Txtyourex Review 2023- Is Text Your Ex Back Legit?

Are you looking for an honest Text Your Ex Back review? Wondering whether txtyourex is legit? Does text your ex back work?

Thinking of how to get your ex girlfriend back fast by text message?

Well then this txtyourex review is for you.

You’ve probably been in a relationship before. At times, we tend to let go of people that we actually like because of certain circumstances particular to you and your partner.

Perhaps it was a terrible fight that led up to your breakup but you still want that person as your lover.

You might be left wondering whether you should text or make contact.

More often than not, the problem is what your text should read out and how it might be perceived as opposed to your real intentions.

Personally, I have checked out websites asking them how you can get them back on track.

You might have done so too. Considering the fact that a lot of them have articles relating to each relationship issue, you often find it hard to trust one person and leave the other.

The solution to this is to find a reliable source. One of the most renowned relationship experts in the world is Michael Fiore.

He has been hosted on various shows to talk about relationship matters.

Even when you run a search about him, you will find that he is an author of books addressing relationship matters.

In a bid to get help from him, I visited his website which has archives of articles that are over 10 years old regarding romance, marriage and the kinky stuff.

When you look deeper, that is when you find the digital romance platform that sells his course including one about how to text your ex back.

It looked interesting so I decided to check it out.


What is text your ex back?

Text your ex back program is a course designed by Michael Fiore to teach you how to bring back your ex into your life using text messages.

The course has a section that serves the needs of men and women on the website.

It was designed for people that want to get back their exes if the cause of breakup was unreasonable or workable.


Who is behind text your ex back?

Text your ex back is a course that is part of the digital romance platform.

The platform is the home of the renowned international relationship expert Michael Fiore.

Michael Fiore is also an author of books such as Make him beg to be your boyfriend, what to say if he shows his #$*& and Make her beg to be your girlfriend.

They were all written in 2012. You can see more about him on his website michaelcfiore.com.


Brief insight into Digital Romance.

Digital romance is an online romance platform that was created by Michael Fiore.

Michael Fiore uses his expertise in creating a relationship library consisting of many articles that include categories like:

  • Breakups
  • Dating
  • DR Goog
  • Relationships
  • Romance
  • Sex texting
  • Uncategorized

He keeps updating the articles on his website with Archives starting from January 2016 – August 2021.

The digital romance platform is committed to using technology to make your life easier by bringing relationship content delivered to you digitally.

On purchasing the course, you get full access to the course contents instantly.

This helps you to get on with what you need immediately.

They work considerably since he has a lot of visitors to his sites seeking information on how best to improve and revive their love lives.

In addition to writing various articles online, Michael Fiore used his brand to create course that have helped his customers a lot using the digital romance platform.

Digital romance sells various courses which include:

1. Text the romance back.

This is a product that guides you in sending powerful unlocking messages to improve your passion in your relationship. This is brought to you by Michael Fiore.


2. Text your ex back.

The product teaches you how to use text messages sent from your phone to bring your ex back into your life. The product was designed by Michael Fiore.


3. Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever

This is a step by step done for you program that teaches you to crawl into a man’s body, mind and soul and make him commit fully to you.

It is mostly bought by girls that have a crush on guys. It is authored by Claire Casey.


4. Language of desire.

This is a product brought to you by Felicity Keith. It is aimed at teaching ladies a trick that can help even the most innocent woman to get any man turned on and desperate for them.


5. Online allure formula.

This is a product designed to address the issue of how women can meet good men online.

This program is perfect for single women since they usually have a lot of browsing time on dating sites. It costs $39.


6. Secret survey.

This product was created after Michael Fiore surveyed men and women’s email lists asking women what they wanted to know about a man but too afraid to ask and men what they wanted to tell a woman despite being afraid to talk.

In the end, the author wrote about a lot of things basing on the responses they got from customers.

The product is perfect for women over the ages of 24 particularly those above 45.

The product can be bought at a cost of $67.


7. Crack the girl code.

This is product designed for men. It was created by a woman who’s helping guys get girls laid for a while now.

The best thing about the course is that a girl is teaching guys how to pick up fellow girls.

This can cost you about $49.


8. Text your wife into bed.

This is a step by step system any guy can use to bring out the hidden, dormant or just plain frustrated sexuality of their woman.

The program is best for married men or those in a relationship.it costs you about $67.

It combines copywriting mastery tips, core principles of hypnosis, evolutionary psychology and simple writing.

This is all aimed to get the best out of the program.


9. Oral fixation.

This is a step by step guide for guys that teaches them the psychology behind making a woman to give you a blow job.

The system helps you get the freaky things into your bedroom in a way that your lady actually loves doing it.

The program costs you about $47. It is most used by men dating, in a relationship or even those that are married.


10. The language of lust.

This is a program that has been specifically designed to be incredibly alluring and effective for all men.

It uses deep psychological copywriting techniques to have customers get the best out of the program.

It costs $47 and it is best suited for men aged between 24-65.

It does not matter whether you are single or in a relationship.


11. Stroke of genius.

This is a step by step training that teaches women how to give hand jobs to guys.

The program was created by Cassidy Lyon (a lady …of course) with help from Michael Fiore.

The training currently goes for $37 and it is more suited for women in relationships.


12. How to kiss a man.

This is a digital romance women’s program that gives guidelines on how to execute a perfect kiss. It costs $37.

The product is best suited for women aged 25 to 65, either married or single.


13. Make him worship you.

This product has also been designed to meet the needs of women.

It helps guide women in tricks that you can use to make a man fall head over heels for you.

The product costs $37.

Digital romance is a Click Bank product. This means that they work with the platform to sell digital products.

To put it into perspective, Click Bank is the largest internet retailer of digital items.

It helps its users to make money from affiliate marketing.

This means that you have the chance to sell the products you bought for your digital romance course for a profit. This helps you come up with profits.

As one of its clients, Digital romance supports affiliate marketing for its users.

Using these products, you can brand and sell them to people for a relatively high fee.

Considering the fact that they do not normally have returns, the products can be considered valuable in the eyes of customers.

The wonderful thing about it is that you are selling products with low returns because the products are associated with the brand of Michael Fiore.


Pros of digital romance.

Digital romance has benefits from all its courses which includes:

1. Provides digital solutions for relationship matters.

When you run a search for any query in the relationship field, you find a lot of articles giving comparatively different pieces of information.

With the course, you have all you need regarding relationships without limitations to married or single people.


2. Easily accessible material.

Most of the materials given to users on the platform are accessed digitally.

This means that with any device, you can login to your account and get access to it so you can get the content you need anywhere you want it.


3. Improves your knowledge about relationships.

There is a collection of information you will not find anywhere on the internet.

You can learn about other things regardless of your gender and experience.

A lot of this information is carefully researched basing on the real life experiences of users.


4. Helps you to generate income as an affiliate marketer.

Digital romance has an affiliate program in partnership with Click Bank which helps you to get money from selling products for these courses online.


5. 60-day money back guarantee.

When you purchase any of these courses from the platform, you are entitled to a refund if it does not work for you.

Taking into account the lack of a free trial program, this covers you for 60 days as you can see whether the program can work for you.

Visit Digital Romance Official Website


Cons of digital romance.

In general, digital romance has got it figured out when it comes to providing access to relationship information.

The biggest issue with digital romance along with these courses is that there are no guarantees that these programs will work for you.

Most of these programs are largely subjective and they do not touch on every aspect of your romantic situation. They tend to over generalize.

In the words of Alexandre Dumas, “All generalizations are dangerous including this one”.


How does text your ex back work?

Now that you have an idea on how Digital romance is setup, we can move on to how to text your ex back.

Michael Fiore designed course material for the program in the form of videos, audio and eBooks.

Once you purchase the program, you get instant digital access to all of this material.

In addition to that, you get:

  • Lifetime access. You do not have to pay for the course again and you are eligible for all content related to the course.


  • Access to the text your ex back online community. Here, you get to interact with other people that took the course. This is a field of experience that can help shorten the learning curve for you so you can achieve faster results.


The text your ex back course is beneficial to both women and men.

As such, there are two basic modules offered to suit the unique needs of men and women alike.

1. Men

There is an introductory infographic video that explains how the course will work for you.

You learn how to create a new and better relationship from the grass roots.

According to Michael Fiore, there are three steps you need to follow for this to happen.

They include:

  • Erase the negative image of you she has in your mind.
  • Make her feel seen and understood by you
  • You need to seduce her.

You do not do this by being aggressive with texts and phone calls or by showing up in places she usually hangs out.

In the video, Michael Fiore goes on to describe how you can use the text messages trick to make you get back in the mind of your ex-girlfriend.

By using the Text your ex back material, you learn about:

  • How to magnetically attract your ex-girlfriend’s attention
  • Across the bow texts
  • Text judo
  • Best of the relationship texts
  • Intimacy booster texts
  • Green eyed monster texts and positive jealousy
  • Emotional honesty texts
  • How to turn her libido on
  • Bury your old relationships
  • Radio silence
  • Magic transition from digital to physical.
  • Creating an intimate connection

According to some of the reviews, you get a few text examples from Michael Fiore himself.

You can also check out this video for a more indepth analysis of txtyourex.


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2. Women

This section is designed for women that want to get their ex-boyfriends back.

In the infographic videos, you are given an introduction to the material that will be used to help you reach your goal.

The video is structured the same way the men’s video is set up.

The material is structured to help you bridge the rift between you and your ex, how to get back together and how to make it better.

In order to start a better relationship, you should remove the remnants of the old relationship.

You do this by:

  • Erase the negative image of you she has in your mind.
  • Make her feel seen and understood by you
  • You need to seduce her.

When you buy the material, you learn how to:

  • How to magnetically attract your ex-girlfriend’s attention
  • Across the bow texts
  • Text judo
  • Best of the relationship texts
  • Intimacy booster texts
  • Green eyed monster texts and positive jealousy
  • Emotional honesty texts
  • How to turn his libido on
  • Bury your old relationships
  • Radio silence
  • Magic transition from digital to physical.
  • Creating an intimate connection

You can also watch Jennifer's honest review on Text Your Ex Back.

At the end of the course, you can navigate your relationship issues so that there is a new and better relationship between the two of you.

Download Text Your Ex Back PDF


How much does it cost to subscribe to the service?

The complete text your ex back program costs $47. To get access to the service, you can process your payments through PayPal, debit cards and credit cards from banks like American Express and Discover credit cards.

You should know that there is a 60-day guarantee on the products offered by the digital romance platform for this product.

Keep in mind that when you buy additional products like eBooks, you might not be entitled to the money back especially if you purchased them from Amazon or iTunes or Barnes & Noble.

This is because the platform does not control their return policies.

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Pros of text your ex back.

The benefits of buying this course include:

  • It is taught by a well-known professional expert.
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee with full refund.
  • You learn how to get your text back.
  • Lifetime access
  • Digital access to relationship material.


Cons of text your ex back

  • There is no guarantee that the program will work for you.
  • No refunds on products bought from online retailers of eBooks bought for use in this course.


Text Your Ex Back Customer Reviews

There are no reviews for this program. When you visit trustpilot.com, you will not find any txtyourex reviews.

Similar to Reddit and Quora.

The only reviews you can find are those in the videos for men and women on textyourexback.com.

Personally, I would consider them but they can be a bit subjective.

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Conclusion: Text Your Ex Back Review – Is it Worth It?

I think you should take this course. The time and dedication by Michael Fiore is lauded greatly as he uses research and various other techniques to get the best value to his customers.

This is important because there are various experiences and various people that cannot be generalized.

In addition to that, Michael Fiore has enlisted the help of various other relationship coaches that help you get better acquainted with the relationship world.

So I hope this txtyourex review helped you get a better understanding of the product.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions or concerns about Text Your Ex Back.

Also share this Text Your Ex Back review with your friends and family.