How to fix This song is currently unavailable error on Instagram?

Have you encountered the error message saying this song is currently unavailable on Instagram? Here are a few troubleshooting steps to fix this error.

Back in 2018, Instagram allowed its users to add tracks to their stories and Reels. Since then, users have been able to pick a song that starts playing when others view the post. The feature also shows the name and the lyrics of the track.

this song is not available error

While it is great to add music to your stories and reels, users report that they have been encountering an error message while using this feature. The error message states that the song is currently unavailable. Users facing this issue can not listen to the song added to a certain story or reel.

We have prepared a quick guide to inform you about this issue. You can also try the methods below to fix the common “song not playing error” on Instagram.

Why does the “This song is currently unavailable” error happen?

Instagram addressed this issue and stated that it happens due to a technical problem in the app. This glitch prevents a certain song from playing. When this error occurs, the songs that you have added to your Reels will be muted as well.

The muted Reels error on Instagram is clearly one of the most annoying problems that occur in the app.

Fortunately, you can actually fix the song is currently unavailable error by updating Instagram.

Fix this song is currently unavailable in your country or region error.

There are a few methods you can try to fix this error. Here's how to unmute reels and make songs play without a problem on the popular social media platform.

Update Instagram.

Open Google Play Store and type Instagram.

muted reels error

Tap on the result.

Tap on Update and wait for the device to download and install the latest version.

update instagram fix song not available error

Wait for the Play Store to download and install the latest version of the app. Log in to your account and try if the songs start playing.

Clear Instagram cache.

Your phone temporarily stores data to increase the speed of various operations in applications. From loading images or displaying other content, your phone depends on the cache files to make the app work faster. As these files were stored previously, your device simply uses the stored data instead of downloading it again.

That being said, not clearing the cache can make your phone work slower as well.  It can also result in various errors like “this song is currently unavailable”.

Here's how to clear the Instagram cache.

  • Open your phone's settings.
  • Head to the app settings.
manage apps clear cache instagram
  • Tap on Manage apps.
instagram manage app settings
  • Open the app settings and tap on Clear data.
this song is not available clear cache insta

Select Clear cache and wait for your device the erase cache of the app.

how to fix this song is unavailable

You have completely erased the temporarily stored data of Instagram. Now you can go back to the app and see if the songs added to reels fail to play. If the problem persists, try the method below.

Log out from your Instagram account.

Logging out from your Instagram on all devices can be a possible solution. The classic “log out and log back in” method has proven useful on previous occasions. Here's how to log out from Instagram if you are not familiar with the new user interface.

Tap on the three lines at the top-right corner of the screen.

log out from instagram 1

Select Settings.

instagram this song is not available

Scroll down and tap on Log out.

You have completely logged out of your account. Make sure you repeat this process on other devices as well. Then log back in to force Instagram to reset your feed, possibly allowing the songs to play again on stories and Reels.

If the this song is currently unavailable error message keeps coming back, you will have to wait until Instagram addresses this issue. They did state that it often happens due to a bug. If the methods above did not help you sort this problem out, an official update should hopefully make this feature work properly.

Until then, have a look at our other guides and troubleshooting articles to fix the common errors occurring on the app.