How to fix TikTok story feature missing?

How to fix TikTok story feature not showing error? Here's your guide on fixing this problem if this feature is missing from your profile.

TikTok Stories is one of the new features that has been in the beta-testing period for some time. The massive social media platform is preparing to offer its users the option to post daily highlights. Although it has been in the testing process since August 2021, some users share that they were able to use this feature on their profiles.

On the other hand, there are also many users sharing that the option to post a story was missing on their accounts. In this guide, we will be focusing on how to fix TikTok story not showing error. We will also answer why some users can post stories on the app while others do not see it on their profiles.

What are TikTok Stories?

TikTok Stories, as you would see in any other social media platform, is a new feature that allows users to post images or clips that will get deleted in 24 hours. Users can also add texts, music, emojis and various other effects to these time-sensitive posts.

Snapchat was the first to introduce the concept of sharing time-sensitive posts. Back in October 2013, the app offered its users the option to post a series of snaps on their profiles. As the main idea of Snapchat was to share images or clips to capture the moment, this feature was a great addition; resulting in positive feedback from the users.

tiktok post story option not showing

That is why some of the biggest social media platforms have been adding similar functions to their applications as well. Twitter, Google, Instagram and YouTube followed this trend and added similar features to their apps. As of 2022, almost every social media platform including message applications like WhatsApp and Messenger has Stories.

It seems like TikTok will be implementing this option to post daily highlights to the app as well. But it has been in the testing process for around 10 months now.

Post a Story option missing on TikTok

Most users share that they have encountered the story feature not showing on TikTok, That's because the platform has not decided to implement this new feature yet. The testing phase will decide whether they should officially release TikTok stories on the new update.

If you have this feature on your profile, you are one of the users in the beta-testing process.

If the TikTok story feature is missing on your account, you have to wait for the platform to release it for everyone.

tiktok post a story option not showing
how to create story on tiktok

Developers test even the slightest changes they make to their applications. That's why new features like this are tested with a group of users. The data received in the testing process determines the future of a new function. So there is a possibility of not seeing the new daily highlight feature at all.

How to fix TikTok story not showing error?

The reason you can't see the post a story option on TikTok is that the feature has not been officially added to the app yet. As we mentioned earlier, the beta phase still continues to determine whether it will be released or not.

And we do not know when the social media giant will fully release this new function. If they add it to the application, users will be able to post stories that will get deleted in a day. TikTok has an unending flow of content with thousands of people joining each day. There is no doubt that the stories will clearly boost the engagement level of the app even further.

Considering that the testing process has been going on for some time, TikTok might fully release it in the new update too. That's why we recommend you to use the latest version of the application.

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