This Is The Best Time To Buy a Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner…again. And even if you still need to finish all your Christmas shopping or find the perfect gift for that special someone, it's time to start thinking about that essential staple of any Christmas setup. You guessed it, the Christmas Tree. 

In 2021, Americans spent $984 million on 1.6 million trees of the live variety. For some, it's traditional to purchase a real Christmas tree. They had one as a child and want to pass that down to their children or grandchildren. For others, like Clark Griswold, in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), it's about being able to choose the biggest and best tree nature has to offer. However, watch out for squirrels if you go this route.

Whatever your motive for wanting a live tree for the Christmas holiday, you're certainly not alone.

Favored Trees

Now, there are different sorts of Christmas trees. Most cultivated trees are Firs or Pines, with the Douglas and Fraser-Fir varieties selling well alongside their Scotch Pine counterpart. However, it depends on what you find valuable in a Christmas tree. 

  • Douglas Fir: As one of the most popular holiday tree choices, the Douglas Fir has much to offer. There's no need to trim this tree as it features a natural cone-shaped profile, and its fragrance will stick with you throughout the Holidays. Plus, its soft, long-lasting needles make it one of the simplest trees to put up and decorate.
  • Eastern Red Cedar: Most famous in the South, this pretty evergreen has light, compact branches that form a beautiful pyramid shape from top to bottom and won't take up a lot of room if space is limited. It's also very aromatic for those who love the scent of a Christmas tree. 
  • Scotch Pine: This lovely tree is known for three things. Its gorgeous, colorful hues, rich scent, and pokey needles. However, if you want a tree that'll last the entire season, this one's worth every ounce of effort. Just be sure to wear appropriate gloves when placing and decorating this one.
  • Fraser Fir: With sturdy branches and soft needles, this fabulous tree is an all-time favorite among those who like their trees living. Regarding scent, the Fraser Fir competes with its cousin, Douglas, for aromatic attributes, making it another fan-favorite for Christmas. 

Perfect Timing

If you're a late starter when celebrating Christmas, take some advice from Homer Simpson and buy your Christmas tree early. In “‘Tis the Fifteenth Season,” episode seven of Season 15 of The Simpsons, Homer promises to purchase a giant Christmas tree with earnings from a baseball card he received from Mr. Burns, which he promptly sold. Instead, Homer buys a talking astrolabe solely for himself.

Last-minute Christmas preparations can spell disaster if you hope to get a great-looking tree. Typically, the best time to purchase a cheap, adorable tree is the first weekend after Thanksgiving. Being a holiday, children are usually out of school, and families can shop together as a unit. However, this means that most shoppers will pay the market price, which, as of 2022, was $78. 

You'll need to wait a bit if you want the perfect tree at just the right price. The National Christmas Tree Association collaborated with Square to whittle down the best time to purchase a tree for selection and cost to the first week of December. Black Friday has gone by, yet you'll still be able to manage a healthy three weeks or more from your favored pick. 

Memorable Memories

Whether you celebrate the holidays with a real tree, a real-like artificial option, or a pretty Minora in the window, the holidays are all about love. Enjoy the moments with those you love most and make memories worth remembering. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Source: (Balsam Hill, Mental Floss).