Facebook Can’t Afford To Be Woke Anymore, Trump Is Coming Back

After a ban of over two years, Meta announced that former U.S. President Donald Trump will be allowed back on Facebook and Instagram.

Donald Trump's account was indefinitely suspended from Facebook and Instagram for his comments after the attack on the U.S. Capitol when his supporters stormed the building.

But in a statement, Nick Clegg, Meta's president of global affairs, said the public, “should be able to hear what their politicians are saying.”

Trump's Facebook and Instagram ban was one controversial subject that broke the internet two years ago. Now that Trump is to be reinstated, the internet is abuzz again.

Critics Can't Get Over The January 6 ‘Coup'

One user calls it “unbelievable” that Meta would welcome him back after he and his supporters “attempted a coup.”

@Michael31909473 tells Twitter, “We must never forget one major fact,” and brings back the events of Jan. 6th, 2021.

“If it was someone else, it would be a ban for life,” this user says, suggesting a bias concerning the former president.

Twitter Believes Elon Musk To Thank

@ChrisMaushart expresses excitement over the return in a tweet, sharing: “DADDY'S BACK.”

Meanwhile, @pierre_crypt0 suggests Elon Musk had something to do with the sudden reinstatement:

In the same vein, another user suggests a correlation between Meta and Twitter, the latter owned by Elon Musk. “It's like Meta and Twitter work parallel,” they wrote. “If one does something another does the same.”

@UpwardNewsHQ shares a post Donald Trump made after the news of his reinstatement, saying: Thank you to truth social for doing such an incredible job.”

“It's almost as if a violent, Trump-incited insurrection never happened,” @mehdirhasan says.

Some Critics Can't Forget Trumps ‘Sins'

“America is good at many things,” someone replied. “But forgetting sins of the past is what we’re best at.”

@deep_state_ceo also added that, “if that was the worst of his crimes it would still warrant prison. It isn’t even mentioning everything else he did in office, the scams his family ran, and how bad it would be a second time around. Really, really catastrophic.”

@LionHearted76 expresses happiness that “what never, ever should have happened in the first place is being rectified.”

Other users have shown excitement in tweets like: “Social media is about to be interesting again,” “GOAT back,” and, “We will be following him!”

How do you feel about Trump returning to Facebook and Instagram? Do you think he'll actually re-join?

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