Snooze or Lose: These TV Shows Failed to Keep Audiences on the Edge of Their Seats

Finding someone these days who doesn't watch TV is rare. Whenever you speak to your friends about the latest Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+ shows they like, it is common to hear several series listed off with a lot of overlap.

According to Comparitech data collection, the average global citizen spends just north of six hours per day viewing streaming services or TV. Compared to the average American, this is low; the typical U.S. viewer is in front of screens for more than seven hours a day. Subsequently, consumers are getting far more ruthless and restless with what they are consuming. Some of them have very little patience for wasting hours of their life they can never get back.

Redditor u/DadIsMadAtMe posted a question asking, “What show did you start and wound up hating so much you didn’t finish it?”

Of course, the Reddit thread junkies were out in force to share their own TV misadventures.

Walking Away From The Walking Dead

The first to get their answer in was ChiredanWasTaken, who decided the Walking Dead got too much, sharing they, “Got through 5(?) seasons, liked only first and farm, prison was boring, rest was ok-ish.”

A controversial response came from LigjtFlame 34143, who said, “I might get a lot of backlash for Theo [sic] but Stranger Things. I tried to enjoy it but god [sic] I found it boring. I just kept playing with my phone and decided it wasn’t for me.”

Riverdale Fail

One of the most upvoted responses was from Ekata97 who simply wrote, “Riverdale.”

This found agreement with Cy41995, who gave a critique: “The only part of the show that I know is the ‘Epic Highs and Lows of High School Football' exchange. Even based on just that, I think you made the right call.”

Others, such as WarthogSilver7988 were more candid about the show that irritated them, with one Redditor posting, “Orange is the New Black. Piper annoyed the f***ing shit out of me.”

This is understandable; a dislikable or irritating character (Ja-Ja Binks, anyone?) can tarnish one's enjoyment of anything — on screen or in reality!

Too Slow for The Flash

The Flash received some flak, especially from arashisenko who mockingly typed, ”

“I'm Barry Allen, the fastest man alive — Proceeds to get that line disproven almost every season.”

Maybe some viewers just don't have the stamina to finish a season; maybe they ironically considered The Flash too slow!

Westworld Went South

Another response drew some interesting remarks when dragon-rae quoted Westworld as one that started with great promise and then went downhill.
Curiously, BallsAndWalrus shared some insight, stating: “My cousin worked on the set of Westworld. Apparently, the writers for season 2 were reading fan theories online and tried to write the opposite of what fans were predicting. It didn't go so well.”

Second Guessing Your Fans

So, second-guessing your show's most devoted fans is never the best idea and this appears to be the case for several high-profile shows.

For instance, it's the same fate that awaited Game of Thrones, argued CalydorEstalon, who speculated that the GOT writers got so hung up on disproving fan theories' expectations that they forgot to check whether their unexpected plot twists even worked.
Game of Thrones is a tough one for those who were there since the start. Anyone who got to the final season of GOT surely had to suck it up and finish the show — albeit with clenched teeth, head in hand, and cursing under their breath.

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