Twitter Reacts to Xbox Live Outage

Online gaming services like PSN and Xbox Live are awesome…until they stop working. Today, Xbox Live has been down for several hours and the community is understandably upset, as they're unable to play any games online or download updates.

Microsoft is well aware of the outage and as of 4pm EST today, it stated that an investigation is being made to fix the issue.

Though, since Xbox Live has been down for so long now, many users have taken to Twitter to express their concerns — by doing what they do best: Roasting Microsoft for the outage. With that in mind, let's take a look at the funniest tweets about the Xbox Live outage.

We really like this one from rapper/actor Ice T:

And this one from user @oliverb888452 is pretty great, too:

How about this one by user @dpnny_?

Or this tweet from @itsJohnny05?

User @SpencerT401613 feels like a clown checking in to see if Xbox Live is still down:

Twitter user @lqxjas is really upset about the outage:

So is @NBA2KNewsTeam:

And user @Wheres_Demo just wants to know if others are experiencing the same issues:

User @kittyafk just wants to play the new Cold War update:

As does user @smallclub_:

User @NorthsideZirkal is going to take matters into their own hands:

Twitter user @NexusLone was certainly caught off guard by the outage:

And user @Bigboytrashy doesn't seem to have much faith in the Xbox Live servers:

Finally, user @WhoDeyNation30 was not a fan of Microsoft temporarily raising the price of Xbox Live Gold:

Those are just some of the funniest tweets about Xbox Live's recent outage. Microsoft hasn't given an estimate of when the service will be back up, but until then, the community will likely keep on tweeting about it.

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