5 Tips to Save Your Next Mall Shopping Spree Disaster

We’ve all been there. You find yourself ecstatically strolling the mall's common area until you enter your favorite store. You yank every item off the rack, pants and shirts spilling out of your arms, while approaching the fitting room attendant, claiming you have the maximum allotted items.

However, once you try on these fabulous new additions to your wardrobe, you realize they don’t quite look how you envisioned them. In an online women's forum, people share advice on what to do if they find themselves in this situation.

1. Reevaluate

One shopper said they reflect on what they don’t like about the clothes they've picked and try to figure out what they would like more. They take mental notes about the items of clothing they think they would rather wear and try to find new items that match the checklist. Maybe they try the same style in a different color.

If they can't pinpoint why they don't like the items of clothing, they take a moment to rethink why they set out on a shopping spree. This can help determine if they try their luck at a different store or take a raincheck.

2. Bring an Honest Friend

We all have that one friend (or family member) who never fails to deliver biting honesty. Although their commentary is not always appreciated, they might help with wardrobe choices. 

Besides offering honest feedback, friends and family members might notice a piece of clothing you don't have or something that you would never try on. Maybe they introduce you to a store you usually breeze by. 

3. Treat Yourself

A multitude of users said if nothing they try on strikes their fancy, they treat themselves to a pretzel, an ice cream cone, or a new pair of shoes. That way, the mall trip isn't a complete waste.

4. Come Back Later

Mood directly affects your shopping experience. If you're in a negative mood at the mall, you won't see yourself the same way as when you're happy. In this case, women said they'll visit the mall when they're in a more positive mood.

Always evaluate your mood before embarking on a shopping excursion.

5. Browse Online

Like people, stores have off days. When nothing is cute and nothing looks good. It happens.

Online shopping can be a great option for those seasons. However, while online shopping, you can't try on the clothes until you receive the packages, but you might be in a better mood when you do receive the physical clothes.

Plus, online stores have excellent return policies and more clothing options than in-person stores.

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