Top 4 International Money Transfer Apps in 2022

International Money transfers can be a complicated hassle for people living abroad. Back in the day, you have to wait for days and stand in a long queue before sending money internationally.  International Money Transfer Apps were not available then.

With the innovations of digital technology and mobile app, sending money overseas is becoming easier than ever. Today, with so many people living outside their country of origin, they want to transfer money overseas. You can now do that with the international money transfer app.

Consequently, money transfer services have evolved from direct bank transfers, transfer agencies such as Western Union, and online options like PayPal.

With the help of these apps, you can send money abroad in a fast and secure way. The article will guide you to finding the cheapest and best international money transfers apps .

That's why I’ve put together some of the best international money transfer apps. I have used most of them, and I also know some that friends and family have tested.

The top international money transfer apps 

The top international money transfer apps 



World remit international money transfer app

Worldremit is number one on my list for international money transfer apps. I started using it in 2017 after relocating to the US. It is an international money transfer app that provides remittance services,  founded in 2010 in the UK. With Worldremit, you can easily send money to your loved ones abroad within minutes, and it’s fast and secure. 

A secure way to send money to over 150 countries and track it every step of the way. WorldRemit offers deficient and transparent transfer fees; you’ll see them when you’re calculating or making a transfer. So you won’t incur hidden or undisclosed charges.

Check out the outstanding features of the app: 

  • Cash pickup, Bank transfer, Mobile money, etc
  • Track your transfer
  • Manage your debit/credit cards
  • Transfers within minutes are available to selected banks
  • Cash Pickup available to collect instantly
  • Live exchange rates straight to your phone
  • No minimum transfer amount

With this international money transfer app, you can sign up and initiate a transfer in about 5 minutes.  Pay with a credit or debit card or from your bank account. Funds can be deposited into the recipient’s bank account or made available for collection. There are more than 30,000 agent locations.

After your first transfer, you’ll need to upload a copy of your license or passport to continue using the app just because of security reasons. 

Bank deposits are immediately available to certain banks. Other deposits can be available depending on the receiving bank and the country in which it is located. Cash pickup transfers can be available for collection within minutes.

Your first transfer on WorldRemit will be free but after that, charges will depend on the location and amount. For example, sending money to the US will attract a smaller transfer fee. While sending money to Africa will cost you closes $22 in $5000 transfer. There are no additional fees for paying by debit, credit, or pre-paid cards. 

Airtime top-up and mobile wallet transfers occur nearly instantly., Your first transfer with WorldRemit is free of charge; now you know, give it a try. 

World remit is one of the best international money transfer app of all time.


Sendwave logo

Sendwave is my number two international money transfer app. It is an app that lets users send money instantly from their smartphone to their recipient's mobile money in Africa. You use it to Send money with love from the US, Canada, and the UK to East & West Africa.  Instant, NO transfers fees from your debit card to mobile money accounts in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria.

I started using Sendwave (previously known as Wave) in early 2019, and sincerely it's been really smooth and hustle-free. There are no fees, and you can send up to $999 per day and up to $3000 per month.

Below are the outstanding features of the app: 

  • Maximum: $999 per day (or $2,999 per day if you provide photo ID)
  • Ease of use and friendly interface:
  • Speed of transactions: 
  • No transaction fees

You can easily raise those limits by using the app for some time or provide a government ID, but approval still depends on Sendwave.

You can do this through the app by pressing ‘Raise Limits' on the settings page.  SendWave only accepts debit cards because they charge lower fees, which allows them to pass those savings onto you as the sender.

You’ll need to upload a copy of your license or passport to continue using the app just because of security reasons. 

You will receive an email or text about the transaction update to ‘Funds Delivered' on the transactions screen as soon as the funds arrive on your recipient's mobile.

Sendwave only makes money on the exchange rate difference and never charges fees. It's one of my best international money transfer apps for sending money to Africa. 

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Xoom logo

Xoom a PayPal Service for international money transfer or remittance. It allows you to send money, pay bills, and reload mobile phones from the US and Canada to 131 countries worldwide. Xoom is a fast and secure way to send money, pay bills, and reload phones for loved ones globally. 

Below are the outstanding features of Zoom as one of the international money transfer apps: 

  • It’s a Paypal service.
  • Fast and secure payment options for customers
  • Stay in the loop and track the status of your latest money transfer.
  • Send with ease to your existing recipients.
  • Calculate fees right within the Xoom App!

Funds are paid directly to your bank account and its send to almost any bank account. There are several ways your receiver can pick up the cash. Either by picking it up at thousands of partner locations around the world or delivered directly to your recipient’s doorstep in no time.  A friend testified using Xoom and told me how easy and convenient it is to use the app. 

With this international money transfer app, you’ll always see your exact fee and the amount your recipient will receive. You get text updates, email notifications, online access to all your transactions, and also contact the 23/7 customer support if you want.

Xoom is often cheap if you need to send money quickly from your bank account, as paying by debit/credit card may be costly.


Remitly logo

Remitly is a mobile payment service that enables users to make person-to-person international money transfers. It is an international money transfer app that allows you to send money from the US to other countries. It was launched in April 2012. 

Below are the outstanding features of Remitly as one of the international money transfer apps: 

  • If you pay through a card, your money can be transferred in minutes with the express service
  • Fast and secure payment options for customers
  • Remitly offers a money-back guarantee if your transfer doesn’t arrive on time.
  • You can send cash to a range of pick-up locations. This isn’t available in every country.
  • Excellent customer service

With  Remitly, it is cheaper to send large amounts with a waiting period of a few days for an economy transfer without a fee. However, this fee is often waived on larger transactions to specified destinations. Express transfers are typically sent within minutes and usually attract a fee.

For example, when you spend $1,000 or more from the US to India, Remitly doesn’t charge any fees. You can track your transfer and get automatic updates for you and your recipient via text message. 

Remitly also sets their own exchange rate, which is less than the mid-market rate- the rate used by the banks themselves. This small difference can really add up with ongoing transfers. 


Most of these international money transfer apps are fast and secure to use without hassle. You can conveniently send money overseas in the comfort of your home and directly to the recipient's bank account.

These apps send a notification to both the sender and recipient using either SMS or email when the transfer is completed. Charges on your transfer depend on the amount of money you are sending and the recipient’s destination.

When choosing an international money transfer app to use, there are things to consider. You need to consider the total cost of the transfer, speed of transfer, geographical location, and the customer service available.

These international money transfer apps help you stop visiting a money transfer location, waiting in line, and filling out paperwork.

Do you have any international money transfer apps you are using right now? Do let us know in the comment section.

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