Trump Furious Over Business Conviction, ‘New York City Is a Hard Place To Be Trump’

On Tuesday, the Trump Organization was found guilty of criminal tax fraud. A Manhattan jury found two of the Trump Organization companies guilty of falsifying business records. The prosecutors claim that former CFO Allen Weisselberg received fringe benefits dating back 15 years that were created to evade taxes. Trump has now alleged that he is the victim of a “witch hunt,” even though he and his family were not named in the case.

Witch Hunt or Justice

Although Trump and his family were not named in the lawsuit, he still jumped on Truth Social to rant about the situation. “MANHATTAN WITCH HUNT! Disappointed with the verdict in Manhattan, but will appeal. After looking at millions of pages of documents, over many years, much to the detriment of record setting murder and other forms of violent crime that are taking place in New York City, the Government was able to get an employee to ‘plea’ in order for a very reduced sentence.”

Trump continued by explaining that the case should have targeted Weisselberg only, since the tax fraud was committed on his personal tax returns. Weisselberg even testified that his actions were done for his own benefit and that neither of the companies that were convicted benefited at all.

“Why would Corporations, which knew nothing about Weisselberg’s personal tax returns, be prosecuted for that person’s conduct? There was RELIANCE by us on a then highly respected and expensive accounting firm, and law firm, to do this work. The accounting firm also did his personal returns, which we are not even allowed to legally view,” Trump continued, “It is a continuation of the Greatest Political Witch Hunt in the History of our Country. New York City is a hard place to be ‘Trump,’ as businesses and people flee our once Great City!”

A War on Multiple Fronts

Trump is also currently under investigation for documents discovered in his Mar-a-Lago home. More recently, it was discovered that the Save America PAC is funding attorneys for the key witnesses in the case.

Trump had requested a third-party special master to go through the thousands of records that were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. The District Judge, Aileen Cannon, who was appointed by Trump during his presidency, agreed to the terms. She then appointed Judge Raymond Dearie to handle it.

Despite her ruling, a new ruling by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on December 1st reversed Cannnon's appointment of Dearie. Whereas the special master would have been able to filter out sensitive or privileged documents before handing them over to the Department of Justice, the DOJ will now be able to review all of the documents that were recovered.

On top of the Mar-a-Lago case, Trump has been under fire from his own party for hosting a dinner with Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Many Republicans spoke up on social media and publicly condemned him for the dinner, with some even telling him to apologize.

It is unclear yet whether this string of controversies will have a significant impact on Trump's 2024 campaign, but it certainly won't be smooth sailing for the former President.

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