Series Stumbles: 15 TV Shows with Disastrous Finales

There's nothing worse than watching a favorite television series for years and the finale ends up disappointing. Someone in a popular online forum started a discussion about the worst TV finales and here are 15 show endings that fell flat. Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Lost 

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Many Lost fans were underwhelmed with the way the series ended. The show is often talked about as being someone's “favorite show” but the ending is something they just gloss over sometimes. For such a brilliant show, it ended so weirdly.

2. St Elsewhere

st elsewhere
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Fans enjoyed the six seasons of St. Elsewhere but there wasn't much love for the show's finale. A lot of fans are still disappointed to this day about how invested they were with these characters and how disappointing the show ended up being, especially at the end.

3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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This should come as no shock that the beloved Game of Thrones is on this list. This blockbuster of a show destroyed records, and to be honest, the finale of the show. For one that is so widely loved, it was sad to have an ending that fell so short. With House of the Dragon, fans are hopeful for a different ending.

4. Scrubs

Scrubs Zach Braff Colin Hay
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Ironically, season 8 of Scrubs had one of the best TV finales. Then came season 9, which many fans like to flat-out forget. For some fans, the show was already going downhill before the last season, but season 9 cemented that feeling for a lot of people.

5. The Sopranos

James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, David Chase, and Robert Iler in The Sopranos
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To call the series finale of The Sopranos a risk is an understatement. The show ended with a hard cut to black resulting in many wondering if their feed short-circuited. While many were frustrated with it upon original airing, several fans have since speculated that the cut to black is a metaphor for Tony's death. 

6. Roseanne

Roseanne Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert, Alicia Goranson
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Before the revival, the ending to Roseanne felt like a fever dream. Probably because, according to the story, the show was a dream. When the final episode originally aired in 1997, we learned that Dan died of a heart attack during the show's eighth season. The Roseanne character wrote the entire ninth season as a way for her to cope with the death.

7. Seinfeld

Seinfeld, The Invitations, Jason Alexander, Heidi Swedberg
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A trend is that we have a beloved, classic show and the finale ruins all of the work that came before it. Seinfeld is one of those shows. Some fans remember the hype up for the last episode of the show, only to realize it wasn't great.

8. The Parkers

The Parkers Mo'Nique, Kyla Pratt, Countess Vaughn
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Imagine spending the entire show watching one of the characters fall for someone and constantly get rejected by that person. But just as they find someone new and fall in love, they leave them at their wedding for the person who rejected them the entire show. That's what happens with The Parkers, and it's so sad to watch a good relationship die for a bad one to start.

9. Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise Joanna Cassidy, Jolene Blalock, Connor Trinneer
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It's hard when a show is canceled long before it is supposed to end, usually leaving a writing team to scramble and finish storylines that aren't ready to be wrapped up. That's what happened with Star Trek: Enterprise, leaving a lot of fans to kind of wish they didn't try to wrap it all up in the end, and instead, just leave the show unfinished.

10 – Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Farscape Ben Browder
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It helps when a show ends early and gets a movie to wrap everything up for the fans, even if that movie doesn't do the best job of it. With Peacekeeper Wars, a lot of fans would just rather stick to the completed arcs that were laid out in the comics than the show.

11. Supernatural

Supernatural Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki
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Imagine watching through all 15 seasons of Supernatural because you were a big fan of this show when you only thought it would be a few seasons long, only to be extremely let down by the ending. From unconfirmed love plots to confusing deaths, the end of Supernatural was a letdown for fans across the board.

12. Younger

Younger Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster
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Between the characters switching personalities on the show and taking cheap jabs at celebrities that they really didn't need to do, a lot of people were disappointed with the last season of Younger.

13. Dexter

Dexter Michael C. Hall
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For a lot of Dexter fans, the last episode of the show wasn't great and it ended up being a complete disappointment. A lot of fans still can't forgive what the show did to Deb's character. Plus, a lot of fans state this finale was completely unmemorable, and they can't recall what actually happens in the end.

14. Shameless

Shameless William H. Macy, Christian Isaiah
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There was a time when everyone was watching Shameless, but there was also a time when people were getting pretty bored with the show as well. A lot of fans said the last few seasons didn't live up to the first seasons, and even ruined the whole point of the show. 

15. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor
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How I Met Your Mother was a popular response. While a lot of people had problems with the mother, whom we spent the entire show waiting to meet, dying, a lot of other people had bigger problems with Ted and Robin getting back together. Their storyline ended seasons before and a lot of fans didn't see the point in bringing them back together.

Source: Reddit.