Top 10 Building Fortnite Tips

With a player base of at least 3-4 million players. Fortnite, a third-person shooter made by Epic Games, still has a competitive audience and community. Being good at the game doesn't only require good aim.

The base foundation of this esports co-op multiplayer battle royale is good building mechanics. And that knowledge is the quality that separates the best players from the average ones in games like this.

Since its appearance in 2017, this addictive online multiplayer has undergone many gameplay, maps, weapons, and building mechanics changes. As a result, it can sometimes become complicated for new players to keep up with the flow of the rapid evolution of the game.

But that does not change the fact that there are always some universal tips that help you as a new player and, of course, make you a better one even if you are not new to the game.

Firstly, there are a couple of universal things every gamer should know, even before starting the game and jumping out of the Battle Buss into the battlegrounds.

1. Keyboard setup

fortnite building
Photo Credit: Epic Games

You should adjust the controller setup accordingly, depending on your platform of choice. That means having a good or decent setup for PC gamers is recommended, especially.

Having a mouse with good DPI and an excellent mechanical keyboard will make your life easier while playing the game, especially when it comes to building and being better than your opponent.

The second and even more important thing is adjusting and changing the default settings for your keyboard. Every good player will tell you that unique keybinding settings will get you to perform better in every game. It will make the game more playable.

2. Controller setup

fortnite building 1
Photo Credit: Epic Games

The most important thing for console players (i.e., PlayStation and Xbox)  is changing the default controller settings to “Builder Pro,” also known as “Combat Builder” in some versions.

Changing this setting will make the building much easier since it attaches one specific building structure to the four primary buttons. In addition, this immediately gives you more time in fights and a better chance to outmaneuver your opponent.

The opportunity to build fast structures while using the controller is a must if you want to win. Ultimately, you can always change the default setting and adjust them for your preferred layout, which will help you become a legend in the game.

3. Practicing in Creative Mode

fortnite building 2
Photo Credit: Epic Games

Being able to build without the risk of being shot from behind is an essential thing. That is why you should use the practice tool.

Building structures quickly, especially complex ones, will take a lot of time and practice. If you mess up in a real game, that mistake can cost your life, while in creative mode, you won't be put under that much pressure when you make a mistake.

Despite being less appealing than a PvP match, you will get a lot of experience, and you can learn to build like a pro.

4. Don't Panic

fortnite building 3
Photo Credit: Epic Games

As the title says, don't panic. Fights in Fortnite can get messy, even without the building part. New players tend to panic upon being shot or hearing the same. This is when a good player proves himself and gets out of the regular league.

The first time your building skills are tested is when you enter a clash with other players or teams. Depending on your opponent's distance, even panic-building proves to be a convenient tool. But you can start leveling up structures for protection if you know the direction the shots came from.

After you get into the cover, first, you should heal up and think about the possible choices you can make to win the fight. Keeping a cool head and not panicking will get you victory. Practice your building skills response in these situations. Depending on whether they are close-range or long-range dodge fights, you should adjust your building structures and maneuvers.

After going through some universal tips that every player should know, a more detailed analysis of the actual building strategies and methods is essential. Going through the basics is only the beginning for players that want to become great at the game.

5. Camera movement while building

fortnite building 4
Photo Credit: Epic Games

Camera movement or crosshair placement is a significant factor that gives a better understanding of your situation. Depending on where you look at the wall, your structures will be placed below or above it, and while you build them, you will gather the information to help you deal with the enemy player.

Seeing your enemy and what he does will help counter his actions, especially in build-fights. These things are crucial. Building too high or too low is one of the most common ways to die in a fight. And all of this is because you lose track of where the enemy is. Building a stare above or below you is a much more practical way to deal with fights. Then, after you land a shot, you can take the high-ground retake or vice-versa.

6. Building 90s

fortnite building 5
Photo Credit: Epic Photos

Getting into build battles requires one of the fundamental critical skills in building. The so-called “90s” are the fastest way to build height and put yourself in a better position than your opponent.

Building structures at blistering speeds where you surround yourself with 360-degree protection is a primary level skill. It might seem easy, but it takes more practice than expected.

The goal is to make a ramp where you surround yourself with walls, jump while putting a flor down beneath, and do it all repeatedly. You'll then find yourself in a fortified tower in seconds. This skill requires little knowledge and practice, but you must plan to survive in building battles.

7. High Ground

fortnite building 6
Photo Credit: Epic Games

This is one of the most common sentences you will hear or read from any player or site. Being on the high ground will give you an immediate advantage over the enemy.

But just being higher does not mean you will take them down. So, for example, controlling and managing the “jump-peak-shoot” is quicker than them moving left or right to peak you.

When you have the high ground, you have a vision of where you're moving and where the enemy is. But, you have more control over the fight, and this is, for instance, enough for a good and experienced player to win the battle.

Building to take the high ground is one thing, but keeping it is another story. That's when your building skills are required to work without a flaw because retaking high ground can take a lot of resources, skills, and ammo.

8. Editing your structures

fortnite building 7
Photo Credits: Epic Games

The need for editing and building became a much-needed skill with how the game has evolved. Besides this fact, you can build your various structures from different materials.

One crucial fact is that you can edit those objects to your liking. Building is one of the most important ways to defend yourself from attacks. The editing option is beneficial for more aggressive plays.

Good editing gives you a better chance to kill your opponent at a different angle, especially if the opponent is at the high ground. However, this skill requires a lot of practice. The best way to master this advanced Fortnite building skill is to spend some time in the creative mode.

9. Using cones, not just walls

fortnite building 8
Photo Credit: Epic Games

While being a rookie at the game, it may seem like using cones is not that important for building, especially in the fights.

But as you improve at the game, it will put you in more and more close-quarter situations or box-fighting duels. And then you will understand the importance of using cones in fights.

First, they have a vast region of build, which means you can put a cone a block and a half away from your position, or you can jump and stick a cone to a structure at three blocks distance.

These possibilities give you a significant advantage in build fights because you can easily catch up to the enemy player even if he has the high ground.

Besides the aggressive tactical aim they have, you can also use them to stop rushing opponents. In addition, they can block the field of view of enemies above you. So, remember that a cone can save you the next time you get in a fight.

10. Boxing the enemy

fortnite building 9
Photo Credit: Epic Games

As the name suggests, boxing your enemy involves trapping them in a box built around them. You are making them shoot their way out of the trap, which is an excellent way of getting them to panic and gain the advantage to smash them.

You use standard walls to block them and then add cons above them so they can't escape.

When you are done boxing them, you edit a window or an opening of the wall where you get a clean chance for the first hit.

The skills above will be necessary if you plan to box an enemy and finish the fight with a win and the loot. You can develop all the sophisticated moves pro players possess through practice to help you become the last man standing.

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