12 Edge of Your Seat Films That Are Thrilling Masterpieces

A law school student writes on an online server that he needs a thrilling break from the legal fine print. They wanted to know what movie they should watch if they wanted to feel their heartheat in their throat. Naturally, the internet had some thoughts. 

1. Fall (2022)

Fall Virginia Gardner
Image Credit: Lionsgate and Signature Entertainment.

This film dropped in August of last year after a lackluster teaser trailer. However, the film surprised audiences with its vitality. Fall focuses on two women with a passion for climbing.

After a tragedy, the women reclaim their climbing badges by attempting to scale a telephone tower a few hours from their hometown. As they reach teh top of the tower, the ladder down breaks off into oblivion, and the women become stranded 2,000 above humanity. 

2. Dream House (2011)

Dream House Naomi Watts
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Despite the 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, many viewers agree that Dream House is a fast-paced thriller with a stunning ensemble featuring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts.

A couple moves into a new house, doubling as a former crime scene where a husband allegedly murdered his wife and children. Daniel Craig's character, Will, decides to unravel and piece together the crime puzzle, stumbling upon a horrifying realization. 

3. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

10 Cloverfield Lane Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The prequel to The Cloverfield Paradox circles a woman, Michelle, that endures a brutal car accident and awakes in an underground bunker surrounded by two strange men. The man that owns the bunker informs Michelle that he saved her life by granting her a safe place to stay away from the polluted outdoors. Michelle doesn't believe the man and retaliates against his wishes. 

4. Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy Elliot Page
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Elliot Page shines in Hard Candy, a commentary about predation in the modern dating world. Elliot's character, Hayley, chats with older men on the internet and invites one of her matches (Jeff) to meet in person. The duo head to Jeff's house, where Hayley's intentions to expose him come out. The gritty uncertainty of the movie keeps viewers glued to the tense storyline.  

5. Don't Breathe (2016)

Don't Breathe
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Prior to the horrendous sequel, Don't Breathe offered a refreshing take on the thriller genre. In the film, a trio of teenage delinquents break into wealthy people's houses and steal their belongings. After they hear of a veteran sitting on a large sum of money, the trio plans their next burglary. The group learns that the man is blind and hiding a terrifying secret behind closed doors.

The clever sound design amps up the stakes, along with the deliberate lighting choices. 

6. It Follows (2014)

It Follows
Image Credit: RADiUS-TWC.

Maika Monroe stars in several fast-paced horror-thriller films, but It Follows is her best performance, in my opinion. The film presents a novel take on an age-old horror trope.

After going on a date, Jay notices her boyfriend's (Hugh's) peculiar behavior when he points out a woman only he can see. In a terrified state, Hugh brings Jay to an abandoned parking lot where they partake in adult relations. Soon after, Hugh knocks Jay out and ties her up.

When she wakes up, he tells her he passed on a curse where a sinister force will find her in public and slowly creep toward her until she passes the curse on to the next person. 

7. The Game (1997)

The Game Michael Douglas
Image Credit: PolyGram Films.

As the title suggests, this movie revolves around a game and its players. Nicholas' brother, Conrad, gifts him an eccentric birthday present, the ability to join a curated game. Nicholas accepts the present, but when he enrolls in the game, he learns it isn't as innocent as he anticipated. 

8. Funny Games (2007)

Funny Games Naomi Watts
Image Credit: Warner Independent Pictures.

Funny Games is a shot-by-shot remake of its 197 predecessors. When a family embarks on a weekend lake vacation, they run into two estranged boys determined to ruin their holiday. The boys harass the family and force them to indulge in bizarre games to appease their sadistic desires.  

9. Watcher (2022)

Image Credit: Focus Features.

Watcher is Maika Monroe's second-best performance. Watcher follows Julia and her boyfriend, Francis, who relocate to Romania for Francis' job. Since Francis is from Romania, he navigates the cultural change swimmingly, while Julia struggles to understand those around her and spends an insurmountable amount of time by herself in the foreign country.

She begins to notice strange happenings from one of her neighbors, leading her to tell Francis. He dismisses her claims and assures her everything is okay. He's wrong. 

10. Missing (2023) 

Missing Storm Reid
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Missing surprised me. I enjoyed the directors' other film Searching, which followed a similar missing person premisebut I didn't expect Missing to entertain me as much as it didThe plot centers around June, a stubborn 18-year-old tasked with picking her mom up from the airport after a trip with her new boyfriend. When the mom doesn't return, June utilizes her detective skills to attempt to bring her mom home. The coolest part of this film is it is told entirely through technology screens. 

11. American Animals (2018)

American Animals Evan Peters
Image Credit: The Orchard.

Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, and Blake Jenner star in this retelling of an infamous Kentucky heist. Four friends attempt to pull off a near-impossible robbery of one-of-a-kind literary artifacts. This film features one of the most difficult robbery scenes I've ever witnessed, but it's also impossible to look away from the stellar performances. 

12. 127 Hours (2010)

127 Hours James Franco
Image Credit: Warner Bros. and Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Ever been trapped between a rock and a hard place? Aron Ralston has. 127 Hours tackles the true story of Ralston's horrifying entrapment in a cave in Utah. The 28-year-old ventured into Bluejohn Canyon when an 800-pound rock pinned his arm to a canyon wall.  

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