10 Amazing Movies That Are Seriously Twisted

Do you enjoy seriously twisted and messed up movies? Are you searching for films that will completely shock you? Or blow your mind? You're not alone. After a Redditor asked, “What's a good messed-up movie?” Almost 24,000 offered their opinions on the nominations. So here is the ultimate list of seriously screwed-up films, according to the internet.

10. Hard Candy (2005)

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Bytowneboy2 admitted, “I was so profoundly uncomfortable watching this movie that I started laughing involuntarily. I crept my partner so much that she referenced my reaction during the break-up shortly after that.”

Atomicity explained, “It's a ‘defense mechanism' to diffuse the tension. If someone (like your ex) is unaware of this, I understand from their POV the laughter is morbid/psychopathic.” Jolly-Cake5896 shared, “Someone I knew saw Hard Candy at the cinema, and a man in the audience fainted at a particularly graphic scene.”

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9. Trainspotting (1996)

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PrivacyPlease confessed, “I love Trainspotting, but it's one of those films that, after having a kid, I don't think I could ever watch again.” CAPTCHA_is_hard agreed, “I came here for this. The baby scene SHOOK me!”

Schwenke admitted, “I remember seeing this and thinking they should show this in high school Health classes. It's the biggest deterrent I've encountered to make me just say “NOPE” to heroin.” Another user, scrabapple agreed, “This is the #1 answer. It's the most screwed-up good movie. You only want to watch it once.”

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8. Swiss Army Man (2016)

Swiss Army Man
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Uncomfortablemoment9 nominated “Swiss Army Man. That was quite a journey. I sat there for five minutes, wondering what I had just watched.”

CRCampbell11 added, “Riding that dead guy across the water, fart propelled, was insane.” User avantgardengnome shared, “This happens in the opening credits, so if you're not going to accept the utility of a farting corpse, then it may not be the film for you, lol.” Lone-StarState confessed, “I was considering watching the movie… then I read this comment and made a judgment call that I was good.”

7. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

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Reddit user tsoro said, “Requiem for a Dream. It feels like a scare them-straight movie for the worst-case scenario drug user.” Cmaclsu admitted, “I love this movie and always watch it again. It's just the score, and the cinematography makes me love it so much.”

Shaedeelady agreed, “It's messed up, but the cinematography, score, and performances are incredible. I've watched it a few times. The book is fantastic as well. It's also the one good role Jared Leto has ever played.” It's also one of the films Redditors voted they couldn't watch again.

6. One-Hour Photo (2002)

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TheFemale72 said, “That movie is crazy. It's the first time I realized what a brilliant dramatic actor Robin Williams was.” RoccoTaco_Dog replied, “He made such an awesome creeper.”

Aruu added, “Especially since he was still able to make you feel bad for him at certain points. Such as when they showed how lonely his character was and that deep down, he just wanted to be a part of a family like theirs. Also of note is how genuinely scared he looks during the movie's final moments. What an incredible actor he was.”

5. Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

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RedIzBk shared, “My mom (not a horror enthusiast at all) rented this thinking it was something like Peter Pan. So we watched it together, and it's seriously messed up.”

Another Redditor stated, “When I saw it in theaters, a woman in front of me brought her little kid. When that scene happened, she got up and left ranting about how it was supposed to be a fairy tale.”

4. The Road (2009)

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Redditor thelbro nominated “The Road. The basement scene is so messed up. I want to watch it again, but it's so sad.” FurrrryBaby confessed, “Dude, the part where they catch the mom and her kid in the truck cage messed me up.”

They concluded, “It made me wonder what I'd do if it were my kid and me, and I'd probably put my kid down before we got back to the farm. So it's the best call in that scenario. Just the bleakest possible outcomes from start to finish with that film.”

3. American Psycho (2000)

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Lions Gate Films

Redditor innerfatboy3 confessed, “I always laugh at how coincidental it is that Christian Bale (Batman) slaughters Jared Leto (Joker) in that movie, lol.” User justsupersayinit stated, “That scene where he runs his credit card, and it gets rejected is what I imagine every time I pay for stuff with mine. “Run it again!”

ReapersVault, “God, the part where that sex worker is stumbling through his apartment and finds all this gruesome stuff is so disturbing, but then it's freaking hilarious when Christian Bale chases her butt-naked, wielding a chainsaw and only wearing running shoes.”

2. Threads (1984)

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Reddit user rdewalt said, “They showed this movie to us as kids in Elementary School. So yeah. Why have a childhood that contains hope anyway?”

Redditor adamjq responded, “Now imagine being a kid in the 80s, living in Sheffield (where Threads scene is) and watching it. Fun times for me and my sister.” They concluded, “I've always said I'd rather be directly underneath the bomb than die from starvation/radiation sickness. Maybe that came from watching Threads as a kid.”

1. Night Crawler (2014)

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Menacing_Sea_Lamprey gave the number one voted answer. “I haven't seen anyone say “Night Crawler” yet. This movie shows how a person with no empathy uses media desire for gore to enrich himself and his lack of emotion regarding people. It's extremely creepy.”

Sylius735 said, “Jake Gyllenhaal is very good at doing fake sociopath charisma. He brought a similar quality when he played Mysterio in the Spider-Man film.”

Victor Zamora admitted, “I can't watch him in ANYTHING without my skin crawling. Admittedly, this movie is incredibly tame compared to some of the films I've seen recommended, but he does such a great job of being evil and sleazy it makes me want to take a scalding hot shower.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this list right, or do you know of a good film much worse than these? Check out these seriously messed-up Christmas Specials to stream.

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