Tower of God Season 2: What We Know So Far

Tower of God season 2 is one of the anime series that we can’t get enough of. With its unique storyline and character design, it has gained both fans and critics positive reviews about it. But it has been a year since the anime has aired on Crunchyroll and fans who can’t get enough of seeing Bam’s adventure in the mysterious tower want his return to the screen. Without further ado, is Tower of God season 2 possible?

Tower of God, A Quick Recap 

Tower of God revolves around the story of Bam, our protagonist. He has spent most of his life trapped beneath the enormous and mysterious Tower with Rachel, his one and only close friend to accompany him. But one day, Rachel enters the Tower and leaves Bam devastated. He’s determined to seek out Rachel inside the Tower, managing to find a way to open the door to the Tower. His adventure begins when he’s inside the tower, with him discovering what wonders lie beyond the door and meeting new friends and allies alike. 

Will There Be Tower of God Season 2?

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God is originally a South Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by S.I.U released in LINE webtoon. It began its serialization from June 30, 2010 up to present. The anime television series is adapted by Telecom Animation Film and licensed by Crunchyroll, which first premiered on Naver Series On in Korea before eventually airing in Japan afterwards. 

This is perhaps the first time we saw a Japanese animation studio adapting from a popular webtoon in South Korea. Overall, the show was flooded by positive reviews and the demand for a second season eventually came afterwards. Unfortunately, the studio has yet to announce anything official regarding the renewal of the series just yet. 

But the situation is far from hopeless, as the show has received a rating of 7.58 among over 390,000 users in MyAnimeList. As of now, it’s ranked 189 in terms of popularity on the same site. However, it’s too early to give up on the possibility of a second season for Tower of God just yet. Based on the popularity and also the source material available for the anime. 

Up to February 2020, the webtoon has collected 4.5 billion views worldwide and currently has eight volumes of the printed version released by Wattpad. Tower of God season 1 has only covered up the first few chapters of the manhwa. In terms of source material, there are plenty of stories and chapters to be explored and animated by the studio. 

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower of God Season 2 Teaser

As stated above, neither Studio Telecom Animation Film or Crunchyroll has spoken about the possible renewal of Tower of God just yet. With a lot of enthusiastic fans and reviewers alike for this series, there’s still some possibility that Tower of God season 2 would come one day. 

The anime aired on April 2, 2020 to June 25, 2020 with thirteen episodes in total. Tower of God season 1 is available for streaming in Crunchyroll. The opening and ending theme is sung by a South Korean K-pop band Stray Kids titled “TOP” and “SLUMP” respectively. 

Other than an anime, Naver also released a mobile role-playing game on Android based on Tower of God that’s developed by Sunrise. After its initial release, the game received over 120 million people downloading it and the game development continued for two years afterwards. The game was ranked in the top 5 most popular games on South Korea’s version of Google Play back in February 2016. The characters of Tower of God have also appeared in a cross webtoon RPG game called Hero Cantare. 

In conclusion, there hasn’t been any renewal announcement from the studio or the licensor just yet. But with the popularity the webtoon has and the success of the anime, there’s still a chance that the adventure of Bam finding Rachel in the tower continues on screen. 

Tower of God Characters and Casts

Twenty-Fifth BamIchikawa Taichi
RachelHayami Saori (Kakegurui)
Khun Aguero AgnesOkamoto Nobuhiko (My Hero Academia)
Rak WraithraiserMiyake Kenta (Jojo Bizarre Adventure)
Endorsi JahadSuegara Rie
Ha Yuri JahadHonda Mariko

Twenty-Fifth Bam: The main protagonist of the series, the latest Irregular to enter the Tower in search for his friend, Rachel.

Rachel: Bam’s only friend who went to the Tower. She wants to see the stars at the top of the Tower with whatever means she can. 

Khun Aguero Agnes: he’s the son of a High Ranker Khun Eduan, one of the 10 Great families that first climbed the tower. He meets Bam in the Tower and aids him in his journey. 

Rak Wraithraiser: a large and powerful reptile-like being that eventually teamed up with Bam and Khun. 

Endorsi Jahad: one of the Jahad’s Princesses and someone who climbs up the Tower too. 

Ha Yuri Jahad: a High Ranker and Princess of the Ha family.