Trump Sends Message of Support to Jan. 6 Rioters

On Thursday night, former President Donald Trump sent a message of solidarity to a fundraising event hosted by a group called the Patriot Freedom Project. The group's focus right now is supporting the families of the January 6th rioters that are still being prosecuted by the government.

Looking Back

The January 6th incident is considered by many to be the worst attack on democracy in more than 200 years. The incident resulted in 4 deaths and other severe injuries. An estimated 140 law enforcement officers were injured in their attempts to block the crowd.

The House voted to impeach Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection, but he was ultimately acquitted by the Senate.

In the same week as Trump's comments, Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the far-right militia group Oath Keepers, along with one of his subordinates, was convicted of seditious conspiracy. He was found guilty of plotting to keep Trump in power by hatching a months-long plan to incite political violence and prevent Biden's inauguration. His plan culminated in the January 6th attack.

The jury found them guilty after three days of deliberation, but two of the other members of the group were not convicted of sedition. Nonetheless, both convictions come with a sentence of up to twenty years in prison.

More than 800 people have been arrested and charged for their involvement in the January 6th incident. There are defendants from nearly all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

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An Unfair Situation

Trump has referred to what the January 6th rioters are going through as “a very unfair situation.” “People have been treated unconstitutionally, in my opinion, and very, very unfairly, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” he said in the video he sent to the event. “It’s the weaponization of the Department of Justice, and we can’t let this happen in our country.”

The Patriot Freedom Project identifies itself as “a non-profit organization providing legal, financial, mental-health, and spiritual support for individuals and their families — including young children — who are suffering at the hands of a weaponized justice system.”

Trump recently announced his intent to run again in 2024, and as part of that announcement, he pledged that he would take a closer look at the situation involving the January 6th rioters. He has not been afraid to make it known that he supports the group that stormed the Capitol.

Trump did say that if he was re-elected, he would grant full pardons along with a government apology to the rioters and their families. Trump would, of course, need to win the presidential election in order to fulfill these promises.

“I mean full pardons with an apology to many,” he told in an interview with radio host Wendy Bell.

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