Boss Babes Unite: Women Share Their Best Advice For Dominating In The Business World

Like those annoying ads that pop up when you're browsing, and you can't wait to skip: Are you tired of depending on someone to foot the bills? What if we told you there was a way to be truly independent?

On a serious note, it feels really good to be able to fund your own lifestyle, which as a girl, can be pretty expensive. Talk about fancy clothes, skincare, to the more basic stuff like groceries and electricity bills. Costs of living keep rising, and with so many expenses to tend to on a daily basis, financial freedom can seem almost impossible. But, as is common knowledge, nothing is impossible.

Fellow women have shared some tips to become the woman you've always wanted to be.

1. Look Up to Your Mum

The best ones are often in front of us, but we fail to see them. Mothers are one of God's gifts to humanity. Nine times out of ten, they would do anything for their children. This includes working double shifts, being frugal with money, and learning to find sufficiency with what they have, while not settling.

That about sounds amazing. So, on days when you feel unmotivated to work toward becoming the boss, looking up to the mother figure in your life could help.

2. Give Yourself No Other Option

You might want to adopt a new mentality: You either win or nothing at all. Go hard or go home. Most women didn't have much of a choice growing up and had to choose between finding a means of survival or starving.

Even if you're fortunate enough and have better means, see your strive for success more as a battle for survival.

3. Know Your Limitations

You want to be a boss chick, not Supergirl. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging them makes working with them much better.

They say a problem shared is half-solved. Know when to ask for help, and know when to stop and go a different direction. Otherwise, you may spend your time down a futile lane.

4. Do You Really Need Help?

Contrary to the previous opinion, you need to create a balance. In your strive for independence, before you ask for help, ask yourself if you really need help.

Someone shared this helpful tip: “I ask myself do I really need help? Am I really unable to do it? What will I do if I'm single?”

5. Identify Good Examples Around You

It doesn't have to be your mum. Look around you: the successful, independent, and wise women that surround you. You might want to get a little closer to them. You don't even have to interview them or copy their every move. Just being around them is bound to influence you.

6. Put Yourself First

“Make your own choices with your own decisions. Good or bad, you learn from it and move on,” someone said.

The best way to learn anything is by putting it to practise. If you win, perfect, and if you fail, then you learn from your mistakes. The road to independence is very busy and challenging, you'd want to put yourself first and cut off distractions.

7. Hit the Gym

Yup! When you think of the gym, don't just imagine getting the dream body you've always seen and loved in magazines.

Going to the gym can be an excellent confidence boost, and if you don't know this by now, you should: A woman confident in herself and in her abilities is nearly unstoppable.

8. Change Your Environment

You may have spent your entire life in your hometown or surrounded by family. Here's your sign to get out of your comfort zone. Moving to a new, strange environment can be an amazing push to independence. I mean, what choice do you have?

9. Be Realistic

Even as you chase your dreams, you might want to be truly realistic about the situation around you. Try not to put too much strain on yourself, and don't attempt to build Rome in a day.

Go easy on yourself!

10. Discover Your Competency

u/ZenIdiot shared, “You have to prove to yourself through small actions that you are resilient and capable, and that to me is a big part of independence and strength!”

Sometimes, take yourself out to dinner, get yourself a small (or big) gift, or get yourself tickets to a dream concert just to prove that you actually can.

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