Paris on the Clock: Is Two Days Enough for a Memorable Experience?

There's so much to do, see and experience in Paris, France. But are 48 hours enough time to spend in one of the most visited cities in the world?

Reddit user u/Terriflyed is spending time in London with his girlfriend this spring and wants to know if one night in Paris is worth the train ride.

“My girlfriend and I are flying into London from the US in March…Would taking a train to Paris one morning, staying the night, and taking the train back to London the following night be worth it? Or would we be better served staying in England the whole time?”

Several Reddit users chimed in with their advice.

Save Paris for Another Trip

I123456789 recommends that the user save Paris for another trip.

I would just stay in London and save Paris for a later trip when you have more time.

London is an adventure all by itself, so taking six days to explore London and the surrounding areas fully might be a better use of your time. Then you'll have a reason to return to Europe and visit Paris.

Make The Trip if You Won't Return

Clumsyguy believes it depends on your plans.

The Eurostar to Paris is great, but I'd only do a quick trip like that if you're almost certain you'll never be back.

This makes sense. The Eurostar from London to Paris is approximately 2.5 hours, so travel time is pretty decent. If you don't think you'll have a chance to visit Paris another time, it'll be worth the experience, even if you're there for just two days. However, if you know you can return to Europe, save Paris for a future trip when you have more time to fully bask in the city's beauty.

See Closer Cities

Equivalent_Ad_8413 gives a tip to venture out to other areas but not Paris.

There are better day trips in England where you'd use far less of your limited time traveling. Hey, go see Stonehenge. Check out the castles to the south, etc.

The great thing about Europe is there are so many wonderful sites to see. Even if it isn't Paris, you can venture out from London for a day trip to a closer area and save Paris for another trip. The drive from London to Stonehenge is less than 2 hours. Some other popular day trip options are Windsor Castle and Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios.

Ultimately, whether you spend six days in London or mix it up in surrounding cities, you can enjoy your time in Europe.

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