Timelie – Playing With the Complexity of Time

I rarely have the opportunity to experience a game that is both highly entertaining and also very relaxing.

Timelie is a vibrant mix of color and sound that is both a challenging and pleasant playthrough.

There are so many aspects to it that I enjoyed from the simplicity of the story to the incorporated gameplay. Original components were added that also made Timelie a very unique experience.



Timelie is a beautifully crafted stealth puzzle game about a cooperative adventure through time.

You play as a young girl and her curious companion cat. You wake up in an unknown place and are tasked with overcoming obstacles to find a way out of this mysterious abstract realm that is using their power to control time.


With Timelie, the player can control the time of the game like a media player. Drag left to rewind time to the past and undo your actions. Drag right to seek the future and gain the information to change your past. This is a pretty unique form of gameplay that I was pleasantly surprised to see!

This game is considered a single-player cooperative, which is quite unique.  You can plan actions for both of your characters simultaneously on the timeline.

So while you are technically experiencing a single player, you must control both the girl and her cat to complete the task at hand.



The controls are quite simple. The beginning of the game does provide a very clear and thorough tutorial, which makes jumping right into the game that much easier!

It does require that you have a mouse as using a laptop pad would be somewhat tricky. Just be prepared at the start of the game that you will not be using your keyboard for movement function the way you do in other games.

The screen controls are quite lovely as it is easy to maneuver the screen to be able to see which direction you are headed, and where you need to go next.


Usually, I would not bring attention to the music as a separate section, but Timelie truly deserves it. The music is a perfectly unique blend for the game. During gameplay, it is both soothing to listen to as well as upbeat enough to keep you wanting more.

The music was so popular that they even made a soundtrack available for the game!


Timelie – A Must Buy?

My answer is Yes! Whoever thought to play through a highly detailed puzzle game as a young girl and her cat could be so satisfying?

After playing through the game, I would highly recommend giving Timelie a go. It has just the right amount of challenges mixed with relaxing gameplay.

Not all games need to be overly complex, and Timelie has genuinely found a magnificent balance between complexity and holding interest. I found myself playing the game at all hours.

Timelie is now on my list of favorite Indie games, and it will be getting a second playthrough from me. And yes, I will also have the soundtrack in tow.

Timelie is available now on Steam. They are also offering a bundle deal if you would like to download that fantastic soundtrack along with it.












  • Great Price
  • Unique Controls
  • Eye Catching Graphics
  • Unique Puzzle Game Format


  • Storyline is Minimal

Scarlett Rose is a professional cosplayer, actress, voice actor, published model, and mother of rabbits. When she is not crafting armor or building costumes, she can be found playing the latest video game or enjoying a retro classic.