Twitter Reacts to Dave Ramsey Bombshell

Conservative personal finance advisor Dave Ramsey created quite a stir on Thursday with his take on the idea of stimulus checks.

While President Biden and others have stated that another round of stimulus is necessary to help those impacted most during the pandemic, Ramsey had a different take.

Twitter Reacts to Dave Ramsey Bombshell

The popular radio host, author, and advisor, who joined “American’s Newsroom” on Fox News Thursday, stated that “If $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already. You got other issues going on.”

He also preaches starting with only a $1,000 emergency fund. In fact, it is Step 1 of his famed Baby Steps program.

He stated that those who would be significantly helped by a stimulus check have some sort of major issue. Specifically, he stated that those people “Have a career problem. You have a debt problem. You have a relationship problem. You have a mental health problem. Something else is going on if $600 changes your life.”

While it may be true that those in need of stimulus money have a problem, Ramsey neglected to mention that many of those problems are outside of people's control, especially during the pandemic. Instead, Ramsey resorts to the “individual shaming” that has often characterized his radio show advice.

Ramsey also criticized the idea of student loan forgiveness, saying that the idea that forgiving student loans would provide economic stimulus was “hogwash” and “smoke and mirrors.” He went on to say that these proposals “have nothing to do with really helping people” and that they are “a political gimme by progressives simply trying to buy votes.”

Ramsey’s comments seem incredibly tone-deaf considering the significant and unavoidable impact the pandemic has had on Americans and those around the world. An impact that no one foresaw and that many couldn’t have prepared for.

This isn’t the first time Ramsey has received criticism during the pandemic.

Ramsey has faced ongoing condemnation for his failure to take Covid-19 seriously, as well as the lax business policies that many have argued, has put his employees and others at risk. He was roasted in December when he notoriously hosted a large holiday party during which he asked caterers and those attending not to wear masks or gloves so as not to “scare those in attendance.”

Twitter did not hold back, responding sharply to Ramsey’s latest remarks.

Many have called him a hypocrite and stated that this is just another example of how out of touch Ramsey is with the reality facing the average American. Still, others took things a step further by questioning Ramsey’s intentions and claiming that he profits off others' struggles.

While most focused their vitriol on Ramsey, others sought to console and uplift those he criticized.

Of course, some defended Ramsey’s comments, saying that critics were missing the message.

While millionaires and politicians continue to argue over new stimulus, millions of Americans whose lives would be changed by $1,400 are treading water and just hoping to stay afloat.

And if you’re one of those Americans, I would suggest you follow the advice of someone else.

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