Florida, Hawaii Rank Among the Top US Vacation Destinations

From coastlines to historical monuments, the US has many diverse destinations that can suit any traveler. The arrival of the new year has brought new beginnings and perspectives to many Americans.

Travel is the 8th most popular New Year's Resolution, with 10% of Americans planning trips in 2023.

Here are the top vacation destinations in the US.

Top US Vacation Destinations

The study by vacation rental marketplace FloridaRentals.com analyzed Google searches for each state on vacation packages, rentals, and spots to see which states were most popular for a vacation. The top 5 destinations were Florida, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Maine.

Searchin' for The Sunshine State

The sunny sunshine state is the most popular US state for vacations. The Sunshine State receives, on average, 155,110 searches from vacation-goers every month. In addition to visitors from other states, more than 10 million overseas tourists visit the state annually.

The popularity of this destination is no surprise, as Florida has a plethora of attractions that attract families, retirees, party animals, and, of course, beach bums. With popular tourist destinations such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, hundreds of miles of beaches, and cultural influences in the food and art scene, Florida can please even the most difficult of travelers.

Aloha to The Aloha State

Hawaii is second on the list of most popular US vacation destinations. With average monthly searches for vacations in Hawaii sitting at 125,590. A 2019 study from the Hawaii Tourism Authority found that tourist spending in the state brought in more than $17 billion a year, supporting more than 216,000 jobs.

Hawaii being a top US destination is no surprise as it provides many opportunities for romantic getaways and hidden gems for nature lovers.

California Love

The state with the next highest number of searches is California, with 30,680 on average every month, giving it the third-place position. California visitors are constantly increasing, up 22% in 2022 and predicted to increase by 8% in 2023. In 2022, California saw 259.8 million vacationers spend $137.8 billion while visiting the state.

This destination has many diverse locations: beaches, glamping sites, and beautiful luxury hotels and resorts. California is home to many famous restaurant cuisines and popular wineries.

Colorful Colorado

Colorado takes fourth place on the list, with 29,840 average vacation searches every month for the Centennial State. A study from the Colorado Tourism Office found that tourism saves every Colorado household $670 annually in taxes based on the $1.5 billion in state and local taxes paid annually by visitors.

This destination is well known for its many outdoor and adventure travel opportunities, such as skiing, hiking, and camping. Additionally, Colorado has seen a spike in “cannabis tourism,” referring to its reputation as one of the most marijuana-friendly spots on the planet. As the center of cannabis innovation, the variety of Colorado weed-centric experiences includes cannabis-enhanced yoga, 420-friendly rideshare services, and “pot-friendly” painting experiences.

The Pine Tree State

Rounding out the top five is Maine, which receives more than 28,260 searches a month from vacation-goers. The “Pine Tree State” is 90% forest and home to four national parks and 32 state parks. Maine offers solitude to adventure lovers and outdoors people.

Maine is known for its excellent fishing and over 3,000 miles of coastline. This is a great place to go whale watching and fish for those who enjoy culinary tourism. Popular culinary events such as the Maine Lobster Festival attract over 30,000 visitors. The infamous Maine lobster is on everyone's bucket list. Maine offers a humble but exclusive vacation experience to all who step foot within its borders.

Varying Vacations

Interestingly, the most popular vacation states do not remain at a consistent level. In June of 2022, a study reported that the top US destination for vacations was Hawaii, with over 300,000 monthly searches, only for it to be overtaken by searches for Florida in December of 2022. The most popular vacation destinations fluctuate depending on the time of year, transportation prices, and other family factors.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for FloridaRentals.com said: “It's interesting to see the huge difference in popularity and search volumes between Florida, Hawaii, and other states on the list. The sheer demand for vacations in these states may even influence vacation-goers to branch out and look elsewhere for their plans in 2023.”

Top US Destinations

Since we are at the beginning of 2023, consider the top US destinations when making travel plans. The US has some of the most beautiful and entertaining vacation destinations on the planet. You should consider one of these top five destinations regardless of your travel style.

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