10 TV Shows That Sucked So Hard People Couldn’t Make It Past Episode 1

Have you ever been excited to start a television series or sitcom, only to discover it sucks and you couldn't get past the first episode? Same. Do you remember 2002? I tried so hard to get into That '80s Show. I love That '70s Show so much, and I am a product of the 80s, but that show was whack sauce.

I didn't get beyond episode one, and I'm not sure it even had many more episodes. It was terrible. After someone asked a popular entertainment community which shows they couldn't get into, these were the most discussed.

1. Blockbuster

Blockbuster show
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Awe man. I wanted to love this show too. Blockbuster on Netflix had all the promising aspects of a good series, including Randall Park and Melissa Fumero. But the storyline was lacking, the dialogue was cringe, and Netflix canceled after releasing one season. Several people in the thread agree they are huge Superstore fans and were hoping for a similar vibe, but it did not pass the test. 

2. Grey's Anatomy

greys anatomy meridith grey
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Awe, come on. The first several seasons were great. But I digress. It's well beyond time to lay this series to rest. Grey's Anatomy has tons of criticism. From unrealistic portrayals of hospital settings to the reality that there has never been a group of people with so much tragedy in real life, people love to hate this show. 

3. That '90s Show

That 90s Show
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That '90s Show is number three on their list of unwatchable shows. I agree and disagree with this one. Yes, the nostalgia of That '70s Show carried the first season, but I see other good seasons to come. Red and Kitty were delightful; some kids had grown on me by the end.

One user suggests, “It was just nostalgia from That '70s Show combined with unlikeable kids straight out of Disney TV.” Further noting that despite how much they tried to recapture That '70s Show the magic, it fell short. 

4. How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father
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I've learned from scrolling entertainment forums that they do not like laugh tracks. For example, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)fans admit trying desperately to get into How I Met Your Father but couldn't get beyond the “laugh track awfulness and horrible characters.” I'm one of the only people I know who enjoyed and appreciated the ending to HIMYM. Still, even I had no desire to watch Hilary Duff tell her story. 

5. Velma

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More than one Scooby Doo fan was unimpressed by Mindy Kaling's new show Velma on HBO Max. For starters, there is no Scooby Doo in the mix. How does that even work? It doesn't, according to many in the entertainment thread.

Fans of The Office also express disappointment noting, “She wrote several episodes of The Office then became one of the leading writers. It launched her writing career. She's since written other TV shows, movies, and books.” But Velma sucked!

6. Emily in Paris

woman on chair next to pool
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According to one, Emily in Paris is a show about a “privileged, pretty white woman who experiences zero, absolutely zero, consequences for her actions.” Additionally, she wears bucket hats and loofah dresses and considers them high fashion. Others note that she sleeps her way through Paris, leaving one to call it it “Paris in Emily” instead.

7. Yellowstone

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While several agree they heard great things about the show Yellowstone, they couldn't get past the first episode. One notes that he and his wife were excited but only got 20 minutes into it before shutting it off. Another calls it “A soap opera with cows.” 

8. Wednesday

Wednesday Netflix show
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In a less-than-popular opinion, Wednesday did not captivate the hearts of everyone in the audience. Someone even suggested that the series destroyed the wholesomeness of The Addams Family, alleging the remake “did Morticia and Gomez dirty.” Many argue it gets better, but others agree with the original commenter, “sucksville.”

9. Doctor Who

Dr. Who TV show
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One rightfully noted they would get a lot of hate by admitting they didn't get past the first episode of Doctor Who. “How dare you,” was an echoed sentiment before someone suggested, “Just give the David Tenant era a watch. Well worth it.”

10. Community

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After someone confessed they could not find the humor or get beyond episode one of Community, another ensures the show takes a while “to find its voice” and that they recommend newcomers to start with season two. 

This thread inspired this post. Do you agree, or do the shows on this list dumbfound you?

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