10 TV Shows That Never Had a Bad Season

Are you searching for some shows to binge that are good from front to back? You've got company. Recently, someone asked, “What show never had a ‘meh' season?” Here are the top-voted responses in no particular order.

1. Gravity Falls (2012)

gravity falls disney
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Gravity Falls. I always complain that the show is so short, but I know if it were to have continued, it just would've gotten worse as it went,” one user suggested. Several other people agreed with this sentiment. 

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2. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

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One person said, “I gotta go with Malcolm in the Middle. They nailed every freaking season with those monsters.” Another shared, “Oh, man, it's been so fun watching it with our son. It's his favorite adult show. I can tell it will be nostalgic for him when he's older.”

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3. The Sopranos (1999)

the sopranos
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A Redditor admitted, “I'm currently going through on my first watch, hit season five. There are episodes that I'm like, ‘meh, coulda skipped this,' but not one season didn't surprise me. However, one argued, “I don't know, man, that finale still has me smoking ‘c'opium to deal with the rage it made me feel, so it's tainted for me.”

4. BoJack Horseman (2014)

BoJack Horseman MSN
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Bojack Horseman was such a good show. It hits differently if you are going through depression, especially ‘The View From Halfway Down.' It wasn't all comedy, but it is one of the most authentic shows I've ever seen, and it was from a talking cartoon horse. I like Princess Carolyn's story with Judah and Ruthie, too,” one person stated. 

5. The Amazing World of Gumball (2011)

the-amazing world of gumball
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The Amazing World of Gumball never fails to amuse me. The songs are impressive. The lore is shockingly good. Everything about this show is fantastic,” said one person. Another added, “And with every episode, you become more amazed. They keep getting away with so many things. It's one of the last good shows on Cartoon Network.”

6. Scrubs (2001)

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Scrubs. Med School doesn't count,” one user commented. “They had a finale in the 8th season and ended the show. Then it was picked up on a different network and put in a different setting with an almost entirely different cast for the Med School thing,” another agreed. They seem to have forgotten about the writer's strike in season seven, but it is a fantastic show. 

5. Justified (2010)

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One person expressed, “Justified. It's perfection all the way through.” Another added, “I was thrilled to hear about the return of this show. I've seen it a handful of times and never get bored or uninterested.”

6. Ted Lasso (2020)

ted lasso
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“So far, Ted Lasso hasn't had a bad season. Maybe a bad episode, but the entire show is terrific,” a person admitted. Another agreed, “YES!!!” However, one user argued, “Beard After Hours felt like I was watching a joke episode.”

7. Monk (2002)

monk show
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One person said, “It's not exactly a groundbreaking show that you're amazed by, but it's an underrated gem to me.” Another agreed, “I just rewatched the show, and It's fantastic throughout—such a good comfort show to revisit.

8. Game of Thrones (2011)

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Game of Thrones. It was the best show I had ever watched until it was the worst one I had ever watched. There was no “meh” in between. It was somewhat jarring at how abruptly and awfully it ended after so much character development and potential,” shared a Redditor. Many agreed that GoT as a whole was outstanding. 

9. Community (2009)

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Community. Season four gets a lot of hate, and I think there's a small drop in quality compared to other seasons, but I still wouldn't call it “meh” I think all of Community is far above most TV shows,” another person shared. 

10. Breaking Bad (2008)

breaking bad bryan cranston
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Was there ever any doubt? Several people agreed with the show Breaking Bad. “Breaking Bad had only a couple of bad episodes. Every season was pure crystal,” one clever user commented.

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