The Inside Scoop: 12 Eye-Opening Trade Secrets Revealed

Have you developed a habit from your job that you wouldn't have otherwise picked up? Is there something that happens in your area of employment that others don't know about? Members of a popular online forum recently discussed some trade secrets from their respective industries. We've compiled a list of some of the most surprising responses. 

1. Drive Thru

Fast Food Burgers
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The microphone at the drive-thru window stays on until you start to move your car forward. When you are ordering at the fast food drive-thru, keep this in mind! 

2. Fossils

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Going to museums is a ton of fun, and a great way to educate yourself on history. However, most of the fossils in museums are actually replicas… and not real. 

3. Rental Cars

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Someone shared that if you want to book a rental car but find out there aren't any in stock, you can reserve it for a week or two longer than you need it, which will open up more inventory. You can then return the car early. You'll only be charged for the time you use the rental. 

4. Video Games

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One gamer shared that bugs they find in video games are always filed with the developers. Unfortunately, many developers decide to ship out the games anyways, glitches and all. Another user said this was true of all software, including cell phones.

5. FedEx Express

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Someone provided the forum with a handy shipping hack: if you have a ton of packages to go to a single stop and you want to use FedEx Express, ship one item on priority overnight shipping and the rest standard. All of the packages will be delivered with the priority one. 

6. Museum Fossils

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Those cool fossils at your local museum? We're sorry to report they're probably not the real thing. A respondent shared that most fossils in museums are replicas made from silicone molds of real fossils. 3D-printed replicas are also becoming popular. 

7. Handicap Golf Records

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Some former golf course employees shared that almost every politician who came to their resorts would register their handicap scores under a fake name. The USGA handicap records are public information, and it's not secret people would be angry if they knew how much time their elected officials played golf. 

8. Drug-Free Workplaces

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As one HR rep shared, having a crew that can pass a drug test and having a drug-free team are two very different things. It's apparently very easy to cheat the system, and most tests aren't effective at catching opioids. 

9. Pregnancy Testing

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The urine pregnancy test you take at the doctor is the same test you can buy at your local drug store. This was confirmed by many people. One person quickly added that if you're a man and take a pregnancy test for fun, you should go to the doctor if it comes back positive, as it can be a sign of testicular cancer. 

10. The Casino

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Casinos already spell bad news for most people, and they're notorious for taking more cash than they give out. One casino employee shared that casinos have no need to cheat players since the games are already mathematically designed to give advantages to the house. 

11. Loan Lenders

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A loan officer shared that if you feel it's taking a long time for your loan application to process, it's probably because it was lost in the shuffle. 

12. Call Centers

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There were plenty of secrets shared about call centers. One user shared that calls definitely aren't answered in the order they're received, and usually, call volumes aren't super high. 

13. Medical Charts

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One medical professional shared that most electronic medical records let providers put pop-up warnings in your chart if you act aggressively. If you yelled at an ER doctor back in 1990, the nurse you call today to ask for an appointment could see it. 

14. Company Software

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Someone in the corporate world recommended getting a quote and then going silent until the end of the fiscal quarter before buying software for your workplace. They then recommended calling the sales representative and letting them know you only have enough in your budget to cover about 60% of the cost. You'll likely score a discount. 

Source: Reddit.