16 Time Management Hacks to Make You More Productive

Looking for great time management hacks to make you more productive?

Well we got you covered.

Like many people I have personally struggled with keeping time and this has cost me a lot along in the way in terms of not just money but also attaining my goals.

Over the years I have had to adjust and make changes to my lifestyle choices that were wasting away my valuable time so I can keep moving towards the attainment of my goals and dreams

Time management helps an individual to mostly not major on the minor but actually major on what is important at the moment in order to ensure there is ample time to per take and complete certain tasks planned for the day. As per research, time management makes the quality of your work to be amicably high since it’s not done hastily to meet a deadline but rather helps one prioritize wisely based on the task given.

Ideally, I for once have been thinking on how to easily manage time without actually hurting any part of the body or rather by not moving any muscle.


1. Creating a to-do list.

A to-do list is a formatted piece written or rather scribbled that assists an individual to outline and to lay an orientation of the tasks to be taken on a particular day or moment.

A to–do list is essential when one has a work load that has to meet a certain deadline.

The main idea of having a list is to make your work easier and to also save on time because after all we are here in order to on save time.

A to-do list also prevents one from working under pressure which might result to inadequacy of the task assigned since it was done hastily.


2. Avoid procrastination.

Now procrastination is a big one, not just for me but for mist if us.

It is a very bad habit majority of us struggle with.

Procrastination can get so bad that you can at times find yourself putting off even the most important things and people in your life like family and career.

It is commonly known as the Fabian policy where people tend to put off things till tomorrow.

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Time procrastination is basically putting something off till tomorrow; it is the masterly of inactivity.

All that is required is to learn on how to properly plan time by avoiding procrastinating and perform a certain task at that given time.

With this it will be work done under its own pace and not done in a rush thus improving the quality of the work produced.


3. Do away with distractions.

A distraction is anything that drives your attention away from a given task.

This normally affects the performance of how the work is done.

Distractions are all over starting from self-distraction to things or people around you.

The only solution to this is to avoid anything and everything that can easy drive your focus and attention from your current task.

Clear you mind and think not of anything that will affect your work efficiency at the moment and by that you will be able to manage your time since your focus is at one place thus making you productive.


4. Get Up Early.

Well I will be brutally honest with you here. This is something I still struggle with even at the time of writing this.

Mastering the art of waking up early can be quite difficult but when you eventually do, you will find that things become much easier for you.

This is because you will be able to get more things done during the early hours when everyone else is sleeping so you can focus on your priorities during the day.

I must say though that if you are someone that still struggles to wake up early, it is not going to change overnight.



You will have to discipline yourself to actually beat the habit of hitting the snooze button on your alarm every morning.

One technique I have found very useful in the past few months is the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

What this technique basically metals is simply counting backwards five times each in 5 seconds when you hear that alarm click ring.

You can learn more about this technique in this YouTube video by Mel Robbins.

Once you do this for a while, it will allow your subconscious mind to actually be alert and eventually help you get up early in the morning.


5. Avoid multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking is doing different things at the same time.

For the female gender, research proves that they are the only creatures that can multi-task.

However, at the moment, am mostly laying emphasis that no one not even the permitted species should multi-task.

Reason being, work done one at a time is much productive than the one done in a multi-task.

Every tasks or activities that we per take every day require their own attention and time, if you tend to combine different activities at the same time one will surely be a miss which will greatly affect your productivity.


6. Plan your time properly.

Planning time simply means developing a proper work sheet that will guide an individual in planning and managing time.

Some of the scholars all over the world insist on proper time planning because it is an indication that you as a person is ready to bring forth an outcome that is fulfilling and productive.

This includes prioritizing wisely on various activities of the day.

This can also be done by pegging a time limit for every task.

By so doing, it’s affirmative that the results are going to as productive as you imagined.

It’s normally said ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ meaning one has to have a plan which simply is a to-do list in order for you to become productive.


7. Find a dedicated work space.

A dedicated work space is any place that you find it conducive and favorable enough to perform a certain task.

Obviously it has to be away from any distractions that will affect your performance in any way.

I find it best to work in a gazebo or under a tree where the air is in plenty and I am able to think properly since oxygen is a prime factor when it comes to thinking.

One way of finding your groove is by trying different places within your location or even beyond as long as you find a suitable place to perform and do your work well.

This assists one you to have a broader experience and will be able to bring forth something tangible and something productive.

This will also help to save so much time since you are working under the influence of your interest and because the place is conducive.


8. Revaluate and prioritize

Revaluating means that you are able to point out some of the work load that’s needed urgently and how urgently it’s needed.

As mention in the previous text above, every task requires its attention and also its time.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the rest of your work is not as important but it’s just that there are some that requires more.

This comes in when you are able to prioritize wisely on how you are going to per take certain tasks.

As what I’d like to call it ‘eating the frog first’.

What people commonly forget is that when you prioritize on a certain task, is that it saves time and when it comes in performing other its will reduce the much time you were to use doing them at the same time.

By so doing, an individual is going to save on time and will be productive.


9. Trust others.

In this case, trusting others means listening and having time to mingle and discuss the various topics or chapters in your current work sheet.

By this you are able to harness more and this will reduce the much time you are going to spend doing the work all alone.

This can be done by broadening your social nature and accommodate each and every ones way of thinking.

From there one is able to sit and evaluate and assess the given information to a fine script.

From doing that you have saved on time and you will have ample time to embark on what you have done.

Thus giving forth an accurate piece which makes you productive.


10. Schedule according to your energy.

“Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worse things that is going to happen to you all day long,” writes Brian Tracy.

“Your ‘frog’ is your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it.”

Now as much as we desperately want to eat that frog, we need to make sure we have the stamina to do so.

This means having enough rest for example, ample sleep, not larking around or staying up so late.

This frog has to be eaten as soon as possible.

As a child, my dad always told us that ‘early to bed early to rise’.

It is a metaphor to me. What I personally make of that statement is that you have to have enough rest in order for your working performance the following day to be at its peak.

We get energy or the zest to do something from different source, for instance I get my energy from having a cup of cinnamon tea prior and that does the magic. You should try it sometimes.

This helps me to keep calm and am able to perform well and also manage my time.


11. Know your deadlines and work as per the deadlines.

A deadline is a limitation of when you have to perform a certain task or meet a certain objective.

Some people like working at the last minute as long as they do not go beyond the deadline.

This is a bad technique since one works under a lot of pressure and thus the current objectives will be achieved in a very shady way.

Have a strict and an uplifting motive to keep you on your toes in order to do and perform well.

By so doing time is saved and you will be able to learn how manage it.


12. Use a calendar

This is necessary when it comes to planning your time.

A calendar is a very special and important tool when it comes to time management.

It gives the days or weeks or rather gives a duration at which your work load can be done and how long it can take.

It is good to work with a calendar because one has the ability to see how many days or time left to finish or per take a certain task.

By so doing it helps one to be time conscious and able to plan and manage time.


13. Know your deadlines.

This simply means having a calendar that will help you know your deadline.

Preferably I like to circle my deadline date on my calendar so that I can work against it as it saves me time and also I have speared time to revisit my work and remove all errors present.

This is one of the many techniques I use to manage my time.


14. Target to finish your wok earlier.

Now this is when you have already planned, used your calendar and everything else and you are certain that you have done it all and you are ready to present your project to the persons concerned before the deadline.

This is advantageous because you are confident that your piece has achieved all aspects of perfection.

From this point you have become productive and you have been able to manage your time wisely.


15. Learn to say ‘no’.

Learn to say no to any kind or form of distraction that comes your way.

It means you have to shun off all forms of distractions such as the TV, you can always turn it off, going out for no apparent reason that is strolling.

This is indeed a challenge to most of us because we are easily blown away by the wind to places we are not supposed to be.

There is time for ever thing, but at the moment we are trying to manage time to make sure that we are as productive as we are needed to be.

By saying no it will help save much time and reduce on any occurrences of time wastage.


16. Do not fuss about unimportant details.

This means do not concentrate or pay much attention to the unimportant details that are not necessary at the moment.

Always be straight to the point and avoid the wild goose chase.

As human beings, we all try to make perfection to everything, it’s acceptable, but one thing we forget is that perfectionism kills your productivity.

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There is trying hard to produce something and also trying extremely hard to produce nothing.

The human brain requires time and rest in order to perform well.

So take in what is required at the moment and leave the unimportant details behind.

By so doing you will be able to manage time wisely and become productive at that time.


Conclusion: Time Management Hacks to Make You More Productive

The truth is time management is something we all struggle with in our daily lives.

Be it at school, in the workplace or in our daily commitments.

You will have to make an effort to actually manage your time better and with these helpful time management hacks you should have a great start.

Now don’t beat yourself up when you fail on your first attempt.

Lie all beautiful things in life, it will take some time but you will eventually get there.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What time management hack are you going to try out in order to improve your productivity?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also share these time management hacks with your friends and family.