Free Travel: Top Six Credit Cards for Free Miles

With the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, airlines are ratcheting up their flight costs – more than 36% so far – to cover the extra expense. That rising cost means far more expensive travel, regardless of whether you're flying for business or pleasure. There could be no better time than now to skip the hefty fee, and spending your accrued miles instead. Plus, that swanky card in your wallet offers you great mileage for spending – or does it?

While all credit cards that offer miles will give you something in exchange for your loyal use, some companies go above and beyond to let you rack up free travel miles. And now more than ever, free miles and high mileage cards are in demand, even for the unseasoned traveler. It's possible those air travel fees aren't decreasing anytime soon, making it the perfect time to get a new card. Here are six cards to help you.

Note: Card offers mentioned were accurate at the time of publishing, but all offers are subject to change.

6) Hefty Welcome Offers

American Express offers some serious welcome rewards on their Platinum and Express Gold cards. With The Platinum Card from American Express, special offers exist where if you spend $6,000 in the first six months your card is active, you'll get a hefty 150,000 points. This offer amounts to over $1,000 in free travel value.

The American Express Gold Card has a special offer of 90,000 points or $900 in free travel value for spending $4,000 in your first six months. And while the annual fees are pretty steep, the cashback offers and boosted welcome points make these cards worth a try.

5) Save On Domestic Flights

If most of your flight time is domestic, Southwest offers three Personal cards that might be right up your alley. The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card, Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card, and Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card each currently provide 75,000 miles when you spend $5000 in your first three months. These offers end July 11, 2022.  And with their relatively low annual fees, no higher than $149, this domestic flight company knows how to help you out.

One of the best ways they do this is the Southwest Companion Pass, which allows you to add a companion to your flight for free (excluding taxes and fees). This pass is good for unlimited flying for the year you earn it and the following year. That makes picking up one of Southwest's great Rapid Rewards cards worth it.

4) Save On Everyday Purchases

Look no further than the Citi Premier card if you want to save on gas, groceries, or dining out. This card is perfect for ‘everyday' purchases, and currently, with an excellent 80,000 points signup bonus, it's the best card for smaller purchases that might be used for a stay-cation-style vacation. Travel close to home with the Citi Premier card.

3) American Express

Book your next business hotel stay with ease when you carry any of the following cards: the Marriot Bonvoy Business American Express Card, the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card, or the American Express Hilton Honors Aspire. Any one of these cards will make your next business trip a little smoother, so pick yours up today.

American Express and Chase have you covered if you're looking for a great set of personal hotel cards. The American Express Hilton Honors Surpass Card,  World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, and the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card, which currently gives you five free nights with its signup bonus, offer significant savings on your next personal hotel stay. So keep it simple with one of these great hotel savings cards.

2) Cashback Is King

When prices seem only to go up, cash remains king, and credit companies know how to get more cash back in your hands. The Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Freedom Flex give you the best in bonus cash back, while the Citi Double Cash Card gives you the most accessible cashback earnings potential.

1) \\”No Thinking\\” Travel

If there's ever been a time to sit back and relax, it is now. Traveling free doesn't have to be complicated, and with the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card or Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, it won't be.

These cards exemplify ease of use, making their current 75,000 miles offer a walk in the park. Just spend $4,000 in your first three months, and bam – those miles are yours.

Whether you're looking to save a little green, maximize your next business trip, or score a sweet hotel suite for free, a credit card can help you get there. Business, pleasure, VIP; no matter how or why you choose to travel, pick your favorite card and book your next trip easily.

How To Maximize Your Free Travel Points

There is an art form to maximizing the credit card points you earn for free travel called “travel hacking.”  Travel hacking has recently grown in popularity, with many people creating complicated spreadsheets in an attempt to track their signup bonuses, monthly fees, and reward point balances.

However, learning how to travel hack doesn't need to be overwhelming.  The Travel Freely app will teach you how to maximize the points you earn, track your cards and rewards points, and show you which cards have the best bonuses at any given time.  The best part about Travel Freely is it's completely free!

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