The Cast of Thor: Love and Thunder Talk Making the Film

Thor: Love and Thunder comes to theaters everywhere on July 8th, and in celebration of the release, we sat down with the cast and filmmakers to talk about the fans' love for Thor, the return of Jane Foster, bringing Gorr the God Butcher to life, and so much more.

Participating Talent:

  • Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”)
  • Natalie Portman (“Jane Foster / The Mighty Thor”)
  • Tessa Thompson “(King Valkyrie”)
  • Christian Bale (“Gorr the God Butcher”)
  • Taika Waititi (Director / Writer/ “Korg”)
  • Kevin Feige (Producer)

What Thor Qualities Does Chris Hemsworth Relate To?

Chris Hemsworth has been playing Thor for years now, and so when he is asked about what he relates to the most about this fan-favorite character, he says he admires what Taika Waititi brought out in Ragnarok and now Love and Thunder – “He brought out the immature, young, adolescent quality that I embody. Which was exciting and fresh.”

Hemsworth goes on to say that it was nice to not get bogged down by seriousness when filming, which can happen often. He is happy that these kinds of films are fun, and fun to film. He adds that in fact, Taika has insisted upon them being fun.

Why Do Fans Love Thor?

Thor has now had four solo films, and fingers crossed he isn’t done yet. So, what about Thor allows audiences to not only relate to him so much but to love him as much as they do. Marvel President Kevin Feige decided to take this question, and he also praises Director and Writer Taika Waititi.

Feige claims that Taika brought out another dimension to the character that was always within Chris, but that wasn’t seen in the first two Thor films. He references a clip he saw the other day from Ultron and Hemsworth is trying to make Ruffalo feel better about smashing a bunch of people. “It’s so funny. And it’s like this expert timing.”

Kevin adds that the audience responds well to Taika’s take on tapping into everything Chris can do. For so long Marvel thought he’s a Norse god, how can we make that relatable? Taika was able to do it.

Natalie Portman on Coming Back, This Time in Costume

Thor: Love and Thunder sees the return of Natalie Portman’s Doctor Jane Foster, but this time she is suited up as a hero. When asked what that was like, she immediately says it was pretty wild. “After seeing Chris wear the costume for so many years, and then to try a version on myself and getting fitted for all the arm cuffs and the boots and everything was pretty surreal for the first time.”

Portman jokes that she is just five foot three; to be cast in a six-foot role is something she doesn’t see happening ever again, but she was thankful for the opportunity.

Christian Bale on Creating Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher isn’t just a cold-hearted villain in Thor: Love and Thunder, there is a lot of depth and emotion to him as well. Christian Bale plays the role perfectly, and when asked how he created this character, he had a lot to say.

Marvel was looking for someone the polar opposite of Chris Hemsworth to play Gorr, and Bale jokes they were looking for “someone not relatable, a bit of a loner, a creep that no one wants to be around,” and they found that in him.

In all seriousness though, Bale says there is great pleasure in playing a villain. In fact, he says it is a lot easier to do that than to play a hero.

“Chris had a much tougher job. Everyone is fascinated with bad guys immediately. And then, the beauty of it is that Taika can make it bloody hilarious, and then really moving as well, in this story. I don’t know if it’s pushing it too much to say sympathy, but certainly, you sort of understand why this guy is making awful decisions. He is a monster, and he is a butcher, but there’s a little understanding of why he came to be that way.”

Tessa Thompson Makes Valkyrie a King

In Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie is back, but she is now King Valkyrie of Asgard, and Tessa Thompson says that was a lot of fun to bring to the screen.

“Something that Stan Lee talked a lot about, and something that I’ve really enjoyed about these films, is that whether it’s a villain or a hero, the thing sometimes that connect them to their power, whether it’s used for good or bad, is actually their trauma. So, when we first met Valkyrie, she had a tremendous amount of it, and she was dealing with that by drinking a lot. Taika and I, we talked a lot about, upending what a female superhero looks like.”

Thompson explains that because of what she is going through, there are moments where Valkyrie shows up and you expect her to come out and be badass, but then she immediately falls over. Tessa says it was also a lot of fun to try to inhabit the spirit and then physicality it takes to be a hero. “With this one, we also talked about the idea of someone that has a job that they really love, but they’re also kind of disgruntled. She was a professional soldier for thousands of years and now finds herself kind of stuck in bureaucracy.”

Packed with humor, action, and yes, even a bit of heart, Thor: Love and Thunder is one that is worth seeing on the big screen when it comes to theaters on July 8th.

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