Two Bit Circus Brings Big Entertainment to Your Hotel Stay

If the pandemic left you missing fun, family-friendly entertainment Two Bit Circus and Alpine Acquisition Corporation want to help you get back to normal. With the acquirement of Two Bit Circus, Alpine will seek to turn this ‘micro-amusement park’ business into the hottest drive-to destinations of the future.

Wanting something for the whole family, these new Reveler’s Resorts-a hotel and entertainment source in one-will offer STEAM games, circus-style attractions, and a reimagined arcade. Alpine recently became the owner of two hotels in Connecticut and Colorado.

These two sites will become some of the first Reveler’s Resorts that will offer Plate Spinner Pizza, the Cannonball Candy Shop, and vast molecular mixology of drinks to guests.

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Image Credit: Two Bit Circus.

Food, Fun, and Frivolity for All

Two Bit Circus has been entertaining guests for a decade, offering food, fun, and frivolity for all ages. In addition, their perspective on story-telling and state-of-the-art gaming technology offers an entertainment experience like none other. Truly family-centered, everyone can have a great time at Two Bit Circus.

Alpine Acquisition Corporation wants to take Two Bit Circus to the next level by pairing its sensory-swarming gaming activities and popular eatery offerings with modern hotel rooms for overnight excursions.

Two Bit Circus CEO Kim Shaefer had this to say about her company’s new adventure. “Two Bit Circus’ unique social play provides fun for all, and as we emerge from our home to gather again, we see a huge opportunity to bring a new location-based experience to life.”

With a new micro-amusement park set to open in Dallas in the fall of 2022, Two Bit Circus is looking to expand its market to recent locations. With Alpine coming along for the ride, Reveler’s Resorts will offer a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests and unique among drive-to destination resorts in general.

Immersive Story-telling at Heart of Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus is possibly the most fun mini-amusement park you’ll run across in the nation. But what sets them apart from other amusement attractions is their take on telling a good story. Beyond interactive, they seek to get you personally involved in the story with what they call ‘immersive story-telling.’

With this approach to gaming and friendly centered fun, Two Bit Circus is looking to change the way friends and family interact with each other. And as more and more states seek to undo the COVID-19 era restrictions on gathering in person, they will be seeking to give guests a well-rounded, fun, and safe experience.

By offering a one-stop, drive-to destination where guests can stay overnight and have fun at the tips of their fingers, Two Bit Circus can give the ‘best of both worlds to their incoming patrons.

Experience and Expansion

Brent Bushnell, the chairman of Two Bit Circus, said this about where Two Bit Circus started and where they want to head going into the future. “For years, Two Bit Circus has brought people together to play. We are excited to add another tentpole to our entertainment lineup by providing an immersive, drive-to destination and another micro-amusement park in Dallas.”

One aspect of Two Bit Circus’ outreach is its charity arm, the Two Bit Circus Foundation. This non-profit organization seeks to empower young people by offering hands-on STEAM learning, modern maker tools, and upcycled materials to schools and young people of all means.

Their purpose is to encourage the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship, and spur community engagement with this charitable service.

Supportive Community

If you’re going to be in California or even Dallas come fall, stop by and drop a few hours at Two Bit Circus, all in the name of fun. Give Dr. Botcher’s Minute Medical School a whirl, or take a trip into a new world with their incredible sensory overload virtual reality gaming setup. Eat some junk food, buy a pitcher of beer, and toast to good times and great memories, because with the pandemic finally easing, it’s about time we did something fun.

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