Ubisoft Launches Playable NFTs in Gaming Experiment

Ubisoft is going where no major gaming company has gone before — NFTs. Gaming is one of the top use cases for the blockchain, but developers have struggled to get their crypto-based games into the mainstream. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have begun to change the narrative, given their broad appeal, and could be the catalyst that hastens the wide-scale adoption of crypto. And gaming giant Ubisoft could help it get there.

Having published popular titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Crew, and Far Cry 6, Ubisoft is no short-timer. The French video game company has been around for more than three decades and generated €2.24 billion ($2.73 billion) in net bookings in its last fiscal year. Now Ubisoft is putting its own twist on NFTs that could just entice mainstream gamers to jump into the blockchain waters. The company is calling it an experiment, but this is also part of its multi-year research push into the blockchain space.

Sustainable NFTs

Ubisoft has launched Ubisoft Quartz, which houses Digits, the company's “energy-efficient NFTs playable in a AAA game to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.” Digits are issued on Tezos, a self-proclaimed “energy-efficient and self-upgradable Proof of Stake blockchain with an average energy footprint of 17 global citizens.” The sustainable nature of the NFTs could be a major draw, given the criticisms against Bitcoin, in particular, for the energy-intensive mining process to create new coins.

Ubisoft's playable NFTs showcase the versatility of NFTs, which often contain an image or video clip, for example. Gamers can give these NFTs a whirl in beta format starting on Dec. 9. The tokens are designed to help players “complete their missions” in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the first three editions of which are free, including:

  • M4A1 Tactical | Wolves
  • Wolf Enhanced Helmet A
  • Wolf Enhanced Pants

Competitive Landscape

Ubisoft's NFTs boast several features that are likely to resonate with gamers, including limited editions, unique serial numbers, and player names. What really stands out, however, is the fact that they give gamers more control over their war chest. For example, rather than being limited to the confines of the game, players can sell their Digit NFTs to other gamers for a profit. If another player has a token you want, you can also buy it from them.

Ubisoft's timing couldn't be better, with Fortnite's Chapter 3 dubbed Flipped having been unveiled in recent days. Fortnite's new map, Spider-Man swings, and victory crowns will be tough to compete with, but there are no NFTs to speak of.

Ubisoft's Digit NFT transactions will take place on the Rarible and objkt marketplaces.

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