ask on the status quo from a waiter or staff.

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