Transcription Jobs for Beginners Without Experience

Transcribing is a task that an individual receiving work in audio or video form which they are tasked to type down in readable format.

Today, there are several platforms online that are open to taking-in individuals willing to offer the service many of them requiring no previous experience and paying their employees relatively well.

These jobs are quite flexible and so an individual may work only as and when they wish to. The same transcriber can also work for more than one company if their schedule allows it.

The tasks at hand usually vary depending on the company an individual works for as well as their level of expertise.

The range may start from as low as two minutes to several hours of audios. In other instances, companies may delegate you to transcribe a live session.

This is often for experienced transcribers though.

If you are an individual that likes to work from home, then certainly transcribing is for you. You just need to have the time and a couple of skills set.



As a beginner, you will need to lookout for specific details about a transcription job before making a decision on whether to tender in your application or not.

These range from payment details to your country of residence. This is important because it helps you to know what to expect if you go through as well as whether you’re eligible to work for the company to start with.

These specifics defer from company to company and so each review should be done on its own. Below are some of the things to pay attention to.



The skills required of transcribers are generally the same. They include typing, listening, writing, proofreading, fluency in the language in which the assignment is to be done.

Generally speaking, some skills are less important as you begin e.g. typing speed as compared to proofreading.

As you carry on with your journey though and expect to grow in rank, you should be able to perfect each of the skills mentioned. This can be done in several ways, not least training.



Some aspects of transcription may not be learnt on job. One case for many people is conventions; “um,” “uh,” etc.

Individuals that wish to do specialize in transcribing may have to train to. These courses are readily online and they span as long as one year for medical transcription.

In other cases, training is conducted by the very companies hiring employees. Way With Words is an example of such a company.

Transcription Daily goes as far as giving feedback. Platforms that offer training are best for beginners.



Overtime, several techniques have been devised to simplify transcribing. These can be in both hardware form as well as software.

Some companies spell out the specific technology that their employees should have. It is important that you ascertain that for instance, in the case of software that it is compatible with your device.

Transcription Daily asks its employees to have foot pedals. The use of these is to aid the transcriber to pause an audio without having to stop typing.

In the case of Rev, it makes available a package of internally developed software to every successful applicant.

Headphones are another asset here as they help one to ably listen to the words in the audio. Even where it is not mandatory though, one who tries these tools is bound to work more efficiently.

Consider for example Express Scribe that allows you to slow audios to match your typing speed.

On the other hand, Averbach transcription makes all its communications via email.

Other technologies that you may wish to tryout are Zoho and Mailstrom.

The former updates you on how much time you have used while Mailstrom helps organize your email.

Both Zoho and Mailstrom will be of help regardless of the platform you are working with.



It’s also of essence that one double-checks with the geographical requirements sought of a company’s employees.

At times, employees are restricted to certain countries say, the United States and Canada. GMRTransactions for example only employs individuals residing in the US.

Escribers on the other hand employs any person eligible to work in the United States. A potential employee will thus need to consult with the country’s labour laws to ascertain their qualification. Many companies still employ people from across the world. Davis Transcription is one example.



Sites will usually indicate their payment range usually captured per minute or per hour. The average pay goes between $0.8 and $1.5 per minute.

Knowing how much you will earn helps you decide on whether to take on the job and planning ahead if you do.

Keen attention should also be paid to platforms that don’t disclose how much they offer to their workers e.g. Ubiquis

An intending transcriber should also ascertain the mode of pay a given company uses and whether it is available to them in their country.

Rev uses PayPal for instance, while 3Play Media uses cheques as well as direct deposits.


Areas of Specialization

As you start out, you should have an idea on the kind of transcription you want to do. As you choose a site to work for, seek to prioritize sites that work with your area of interest.

Usually the fields of transcription are the medical sector, legal, as well as the general category.

GMR Transcription has a general category as well as one that is strictly medical.

Specialization often attracts a higher pay since the transcriber will take more time working on the tasks at hand.

Other fields include market research which Babbletype focuses on as well as insurance as run by VIQ solutions. Terescription works mostly with the entertainment industry.

Accordingly, here are the companies that you should consider starting-off with. Note that none of them requires you to have any prior experience.


Best Transcription Companies Hiring Now

1. Rev

Rev is one of the biggest transcription platforms with over 170,000 clients including CBS News and Viacom.

To enroll, one will need to pass a grammar test provided by the company as well as submit a sample transcription. Rev payment is done through PayPal.

Upon recruiting, PayPal will also provide with their internally built software. This as you will learn, is helpful as it executes several tasks automatically allowing you to concentrate your energies to the main work.


2. TranscribeMe

The platform mostly offers short clips. When you are through and have submitted your work, more clips will automatically show on your screen.

You can accordingly work on as many as you can afford. Payment ranges from $15-$22 per hour. Transcribers with the company must however, use chrome as their browser.

TranscribeMe also provides training as well as opportunities for special assignments with their “V.I.P” clients.

Working with top clients comes upon obtaining trust and approval of the company though. Employment at the company is open to people all over the world.


3. CrowdSurf

The company majors in creating video captions for second language viewers as well as the deaf. The company doesn’t publicly disclose its payment range though the channel of exchange is PayPal as well as direct deposit.


It is also required of transcribers to be familiar with using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.


4. CastingWords

It is an American-based transcribing company. To be a transcriber with CastingWords however, you need to be aged eighteen years and above. The platform also requires using Mechanical Turk for some of its jobs.


5. Scribie

The platform employs A.I with 85-90% accuracy. Scribie employs people too though and it grades their accuracy over that of the algorithm employed.

This means that workers of the company will be accorded tasks from clients that require diligence.

Often, the company will require multiple individuals to work on a single audio.

Employees who are able to complete three hours of work within reach payment period receive a bonus. The company hires persons from all over the world.


6. GMR Transcription

GMR is a good place to start for an ambitious transcript. The company provides complex assignments to their employees as they rise in ranks and accordingly gives them more pay.

Prior to being recruited however, one will have to sit for a test. GMR will also require you to have headphones, a foot pedal, and access to Microsoft Office.

Payment ranges from $1,000-$3,500 per month. Only residents of the United States can work for the company though.

Their work falls in the categories of general transcription as well as medical transcription. Medical transcriptionists must work on sixty minutes of audio every day.


7. Transcription Outgoing

Transcription Outgoing is based in the United States and there work ranges from medical transcription to legal transcriptions.

They also do financial and academic transcriptions. The company operates a blog which can be of use for beginner transcribers.


8. 3Play Media

The company has work for persons that speak English as well as Spanish. It also runs its own software. Transcribers must be familiar how the technology works.


9. Babbletype

Babbletype hires through a rather more rigorous criteria. The applicant must watch a thirty minutes video, and then pass an interview.

Upon passing both tasks, one is temporarily hired as the company fully ascertains them. Babbletype will pay an employee for work done during this time.

If hired, you will be an integral part of the team.


10. Way With Words

Way With Words will provide training too. They have a special interest in applicants who can understand a range of accents. If hired, their pay ranges from $0.45-$1.7 per minute.


11. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is trusted and it’s work is diverse. It ranges from police investigations, to intense academic research projects.

So it will work well for an individual who is interested in general Transcription. One will however, have to attempt and pass a test first prior to being hired. Payment is made via PayPal.


12. Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas is one of the most transcription platforms with a pay of $1.15 per minute. Applicants will have to sit for a test as well as pass a phone interview.

Employees from all over the world can work for Transcript Divas except for residents of California.


13. Speechpad

Speechpad is invests heavily in the welfare of their employees. This is something that should impress most beginners.

The company has several support staff across the world and they are available to employees every day, all the time.

The platform also makes available its unique software which transcribers can employ to simplify their work.



Other companies that beginners can lookout for are Daily Transcription, Averbach Transcription, Birch Creek Communications, 1-888-Typelt, Neal R. Gross, and Bam to mention but a few. All these too require no experience.


Experienced Companies

That said, one may also need to know about the companies that require experience. Understanding their policies helps one appreciate the mechanics of transcribing at a professional level and as such, they can choose to start work while planning for the long-term.

Before you can work for such a platform, you will be subjected to a more rigorous process than those listed previously.

Verbal Ink for instance requires an applicant to send in their resume.


1. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is one of the oldest transcribing companies having been founded in 1989. Intending employees of the Tigerfish should be well conversant with Express Scribe technology.

They will also undergo a test before being hired.

The company’s premium product promises clients a timeline of two hours.

Transcribers who are able to much this standard reap handsomely.


2. Quicktate

One is required to tender in three references as well as a payment of $20 to enable the company carry a background check on them.

Quicktate has a sister company (Dictate) for which one who is hired by either of them can work for both.


3. SpeakWrite

One needs to be a resident of the United States to work for the company. They should also have experience for a year and have office space.

Prior to being admitted an applicant will also have to pass a test.

SpeakWrite transcribers should also be willing to work with a maximum of fifteen months per hour and should be typing at a rate of sixty words per minute.


General Tips

Having braced the companies, you are almost good to go. Before that though, please understand that just like it is with every profession there are subtle truths about transcribing that you should know as you start.

One of them is the fact that completing tasks will take longer than your earlier estimation. When you receive an audio, note that listening takes longer than it’s real time.

Often, you will pause, rewind, say if the speaker is too fast or their accent is hard to follow through etc. So endeavor to allocate yourself enough term.

Additionally, you will need to factor in resting time especially for audios longer than an hour. Sitting on a computer for a very long time is not healthy.

When it comes to sustainability, it is helpful to lookout for other individuals engaged in the same work. Many online groups for transcribers exist.

Once in the groups, you can ask questions as well as network. Such company may aid you in future especially considering that transcribing can be unpredictable.

Examples of such groups are TA Transcriptionists and Transcription Alliance.

Many of the companies mentioned above also have internal groups. Be sure to join them too.

At this point, you are are equipped to start your journey. Best of luck!

You can also check out the video below by Tess Ogamba to learn more.