TryMyUI Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Are you looking for an honest TryMyUI review? Is TryMyUI legitimate?

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Developing an app is a challenging process if you do not have outside opinions.

In most cases, you might be so overwhelmed by your idea that you lack the necessary objectivity for you to make modifications and improvements.

For outside opinions, developers often look out for testers. The normal procedure is that the tester goes to the office of the developer, checks out the app after signing a non-disclosure agreement and then proceed to testing the application or website.

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With the digitalization of businesses, it has become cheap to test applications and websites on the internet.

Developers, just like any other person, often find it hard to trust their ideas with people that they trust.

After doing a quick search on possible usability testing platforms, I came across TryMyUI.

According to its users, it is a good website for usability testing.

In this review of TryMyUI, we shall examine the authenticity of these claims.


What is TryMyUI?

trymyui review

TryMyUI is a web based platform used by developers to run remote usability tests for apps and websites under development.

This gives a developer real life insights on how the application or website could run and spot any areas that would require improvement.


Features of TryMyUI.

The basic features of the platform include:

1. Remote user testing.

This feature allows you to get access to a wide range of usability testers from their areas.

You have the online platform to aid you in improving your reach to various parts of the world.

This reduces the costs of bringing in the testers physically.


2. Mobile user testing.

The feature allows you keep track of users’ movements so you can see how they interact with your application.

Testers can download application on to their phones.

You can also use a website on your phone for testing purpose.

This alleviates the hardships of being limited to using a laptop or desktop computer for testing.


3. Wireframe and prototype testing.

This allows you to test your application or website at all stages of development.

This means that you do not have to wait for everything to be completed so that you can run tests on your project.


4. Impression testing.

This feature helps you get feedback on how your users have reacted to your website or mobile application.

For 15 seconds, they are shown the homepage of your website.

When the time is up, they are asked to describe how it felt using it and any other impressions they had.

This gives you an idea about the overall design.


5. Written survey.

This feature allows you to create written survey questions to see what the users of the platform remember about using the platform.

The website already has four default question on which you can add your own.


6. Demographic curation.

The website has a database of testers that you can identify and select using demographics like gender, age, country of residence, household income, education level, employment type amongst others.

You can also add specific requirements so that you can get your intended testers.


7. Live moderated testing.

This is a relatively new feature. You are testing out the application or website under the watchful eye of the developer.

This allows the developer to get live feedback from the tester.

The developer communicates a time for the usability test and all testers wait in a virtual waiting room created by the platform.

A tester is invited into the room to begin the testing with the live screen recording plus a live camera and microphone.


Other features that are available with different subscriptions include:

1. Screener questions.

This is an opportunity for you to interview the tester before they get to work.

This helps you select the testers with the intended characteristics for your test.


2. Non-disclosure agreements.

This helps to protect your information from being used or duplicated in any way.


3. Testing with your own users.

You can also bring in testers that have worked for you before subject to your subscription package.


4. Trusted testers.

The platform allows applications from people that can be trusted thus giving you the opportunity to get accurate data.


5. UX crowd.

This feature aggregates and ranks usability insights with voting to identify the most pressing issues regarding your app or website without having to painstakingly go through every video.


6. UX diagnostics.

You can measure your product’s overall usability with psychometrics, and map usability fluctuations along the user’s journey with task usability scores, task completion rates, and task duration data.


7. UX sprint.

This feature enables you to do iterative usability testing that supports and builds on your design process to measure the impact of your work and point the way forward.

You can always run new sprints through a batch of new testers and compare the old data to the new data.


8. Download your test data and videos.

The platform can allow you to download and access your data from your local storage.


9. Executive summaries.

You can use the executive summary builder template to create custom made reports that can be downloaded into your local storage.


How does TryMyUI work?

TryMyUI conducts remote usability tests on websites and applications of behalf of developers.

This means that you have to follow an intricate process to ensure that the developers get the feedback that would help develop their projects.

The platform gives you the opportunity to use in house testers or your very own testers depending on the type of subscription package you purchased.

In light of this fact, the process can be described in three steps:

1. Set up your test.

Every developer with a project would like to see how it fairs in real life situations.

However, you cannot expect people to know the metrics of performance for your application or website.

Therefore, you have to design a series of tests to check the robustness of your project in a real life situation.

Some subscription packages allow you to bring your own testers as the platform tries to mimic a real life application.

The test is intended to figure out the potential areas of frustration for its final users and ultimately improving its quality.


2. Pick your target user.

In this case, the “user” is the final consumer of the product.

However, as it has not been released yet, you have to select the tester (model user) to see how it could work.

The platform has different metrics to help you run the usability test with someone that can help you derive accurate results.

In all subscription packages available on the platform, you have the choice to select a test group using demographics like age and sex.

The demographics selector helps you test it out using a group of your intended market.


3. Watch the video.

The final step is to get the feedback regarding the website and application.

Feedback is given in video format and text format.

The video serves to address the overall user experience remotely and can be used for observation over time.

The post test questions are structured to indicate any areas that could be improved.

When you get the videos and questionnaires, you can get conclusive answers about the project you are running.

With the unlimited subscription package, you can also get access to an executive summary of the findings.

The aim is to get people to see how it runs and make suggestions for improvements.


How much does TryMyUI cost?

The services offered by TryMyUI are packaged in four different subscription packages.

They include:

a) Personal user subscription package.

This is the most basic user package on the platform.

It is more suitable for individuals looking to get started with user testing. It costs you $99 per month.

However, when you pay for the plan on an annual basis, you save $188 and only pay $1,000.

Its features include:

  • 5 credits per month (no rollover)
  • Basic demographic filters
  • Written response surveys
  • Unlimited video annotations
  • 1 highlight reel per month
  • Additional credit purchasing for $45 each credit
  • 20-minute-long video option
  • 4 post-test survey questions for each test completed.
  • Video storage for the most recent 60 videos

Keep in mind that the rollover only applies when the payments are made for an annual package.

Some other features also become more useful when you subscribe to the annual plan.

A rollover means that you are allowed only 5 credits for a certain month and in any case you end the month without using them, you cannot transfer them to another month.


b) Team subscription package.

This is the second subscription package available to users on this platform.

It is more suited for small to medium sized teams.

To get access to this plan, you have to pay $399 per month. Taking advantage of the discount available on all the plans, you can save $798 by paying $4,000 per annually.

The features of this package include:

  • 10 credits per month (no rollover)
  • Test with 10 of your own testers
  • UX diagnostics
  • 3 highlight reels per month
  • 2 multi-member login.
  • Additional credit purchasing at $35 each.
  • Basic demographic filters
  • 1 screener question per test
  • Video options lasting 20/30 minutes long
  • 4 post-test survey questions for each test completed.
  • All types of post-test survey questions
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Download and export test data
  • UX sprint
  • Unlimited video annotations
  • Task duration times
  • Task completion rates
  • Task usability scoring
  • System usability scoring


c) Enterprise subscription package.

This is the third subscription package available for users on this website.

It is more suited for agency level user testing and research.

You have to pay $2,000 per month to get access to its features.

You can also save $4,000 by paying $20,000 annually.

Its features include:

  • 30 credits per month (no rollover)
  • Video transcripts for testers
  • Multi choice screener surveys
  • Unlimited testing with your own testers
  • Unlimited highlight reels.
  • Additional credit purchases at $25 each
  • Advanced demographic filters
  • 16 screener questions per test
  • Unlimited number of your own testers
  • Custom panel
  • 20/30/40/45/60 minute video length options
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • 16 post-test survey questions for each test
  • All types of post survey questions
  • Video transcription
  • All models of system usability scoring
  • Task usability scoring
  • Task completion rates
  • Task duration times
  • UX crowd
  • Unlimited video annotations
  • Unlimited executive summaries
  • UX sprint
  • Download and export test data
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Additional seat purchasing
  • 5 seat member login.


d) Unlimited subscription package.

This is the most advanced subscription package available on the website.

It entails an exclusive solution to large scale user testing for your websites and applications.

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It costs you $5,000 per month and you can pay for it annually and save over $20,000 per year.

So instead of paying the entire $60,000 for a year’s subscription, you only pay $40,000.

The features of this plan include:

  • Unlimited credits per month
  • Video transcripts for testers
  • Multi choice screener surveys
  • Unlimited testing with your own testers
  • Unlimited highlight reels.
  • Unlimited additional credit purchases
  • Credit rollovers
  • Advanced demographic filters
  • 16 screener questions per test
  • Unlimited number of your own testers
  • Custom panel
  • 20/30/40/45/60 minute video length options
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • 16 post-test survey questions for each test
  • All types of post survey questions
  • Video transcription
  • All models of system usability scoring
  • Task usability scoring
  • Task completion rates
  • Task duration times
  • UX crowd
  • Unlimited video annotations
  • Unlimited executive summaries
  • UX sprint
  • Download and export test data
  • Unlimited video storage
  • No additional seat purchasing
  • Unlimited member login.
  • Early access to features.


How can you become a tester with TryMyUI?

There is an entire section addressed to how you can become a tester with the TryMyUI platform.

Here, you can become a tester for websites and apps and give your honest feedback.

This is intended to give website and app developers real reviews from real people.

You have to follow the steps below to get started.

  • Set up your tester account. First, you have to setup an account with the platform. The account must have your full names, PayPal email and password. The PayPal email is how you shall be receiving your money from the platform.


  • Start testing websites and apps. When you finish setting up your user account, you can start testing websites and apps uploaded by developers to this platform. You have to be yourself when running app and website tests as it gives the developers real life feedback. You can voice your thoughts and opinion through a report or as you record yourself while using the application. A usability test consists of a video featuring your screen and voice as you use the website or app plus a written response to a short wrap up survey about the user interface.


  • Get paid. According to the website, you earn $10 per test you take. Keep in mind that these tests last about 20 minutes. So if you are trying to make money, you can run only a few tests per week. There is no limit to the number of tests you can do. However, to keep up the quality, the platform only makes a few tests available to its users every week. This is not full time work. You are paid for every test that is reviewed and accepted by graders working with TryMyUI. Upon completing a review, the payments are made to your PayPal account every Friday.

This is something you can take up in your free time to make some extra cash.

Credits are used to order test results from our user panel. When you visit the website, you have a guide that helps you go through the essentials of writing a good user test.


Pros of TryMyUI.

The benefits of the platform include:

  • Access to a large pool of diverse testers. The testers on the platform are categorized according to different demographics. This helps you filter the database for the testers that will be of use to you. You can also make suggestions regarding the specific characteristics you want from the testers and the platform will find them for you.


  • Less expensive. Having remote testers is less expensive compared to bringing them in physically. You do not have to pay for transport costs or any other unnecessary expenses. All you need is a steady internet connection and you are good to go.


  • User testing videos are indexed by task.


  • Built in free impression testing. This helps you get a feedback on the design of your application or website. This makes it easy to come up with an acceptable design template for your product.


  • Free trial. The platform allows you free access to all of its features for 2 days plus a free 5-day trial run. This helps you get used to the website and review the plans that suit you.


Cons of TryMyUI.

After extensively examining the website, there are almost no issues with the platform regarding their services.

However, they can improve on the prices and features for the starter programs.

When compared to the other programs, the personal subscription program has limited features and goes for a relatively high price.

Another issue is with the testers who do not provide conclusive information.

Some developers have made complaints regarding authenticity of reviews by the testers for their website or apps.

With time, issues regarding this program might surface as it is used for a longer period of time.

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Conclusion: TryMyUI Review – Is it a Scam?

TryMyUI is not a scam. It is a legit platform that I recommend you join so you can start making some extra cash on the side while working online especially if you are a developer.

Developers need an all-in-one built system to ensure that they get the usability test results they want.

The platform has been using remote usability testing and has introduced live moderation for those that are used to this kind of method.

This means that the website is now friendly to you despite the kind of testing you are used to.

I hope you found this review of TryMyUI helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

If you have any questions or concerns at all with this TryMyUI review feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this TryMyUI review with your friends and family.