Thumbnail Blaster Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest Thumbnail blaster review? Tired of reading thousands of useless Thumbnail blaster reviews?

Well you have landed on the right blog post.

When you visit any social media platform, you come across various videos that you can access just by clicking on them.

In most cases, we check out these videos basing on what we are searching for and to kill off sometime. (Blow off steam if you will)

Even with serious intentions, we often end up viewing other videos we did not intend to watch.

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This happens because you have most likely seen an interesting title with an interesting still image to introduce the video to you.

As time goes on, you realize that you’ve spent more time than you have imagined.

It is not entirely your fault.

You should know that content creators all over the internet use thumbnail creators to make the videos catchier so they can rack up views.

One of the best thumbnail creation tools on the market is Thumbnail blaster.

In this review of Thumbnail blaster, we shall explore everything there is about the thumbnail creation tool.


What is thumbnail blaster?

Thumbnail blaster is a cloud based tool that helps you create thumbnails and photos for your videos.

To put it in perspective, a video thumbnail is an image that acts as a preview image for your video. It is the image which appears first when you run a search for a video on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and others.

thumbnail blaster

Thumbnails are important since they help you attract users to your videos.

If it is attractive, you have the ability to increase your views on video platforms.

You need a good thumbnail creator for your online platforms so you can improve your channel’s content.


Features of thumbnail blaster.

Thumbnail blaster is a great platform to get access to good quality thumbnails.

When you purchase the tool, you should expect the following features:

1. Unlimited creation.

You have the ability to choose the number of thumbnails you want to create.

You do not have a limitation to how many you can actually create as opposed to those you need.

This solution is great if you are starting out in the content creation industry.


2. Artificial intelligence.

The AI tool is essential when you have limited time on your hands.

While using the program, you are asked to fill in some information that is eventually used to make adjustments to suit your thumbnail needs.

This helps you create thumbnails faster.

The algorithm is only full automated for marketers and YouTubers.


3.100% complete creative freedom.

With thumbnail blaster, you have the chance to sit back and let the designs be made for you. The AI is on your side so that you can create everything you want.

However, the platform still gives you full control over what you use.

Therefore, you have the ability to edit, create, recreate and delete any element you wish.


4. Split testing module.

Thumbnail blaster allows you to run a split test model commonly known as the A/B test.

You can use two thumbnails and see how good they fair out in the market using data based on views and clicks.

This can be done by the algorithm of the thumbnail blaster program.

This makes it easy for you to see what is best for your market outreach needs.


5. Thumbnail blaster has an extensive graphics library.

Just like most cloud based internet tools, you have access to a library of already designed elements to choose from.

In addition, you have the chance to widen your library of graphics with new updates that are available freely to all subscribers.


6. Inclusive creations.

Thumbnail blaster allows you to create thumbnails for various video platforms that include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

I have not seen a person talking about a video platform that does not work using the thumbnail blaster.  (I stand to be corrected).

The platform also allows integration with Vimeo.


7. Image filters.

With this feature, you have the chance to choose what your thumbnail should look like.

You get access to the picture editor that is embedded in the Thumbnail blaster tool.

Here, you can change the brightness, hue, saturation and other features to make your thumbnail look good.

Remember that catchy images attract views.


8. Artificial intelligence image analysis.

The cloud based tool also comes with a smart computer that analyzes your images in detail.

It gives you recommendations on how you can better design the thumbnail image to suit your videos and increase viewer potential basing on performance of previous thumbnails created.

1. Background remover.

Here, you have the chance to edit out and remove the background.

This also applies when you have used a green screen to display a certain background.

You can remove the background if it does not suit your needs.


2. Access to 30 templates instantly.

With the purchase of the software tool, you have instant access to a library of 30 templates that can be used to create thumbnails to serve various niches.

This gives you a head start if you are new to thumbnail creation.

These features are available for all thumbnail blaster subscribers and in case you are not satisfied, you have the chance to purchase upsells that increase the features available on the software.


How does thumbnail blaster work?

In the section above, we have seen the features that make thumbnail blaster good.

For you to enjoy these features, you have to purchase the product and then follow a few steps.

They include:

Step 1: Select a template.

Thumbnail blaster comes equipped with over 30 free templates upon subscription.

They are available for various niches that include weight loss, local business, gaming, reviews, music, pets, vlogs, makeup, and other things you can name.


It is up to you to choose a template that can work for you.

You can make use of the AI and let it choose a template for you.

Make sure you are okay with your choice.


Step 2: Click, edit, customize.

On this step, you have to customize your template for uploads.

The platform gives you access to all types of editing tools that include image editors, resizing tools, texts and font changes.

The platform does not need the skilled hands of a designer.

All you have to do is to select the features that you think can appeal to the public.

You can also make use of the drag and drop editor to change the style of your thumbnails for any video frame including 16:9, 4:5 and others.

To avoid all this, you can select the option on the platform that allows you to make use of the template editor within the software.

It can help you add certain elements to the template basing on information provided by you.


Step 3: Publish and get views.

After you customize it in the best way possible, you can use the template on your videos.

Thumbnail blaster can allow you to upload the completed template and use it in a way you deem fit.

You can upload the new thumbnail so you can get more views on new videos or already existing videos.

There is also an option of downloading the thumbnail as a .jpg file and you can use it whatever way you want.


Thumbnail Blaster Pricing.

There is always a price to pay for great things.

When it comes to thumbnail blaster, you have to dish out $37.

According to their official website, thumbnail blaster can be accessed on a standard plan with features worth $97 like:

  • Creating unlimited thumbnails
  • Access to 30 templates instantly
  • A.I. customization engine
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Split testing engine.

However, you can also purchase an OTO in addition to the standard plan.

These OTO upgrades serve as upsells to the thumbnail blaster product.

They vary in cost and features and include:

a) OTO 1: Thumbnail blaster PRO.

Here, you have to first purchase the standard version.

Afterwards, you can upgrade to the pro version which costs you a one-time of $47.

You can use the additional features o support multiple accounts and license extension.

In addition, you can create your own template and analyze images to suit your needs.

This fee is paid once and no monthly payments are required.

Plus, you enjoy the 60-day money back guarantee.


b) OTO 2: Agency update.

Here, you get access to features like agency rights, access to agency website, an outsource sheet and others.

At an additional fee of $67, you can get access to these features to suit team work.

This fee is paid once and you get to enjoy the 60-day money back guarantee.

No monthly payments are made.

These features are very useful to agencies that work far from each other.


c) OTO 3: Template club.

Of all offers on the platform, this is the only one with recurring monthly fees.

You get access to 20 new templates each month.

It costs you $27 to get access to this.

The 60-day money back guarantee also applies to this package.


d) OTO 4: Lingo blaster PRO

If your business caters for a lot of languages, this is your best option.

This package helps you translate titles and descriptions in various languages so that you can cater for your audience.

After purchasing the standard package, you have to pay an extra $57 onetime fee.

If you are not satisfied with how it works, you are entitled to a 60-day money back guarantee.

In the end, most content creators just need to purchase the standard plan since it best suits your needs.

These upsells are more suited to serve the needs of agencies with large teams.

In the case of individual content creators, you do not have to add all these upsells to your package.

They only exist so you can derive more use out of the platform only if you have more feature accessibility to use.

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Benefits of thumbnail blaster.

The cloud based tool contributes a lot to its users in various ways.

When you purchase it, you should expect to gain from it just as we discuss below:

1. Good for new users.

When it comes to software tools available on the internet, it is important for it to be user friendly to its users.

Thumbnail blaster is designed in a way that it is very suitable to use by new and old users.

You know you got it right when new users find it easy to use your platform.


2. Quick and easy to use.

You do not need to download the tool to use it.

Most tools on the market use local storage which limits your user experience.

With a cloud based tool, you have access to all its features anywhere so long as you can login.

The interface is user friendly and allows you to get the best experience out of a thumbnail service on the internet.


3. Regular updates.

With all its subscribers, you are entitled to lifetime updates.

This is part of a deal that helps you get access to new and better designs and elements that you can incorporate into your thumbnail designs.

Your thumbnail library is increased and more features can easily be added.


4. Automatic creation.

The tool has an algorithm that helps you increase your user experience automatically creating thumbnails or you.

This helps you to reduce on the time you take on coming up with designs.

You should keep in mind that you reserve the ability to choose and edit the thumbnails that have been created for you.

This allows you to get full use of the software tool.


5. Fully customizable.

Even with the numerous designs that exist in the extensive library, you have the chance to pick out what works for you.

If you feel that none of the designs are good enough, you have the chance to create something on your own.

You can also use the designs to meet the needs of all videos uploaded on video platforms regardless of their niche.


6. 60-day money back guarantee.

Since they do not have a free trial, the 60-day money back guarantee period can as your free trial.

Within 60 days, you are entitled to a refund of all your money paid for thumbnail blaster and its products if you are not satisfied with what you see.

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7. Customer support.

Thumbnail blaster has customer support that can help you get used to the software even as a newbie.

This helps user learn how to use the platform better.

They also have a section on their website that answers the frequently asked questions which helps to improve your use experience.


8. Pocket friendly.

Basing on the fact that it is paid for once, you have a good deal on your hands.

For just a onetime payment of $37, you have access to these great features that also include creation, customization and design tools.

You also have access to a lifetime of new updates so that you can get access to the best new features on the market.


9. There are demo videos that serve as training to utilize the platform on its full potential.

Each feature explained above boasts a training demo video that us of use to newbies and experts alike to improve your experience on the platform.


Cons of thumbnail blaster.

With all good platforms, there are some issues that you have to face when dealing with this platform.

1. Needs a steady internet connection.

Since it is a cloud based tool, you should have access to good quality internet.

Without it, you cannot use the tool to generate any thumbnails for your videos.

This increases the costs incurred when using the platform.


2. Has upsells.

As you have seen in the section about prices, you have to deal with upsells when using this product.

Most platforms with upsells tend to make poor standard products so that you have to purchase more for you to enjoy your product better.

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This greatly increases the price of the product and raises questions as to the quality standards of the cloud based tool.


3. No free trial.

The software platform does not allow you to try out its features for free.

This means that there is always a cost for you to incur when utilizing the tool.

The upside is that you have a money back guarantee within the first 60 days of using Thumbnail blaster products.


4. Only creates thumbnails.

Most platforms on the internet have other services and products created.

The creativity in this case is greatly limited so you can only deal with what you get.

There has been no indication that they will add more products to their catalogue in the near future.

Hopefully, there are enough people that can rally a change in services.

Despite the cons of this tool, you should keep in mind that there are constant updates expected on the platform.

This means that the team at thumbnail blaster have seen customer complaints and they are working to eliminate these hindrances to performance.

This goes a long way in ensuring that there is an improvement in the customer experience of all users alike while creating thumbnails on the platform.

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Conclusion: Thumbnail Blaster Review – Is it Worth it?

I think that you should try out this cloud based tool. Despite the negatives, there has always been an improvement with the thumbnail blaster team.

Since you have access to regular updates, you can voice your opinion in light of changing the tool and making it more accessible to you and other users.

With the updates expected regularly, you are sure of great features that help you greatly in creating good quality thumbnails.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Thumbnail blaster review.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Have you tried using Thumbnail blaster?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of Thumbnail blaster with your friends and family.