YouTube Sleuths: 13 True Crime Content Creators Who’ve Gripped Viewers

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If you're a true crime fan, you know that YouTube is one of the best places to hear haunting true crime stories. Not only is it accessible, but hundreds of YouTubers dedicate their channels solely to true crime stories. Check out my list, then settle in for some true crime stories told by the best of the best. 

1. Loey Lane

Youtuber Loey Lane
Image Credit: Loey Lane/YouTube.

True crime lovers will adore Loey Lane! She makes true crime digestible in a funny and wholesome way. Plus, Lane has various content to explore on top of her spooky stories. 

2. Wendigoon

youtube scaled scaled
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you love a drunk-uncle sort of vibe that comes along with some true crime storytelling, you will love Wendigoon. His content is well-researched, thought-through, and hilarious. 

3. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale
Image Credit: Eleanor Neale/YouTube.

With over 2.5 million subscribers, Eleanor Neale is one of the most popular true crime channels on YouTube. And for good reason. Eleanor's videos are detailed and well-researched, meaning she always dives as deeply into any given case as possible. Eleanor typically tells solved true crime stories.

4. Christina Randall

Christina Randall
Image Credit: Christina Randall/YouTube.

As an ex-con herself, Christina Randall has real-life experience with the criminal justice system. When she first joined YouTube, she told her story from her traumatic upbringing to her time in prison. But as time passed, Christina shifted towards true crime. Her videos are excellent because she employs empathy in every discussion and looks at every possible side of the story.

5. Explore With Us

Explore With Us YouTube channel logo
Image Credit: Explore With Us/YouTube.
Explore With Us is a popular true crime YouTube channel that creates documentary-style videos from forty minutes to an hour long. Their videos typically focus on criminal behavior by examining interrogation footage, bodycam footage, and more. These in-depth analyses are so intriguing that fans continue coming back for more.

6. Danielle Kirsty

Danielle Kirsty
Image Credit: Danielle Kirsty/YouTube.
This British YouTuber combines her passion for makeup and true crime into one in a creative format where she tells true crime stories and applies her makeup simultaneously. It almost feels like you're hanging out with a close friend when you listen to Danielle tell terrifying true crime stories as she gets ready for the day.

7. Rotten Mango

Rotten Mango
Image Credit: Rotten Mango/YouTube.
Rotten Mango is a podcast with a YouTube channel that tells true crime stories worldwide. Each case is exceptionally well-researched and often focuses on the victim's experiences. Hosted by popular storytelling YouTuber Stephanie Soo, Rotten Mango is a podcast with a conversational style. Stephanie tells the story to the listeners and her husband, who occasionally jumps in to ask questions and share opinions.

8. JCS – Criminal Psychology

JCS Criminal Psychology
Image Credit: JCS Criminal Psychology/YouTube.

While this true crime YouTube channel doesn't often upload, when they do, their videos instantly hit over 5 million views at least. That's because JCS – Criminal Psychology does an incredible job at diving into the minds of murderers while examining their interrogation footage.

9. The Behavior Panel

The Behavior Panel
Image Credit: The Behavior Panel/Shutterstock.

Body language experts unite on this channel to analyze the behavior of anyone from murderers to celebrities. The panel gives their opinions on people's body language, tone of voice, etc., as they speak in interviews, interrogations, or public appeals to reveal the truth, what is a lie, and what's happening behind the scenes in a particular case.

10. Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae
Image Credit: Kendall Rae/YouTube.

Kendall Rae started her YouTube channel about ten years ago and created lifestyle videos like vlogs, makeup tutorials, and stories about her life. But as time went on, Kendall developed an interest in true crime and began to share those stories with her subscribers. Her bubbly personality and talent for storytelling are why so many fans love her videos.

11. Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori
Image Credit: Bella Fiori/Shutterstock.

YouTuber Bella Fiori shares her life with viewers between thirty-minute true crime tales. She posts a new video at least once per week, so you will never run out of true crime content on her channel.

12. Hailey Elizabeth

Hailey Elizabeth
Image Credit: Hailey Elizabeth/YouTube.

Hailey Elizabeth is dedicated to telling stories about true crime, sometimes while applying her makeup. Her videos tend to range from 45 minutes to over an hour long because she squeezes every detail into each case. On top of true crime, she also covers conspiracy theories and keeps her fans updated on her life.

13. Crime Analyst

Crime Analyst
Image Credit: Crime Analyst/YouTube.

While she's new to YouTube, Laura Richards, host of Crime Analyst, has been working cases for over twenty years. She brings the experience she gained working as the former Head of the Homicide Prevention Unit, Head of the Violent Crime Intelligence and Analysis Unit at the Metropolitan Police, Head of the Sexual Offenses at New Scotland Yard, and former Violence Adviser to the National Police Chief's Council and the Home Office in the UK.