8 Surprising Things You’re Too Old to be Doing At Age 30 You Should Avoid

Yes, you're aging, and while you may beat yourself up about it, or like Joey from Friends, stay mad at God for breaking his promise and making you a year older, there's not much anyone can do about it.

Now that you're officially in your 30s (or getting closer to it), do you think there are things you're too old to be doing? Or do you think age is nothing but a number and, besides, we all should be children at hearts?

A Redditor asked the question, and here's what fellow Redditors think you are too old to be doing once you turn 30.

1. Lacking Basic Survival Skills

A Redditor thinks, “not knowing basic survival skills and relying on someone to do it for you, e.g. cooking, laundry,” is one of the things to leave behind in your 20s.

Asides learning to do these things for yourself, it takes the strain off other people, and would prove highly effective in extreme situations.

2. Staying in Toxic Situations

If you've been making excuses for toxic people and situations all your life, perhaps it's time to stop and just walk away. A Redditor described it as a “liberating feeling.”

Another said, “The first time I realized this was so relieving. At my grandma's Christmas party and my family would casually remind me of the bullying they did to me when I was a kid. I don't like 95% of my family and thought to myself, I don't like these people, but I drove myself here. Wait, I drove myself here, so I can drive myself back home! So I left.”

“Now every time I'm somewhere I don't like, I just walk away and leave.”

3. Sneaking

Yes, you have to leave the kids' game to the kids now.

“I snuck up on my wife once like that while she was distracted, crawling hands and knees, and bit her right on the butt cheek. I made a growling noise, got a real good bite too. She thought it was one of the dogs (they have literally never done this) and she spun around shouting a corrective ‘No!!’ And smacked me in the face,” u/hutchb25 shared.

If you're unlucky, you may get more than just a smack in the face.

4. Caring Too Much About Others

On the contrary, someone said, “Isn't 30 when a lot of people get married and have kids and start living life for their family's happiness?”

But it's two sides of a coin: “30 is when most people start living for other people's happiness. Families, friends, pets. Doesn't mean don't live for yours. But you gotta remember. We're tribal in nature, so we find happiness when other people we have a close relationship with are happy.”

5. Awful Relatives

“Blood can definitely be dud.”

Some people are just related to you by blood, they are not really family. Everyone has one of those kind of people in their bloodline, and it's okay to stay away from them if they prove harmful to your mental health.

6. Bad Sleeping Habits

Never underestimate the power of quality sleep, especially as you grow older.

“I recently developed some sleep anxiety and figured maybe I just need a change of scenery… So I set up an amazing cozy fortress of pillows and blankets on the couch and fell right asleep. Then I had a kink in my neck bothering me for the next 5 days,” u/__removed__ shared.

“Didn't realize until about a week later that my neck was probably hurting because of the half-night I spent on the couch.”

Bad sleeping habits can not only cause body pains, but affect your psychological and mental state.

7. Mind Games

“There's no expiry date or age you should be done growing up,” u/nicorn wrote.

“…But once you're in your twenties you're figuring your life out (or you should be starting) and part of that is examining your behavior and how it affects others. If it's negative (like by playing mind games) you need to work on YOURSELF with a professional.”

Things like gaslighting, poor communication, emotional blackmail and manipulation are just behaviors that need to go – no matter how old you are – for the sake of self and those around you.

8. Judging People for Their Hobbies

u/gadgettgo said, “I rarely “cringe” anymore, I just like seeing someone happy and being themselves and unabashedly feeling joy. I don’t need to “get it.” joy should be encouraged, it’s hard to find for many for us.”

I had the conversation with a friend a couple weeks back. People need to be allowed to be happy about what brings them joy – as long as it isn't detrimental to anyone else. And no one should try to make them feel bad or weird about it.

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