The Best Trade Secrets As Discussed by Experts

A recent online discussion asks, “What's a trade secret you know from working in the industry?” Nearly 23,000 people responded to bring you this excellent list of trade secrets, my friend.

1. Rental Cars

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Someone shared, “If you want to book a rental car, but they're sold out, reserve it for a week or two longer than you need, and then return the car early, and you'll only get charged for the time that you had it.”

They continued, “All the systems owned by Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Enterprise, Alamo, and National) automatically open up their system to long-term reservations. They will ensure you get a car over someone who only booked in for a day or two. I worked there for two years. It's a dirty business, but at least I learned a lot of rental hacks!”

Another added, “Also when you return the car early, ensure your daily rate doesn’t change. Enterprise would do that all the time. If people returned their cars early, the daily rate would almost always go up automatically. They can manually change it, but you have to make sure you ask.”

2. Video Games

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One gamer shared, “We found and filed that bug in your favorite video game. But, unfortunately, our leadership just decided it was ok to ship with it.” Another added, “Yeah, that's all software.”

Finally, a third responded, “As a car software developer, I can confirm. We already found 99% of all bugs found by users. But, unfortunately, we didn't have time to fix it as there were other even worse bugs to be fixed.”

3. FedEx Express

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One shopper shared, “If you ship through FedEx Express and send many packages/envelopes to a single stop? Ship one priority overnight and the rest standard. They'll be delivered together with the priority package.”

Another confirmed, “Express courier here, and this is on point. I hate doubling back to a stop, so I get giddy if I see a business priority and three more standards. I can do that stop as one instead of two separate ones.”

4. Museum Fossils

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Those cool fossils at your local museum? We're sorry to report they're probably not the real thing.

One person shared, “Most fossils in museums are replicas. These days they're usually plastic casts from silicone molds of real fossils, but 3D-printed replicas made from high-resolution scans are increasingly becoming part of things.”

5. Handicap Golf Records

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A golfer shared, “Worked in high-end golf clubs for years- almost all politicians register their handicap scores under a false name. The USGA handicap records are technically public information. People would be pretty unhappy if they knew how much time these guys spend playing golf.”

Someone else agreed, “I work at a high-end private resort with two golf courses. And yeah, politicians are here a lot.”

6. Drug-Free Workplaces

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“Having a crew that can pass a drug test is not the same as having a drug-free crew,” shared one person. Another added, “A drug test is just an IQ test in disguise. Are you at least smart enough to cheat because it's not hard?” A third commented, “Opioid addicts can ironically be clean pretty soon. It's the marijuana that stores in your fat. Another injustice.”

7. Pregnancy Testing

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One person shared, “The urine pregnancy test you take at the doctor is the same as the dollar tree one.” Several users expressed their stories proving this trade secret.

However, another person added, “Also, if you're a dude and take a pregnancy test for the lolz, and it comes back positive, go to the doctor immediately! You probably have testicular cancer. I'm serious.”

Another user explained, “This happens because testes cancer cells produce many other hormones, including beta-HCG, the hormone detected by the pregnancy test.”

8. The Casino

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One user shared, “Casinos don't need to cheat. We have already rigged the game against you.”

If you don't know that before you walk in, you'll know before you walk out. One user shared their friend made the mistake of asking a worker what machine was “hot” or lucky that night. Many believe if a machine hasn't paid out in awhile, it's “due” soon. Apparently, the worker sneered and told the user's friend that the only lucky machines in a casino are ATMs.

Because I am a former casino employee, I'll weigh in on this one: keep your money. And no, you're not breaking even with your losses and wins. The games are designed mathematically to give the edge to the house. So that statement is flawed statistically. Also, if we knew which machine was going to payout, don't you think we would be on them?

9. Loan Lenders

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A person shared, “If you are wondering what's taking me so long to process your loan application, it's because I forgot about it.” The OP asked, “Is this why title companies insist that you need to come down and sign TODAY? I've been waiting on you for weeks, but if I don't sign today, the whole thing will come crashing down?”

Finally, another expressed, “Yes – or at least maybe. Either they've run up against some arbitrary timeline they need to hit for the application to remain valid, or they need to close the loan to meet monthly sales targets.”

10. Call Centers

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One person said, “Calls are not being answered in the order received.” Another replied, “And let me guess, it's not unusually high call volume. It's that they haven't hired enough people to answer all the calls in a reasonable timeframe?” Someone confirmed this.

One user added, “Call centers only make money when their wage serfs are taking calls, so they never want enough people. That would only be a waste of money. So you're waiting on hold by design.”

Finally, a third  argued, “It depends on the company. I know Apple continues to listen to your calls while on hold to listen for frustrating words like the S and F words to bump you up the line.”

11. Medical Charts

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One person shared, “Most electronic medical records allow providers to put pop-up warnings in your chart if you act verbally or physically aggressive. So if you yelled at the ER nurse in 2017, the medical assistant you called today begging for a last-minute appointment could see it.”

12. Company Software

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One user shared, “If you are buying software for your workplace, get a quote and then go silent until the end of the quarter. Then call the sales rep and tell them you can buy it today but only have enough budget for 70% of the cost. Your chances for a discount go way up at the end of the quarter.”

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