The Most Popular Twitch Streamers in Europe Revealed

The biggest and most popular Twitch streamers have become celebrities that rival movie stars. Streamers are able to build a direct connection with their communities in ways the most famous actors and actresses can't.

Fans being able to chat with their favorite Twitch streamers has helped people realize their lifelong dream of playing video games for a living.

From Ninja to Asmongold, xQc to Amouranth, and everyone in between, these Twitch streamers are the most popular in Europe. Each streamer plays a wide variety of games, including FortniteValorantWorld of WarcraftOverwatch, and more.

And just how much are they earning, in Euros? We know that it's what everyone cares about: how much money do these people make? Not just that, many also wonder how much money they can make if their Twitch career takes off.

CoinGecko compiled data from Google Trends and information from other social media platforms to determine which Twitch streamer is the most popular in each European country.

Just remember that European audiences have different tastes and interests than American viewers. Locally, Twitch viewers enjoy TimTheTatman, pokimane, sodapoppin, shroud, and others. None of these mega-popular Twitch Streamers made the list for European countries. They'll have to settle for all being in the top fifteen of most-followed Twitch channels.

Ninja Is The Most Popular Twitch Streamer in Europe

This should come as no surprise. Ninja is the biggest Twitch streamer out there. Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, began his professional gaming career with Halo 3. His stream blew up when he played Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and NFL Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Ninja left Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer in 2019. He returned to Twitch one year later after Mixer shut down. Since his return, he has skyrocketed in popularity across Europe. He's the most popular Twitch streamer in an astounding twenty countries—his estimated total earnings between Instagram and YouTube clocks around €43,583.

Behind Ninja is the Canadian-born streamer Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc. Lengyel began streaming League of Legends at 19 years old before moving to Overwatch. He signed with the Dallas Fuel of the Overwatch League in 2017. Despite the controversy of his alleged homophobic and racial comments, xQc is the most popular in seven countries, including Sweden, Portugal, and Denmark.

Even though he's being second on this list, xQc's estimated earnings lag far behind Ninja. Between Instagram and YouTube, xQc is making an estimated €2,881.

Three Different Twitch Streamers Are Most Popular in Three European Countries

The next three streamers on the list are most popular in two European countries each. Pqueen represents Azerbaijan and her native Turkey. Asmongold is most popular in Czechia and Serbia. N3kolai is most popular in Moldova and Kazakhstan.

N3kolai takes his 474,000 YouTube subscribers and parlays that into a massive estimated income, blowing away both Asmongold and Pqueen. He makes an estimated €2,881 from both Instagram and YouTube.

The Remaining European Countries Share The Wealth

Where 33 different European countries are claimed across just five Twitch streamers, that's not the case for the final 14 countries. Instead, each country has another popular Twitch streamer.

Highlights include Amouranth, the most popular in Germany, and AuronPlay, who has astounding estimated earnings of €88,439. That's the most of any Twitch streamer in Europe by far.

Other top earners include TheGrefg at €29,078, LandoNorris at €24,130, and Tommyinnit at €26,055.

The full list is courtesy of CoinGecko and is available below.

Total Earnings

  • Ninja €43,583
  • xQc €2,881
  • pqueen €4,600
  • N3koglai €15,493
  • Asmondgold €1,480
  • youngmulti €10,808
  • Tommyinnit €26,055
  • TheGrefg €29,078
  • Recrent €554
  • AuronPlay €88,439
  • NiKo €2,508
  • MontanaBlack88 €14,278
  • LeBouseuh €10,275
  • LandoNorris €24,130
  • TheRealKnossi €6,084
  • Grubby €201
  • ChristianVieriOfficial €10,161
  • Amouranth €1,285
  • Valavuori €417

Who Are Your Favorite Twitch Streamers?

While this list focuses solely on the most popular Twitch streamers in Europe, quite a few missed the cut.

As a big fan of World of Warcraft, I watch Esfand and Maximum a lot. Others, as mentioned earlier, may gravitate towards TimTheTatman or shroud, especially with Warzone 2.0 finally out from Call of Duty.

Did you know that some of us stream ourselves? It's true. Fellow author Michael Farrel streams at UnkownDarkness47, where I stream at hop3less.

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