Toyota Teases New Concept Sports Cars Showing Commitment to Electric Transportation

new toyota electric concept car FT-Se

Toyota has always been known for reliable, high-quality cars, and now, they're adding “futuristic” and “high-performance” to their repertoire. The automotive legends unveiled two next-generation concept cars at the Japan Mobility Show. Car lovers are swooning over Toyota's new concept and are excited to see if they will hit the production belts in the future. 

High-Performance Sports Car: The Ft-Se

new toyota electric concept car FT-Se
Image Credit: Toyota Newsroom.

The first car in the lineup is the FT-Se. This high-performance, fully-electric sports car has a sleek rear-slung design that is visually appealing and built for impressive handling. It has excellent aerodynamics and gives maximum efficiency, allowing it to hit corners easily and accelerate quickly. 

Inside the FT-Se's cockpit, drivers can witness an immersive driving experience because of the over-the-air updates and intuitive controls. 

Next-Generation Crossover: The Ft-3E

toyota new concept SUV FT-3e
Image Credit: Toyota Newsroom.

The second car in the lineup is the FT-3e concept. Toyota has highlighted its sleek shape and angular design, but there are limited details released. Currently, Toyota has promised “new driving experiences and personalized services powered by innovative technologies.”

An impressive feature of this car is its external digital display that shows key features, like battery charge car temperature as the driver approaches the vehicle. 

Toyota will share all the details of these new concept cars at the upcoming Tokyo Japan Mobility Show. For now, we get just enough of a taste to keep up curious. 

Toyota's Electric Vehicle Strategy

What do these electric concepts mean for Toyota? They are working on catching up in the EV market. They have goals of selling 1.5 million EVs globally by 2026 and another goal of selling 3.5 million cars by 2030. Out of these 3.5 million, their goal is for 1.7 million of them to be electric cars. 

These two concept cars serve as a peek behind the curtain into what Toyota has planned for its electric lines, and they are expected to steal the show at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show that will run from October 25 to November 5.