Take Control of a Bad Day with These 10 Tricks

Almost nothing is worse than waking up to a bad day, except for maybe having a ‘good day' ruined by unforeseen circumstances. So, how do you ‘fix' a ruined day? These tricks can go a long way to helping you fix even the worst ‘ruined' day.

1. Break It Down

Try splitting your day up into different sections or chunks.

Essentially you break your day down into sections and ‘start over' with each new session. These 6-hour windows of time can help you ‘reset' and wash away anything that may not have gone to plan in the previous 6-hour stretch.

2. Don't Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater

Redditor @nearbyprincess offers this advice.

“If you had $86,400, but you lost $600, would you throw out the rest of the money?

There are 86400 seconds in a day, and 600 in 10 minutes. Don't let a bad 5-10 minutes dictate your day. Even if you take an hour or two to recuperate after a bad moment or adjust things around after a horrid morning, it is still better than throwing out that time altogether. Remembering that a “good day” does NOT have to equal productivity or no rest.”

The reality of a good day versus a bad day is solely on the person living it. Sometimes a good day is eight (or more) hard hours of productive results. And sometimes, a good day is your favorite beverage, a great book, a video game, a hobby, etc., and taking time for self-care and prioritizing mental health.

3. Intimacy, Showers, and Comfort Food

Plenty of Redditors shared that taking a long, hot shower, enjoying your favorite comfort food, and healthy intimacy were all viable options for ‘fixing' a ruined day.

@The_AmyrlinSeat added other alternatives that can help reduce stress.

“Exercise, yoga…”

Sometimes clearing your system in all those human ways is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Sleep for Reset

@squatter_ likes to sleep it off.

“Try to go to sleep early and know that I will feel better in the morning after my system resets…”

Getting plenty of rest is crucial to making sure we're at our best to face each new day. It also makes it possible to face any obstacles that might come along to turn a good day into a bad one.

5. Take The Day Off

@some-username9 suggests going home to enjoy the rest of the day and relax is always a good choice.

“Go home and spend the rest of the day doing relaxing and enjoyable things, like reading or video games.”

Chalking up a ruined day to what it is and salvaging what's left is sometimes the only thing you can do to survive a bad day. Find your most enjoyable activity and spend the rest of your day indulging in only the things you want to do. Tomorrow will come along in time.

6. Make a Frivolous Buy

@teamwheelhurr suggests spending money on something trivial, just for the kicks.

Picking up/buying something that’s frivolous with a ‘**** it’ attitude. A pricey coffee. A cupcake. A nice new mascara. Anything I’d normally pass on. Sometimes it takes the edge off of whatever sucked the life out of me that day.

Buying something just because you can is sometimes the best ‘ruined day' therapy you can get, enjoy it.

7. Wine, Weed, and Music

@sadsledgemain suggest a good selection of tunes and some fine wine or great weed to the fix-mix.

“Wine and/or weed, video games, and music.”

Sliding into some great music therapy with your favorite wine or a nice bowl can take the tension out of any bad day, especially when you consume responsibly.

8. Self-control for an Ultimate Reset

@disillusionedXennial shared that ‘flexing self-control' helps them with anything out of their control.

“I flex my self control. Just because bad **** happened doesn’t mean I’m gonna run off and cave to my bad habits. Hell no. I take control of myself to combat things I can’t control.”

When the only thing you can control is yourself, it's best to know just how to go about skipping your own bad habits to embrace the beautiful in each day.

9. Starting Fresh

@cymas believes in a fresh start.

“I literally restart my day sometimes. I'll take a shower, change my clothes, make a coffee, sit down and just breathe. And sometimes there isn't a way to fix it so I try not to be too hard on myself and just get through it the best I can.”

When you can't do anything about fixing a ruined day, sometimes starting over and ‘getting through it' is all you can do. Embrace it.

10. Always Food

@FigJamandCitrus wasn't the only one to suggest your favorite, high-calorie foodie fix.

“Food. Always food.”

While it might not be the most therapeutic way to cope with a bad day, plenty of Redditors swear by downing your favorite comfort food/beverage combo to ‘take the edge' off any bad day.

What's your favorite way to deal with a crappy day?

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