Aussie Borders Open To Skilled Migrants: “Knowledge Is Key,” Says Traci Chen

Every year, more than one hundred thousand people immigrate to Australia permanently, attracted by its stable economy, multicultural environment, and quality of life.

This makes Australia one of the most popular destinations for migrants around the globe. Making a move has never been easy – however, between 2020 and 2022, COVID-19 border lockdowns made it nearly impossible.

New Regulations on Australia Immigration

With the country opening up, moving to Australia is becoming more accessible as new regulations come into play. But according to Australian lawyer Traci Chen, who runs Maison Chen Law Group, you need the proper knowledge to make a move successful.

Having immigrated to Australia herself, Chen understands people’s struggles when moving to the Land Down Under.

However, she says it helps that Australia’s laws are changing, and while in the past, the country accepted only a select few, moving forward, Australia is set to accept thousands more.

“For immigration, we went from inviting a few thousand people for permanent residency to inviting tens of thousands,”

Skills Shortage Opens Borders Wider

Chen says the skills shortage is opening the borders wider – with Australia’s skills shortage the second highest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (which has 38 countries).

In 2022, according to the National Skills Commission, occupation shortages doubled. The most in-demand workers were registered nurses, software engineers, and care workers, closely followed by construction managers, childcare workers, and motor mechanics.

As such, Chen says there are many opportunities in 2023 for those wanting to move to Australia. The 2022-23 Migration Program helps with this.

An Increase in Permanent Visas

The program is designed to increase the number of permanent visas available and streamline the application process for skilled migrants. The new program focuses on providing visa opportunities to highly qualified people who will enhance Australia’s economic growth and contribute positively to society.

The new program prioritizes those with expertise in particular fields such as health care, engineering, and technology. It also seeks to reduce red tape and make it easier for employers to hire skilled overseas workers.

Advice for The Application Process

However, Traci Chen says potential migrants must have the correct information and contacts to help. She offers a range of advice on her social media platforms to kickstart the application process.

“My parents are migrants, but it was tough for them, and they experienced a lack of clarity when they moved here,” she explains. “I’m here to change that and to give people like them transparency when they’re considering the move.”

She says scammers are one of the key things people need to be aware of.

“Because there’s a lot of misinformation out there, there’s a lot of migrants being targeted and scammed. People are saying to them, ‘pay this amount and we’ll get you a visa’, and because they don’t know better, they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars thinking they’ll get permanent residency. It doesn’t work like that in Australia, and I want people to understand that.”

An Expert in Australian Migration

Chen said it was during the COVID-19 lockdowns that she was inspired to do more on social media to get her messages out to the right audience, and she has since become well-known as an expert in the field of Australian migration.

“There was so much uncertainty around immigration in Australia. The borders were closed, and visas weren’t being processed. Everything just stopped,” she says.

“Everyone was anxious and there was no transparency at all.”

While her approach is uncommon in the law industry, not only did she boost her social media presence, but she also used this to open her law firm in 2021. And today, Maison Chen Law Group has over 30 staff members.

“That’s quite quick growth for a law firm that started with just me.”

Benefits of Starting a Business During The Pandemic

She says one of the most significant benefits of starting a business during the pandemic was that there were fewer limitations on the services she could provide.

“If you have a law firm in Melbourne, you generally only serve clients in Melbourne, for example,” she says.

“But because of the pandemic, we were working from home. So, clients from all over Australia and overseas could contact us. We weren’t restricted – it was as simple as a Zoom call, and it offered plenty of flexibility for people who couldn’t travel. That helped a lot towards growing and scaling the business.”

Changes in Migration Law

While she keeps people up to date online with what’s happening with Australian borders and visa restrictions, Traci Chen says it's imperative people also seek legal advice through companies like Maison Chen Law Group.

“Migration law in Australia changes every single day,” she says.

“Borders are open, then closed. They allow some countries but not others. Some need a COVID test. Others don’t.”

She aims to make it easier for people looking to migrate so they, too, can live the “Australian Dream.”

“It's the absolute dream to come to Australia. It's all many people think about. And I’m just trying to help them get here with the right advice,” Chen says.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.