10 Underrated Star Wars Characters You Might Not Know About, but Should

Who are the most underrated Star Wars characters of all time? Recently a super fan asked this in the Star Wars forum, and people flooded the thread to give these characters as the top-voted answers. 

1. Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

One fan shared, “Jar Jar Binks was considered to be an undercover Sith during the George Lucas drawing boards.”

Another added, “Jar Jar Binks. Secretly a dark lord, operated directly with and under Jedi. He created Galactic Empire. Still, people think he is innocent. In the Clone Wars series, he controlled animals and, in movies multiple times, used the Jedi mind trick.”

2. Gonk Droid (GNK Power Droid)

Gonk Droid
Image Credit: Wookieepedia.

One Star Wars fan exclaimed, “The GONK droids line. Praise the GONK!”

“Yes, Gonk Droids! Oh, what stories they could tell,” another agreed. “They kept everything charged up!” Finally, a third said, “I'd watch the crap out of a 1917-style Gonk movie. Follows the droid going from place to place, where we piece the story together.”

3. Ezra Bridger

ezra bridger rebels
Image Credit: Disney, ABC Domestic Television.

“Ezra is underrated,” another replied. “I know he will be in the Ahsoka show, but when Rebels first came out, everyone dissed him, and even now, he still gets a lot of hate. He matures from a selfish street orphan to a self-sacrificing freedom fighter. He's done a lot of growing and was able to resist his ultimate temptation to bring his parents back.”

4. Mace Windu

Mace Windu
Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Mace Windu,” one said. “He seems to get a lot of hate for just doing his job correctly and not getting emotional. He was the mouthpiece for the Jedi Council, so people blame him for decisions that the whole council made. But he also wasn't cruel to anyone. He was just stern, and that's not the same thing. He was an excellent Jedi Master who was right about Anakin being too dangerous.”

5. Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Lando Calrissian is undoubtedly the most underrated Star Wars character of all time,” claimed one fan. “He sacrificed his city in the clouds and infiltrated the lair of the most powerful crime boss in the outer rim (to rescue his friend).”

“Then was chosen to lead the rebel attack against the Death Star and succeeded in that attack even though the Emperor knew it was coming and laid a trap. Oh, and he flew the Millenium Falcon INSIDE that Death Star to destroy it. He is awesome.”

6. Grand Admiral Thrawn

grand admiral thrawn star wars rebels
Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney XD.

Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is one of my favorite fictional characters, yet he is not mainstream. Hopefully, the Ahsoka show will change that, and I pray the writing stays true to his character,” shared one.

“He's underrated because he's a new character in Disney's Star Wars canon. He's been around forever and has tons of feats and accomplishments, but until Rebels was only in the books and never alluded to in film or show before Mandalorian and Rebels,” another agreed. 

7. Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles
Image Credit: Wikipedia.

“Wedge Antilles is a legend,” one fan stated. “Being the only pilot to make it through both Death Star attacks was insane.”

Another fan added, “No Force powers, no prophesied destiny, no plot armor, just an elite normie facing down TIE swarms, AT-AT's and two Death Stars with nothing but discipline, killer instinct, and sheer freaking grit. Even Anakin Skywalker couldn't kill him.”

8. Senator Bail Organa

star wars episode III revenge of the sith
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

“I probably would have said Bail Organa for underrated,” shared one. “But he's been getting more prominence and screen time in this era, so that's a plus. Also, he went to the Jedi Temple to help survivors even though the Jedi were declared traitors. Then, he raises an orphan girl and instills values that lead to her becoming a prominent member of the Rebel Alliance.”

9. Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus
Image Credit: Wookieepedia.

“Kanan Jarrus,” another said. “While he doesn't necessarily lack screen time, he doesn't get the love and attention he deserves from the fans. He survived order 66, took Ezra as a Padawan despite not finishing his training, survived Darth Vader and Darth Maul, was blinded, became closer to the force because of his lack of sight, and then sacrificed himself to save his family and to complete the mission.”

10. Count Dooku

Count Dooku
Image Credit: Wookieepedia.

“As the news series Tales of the Jedi has revealed, Count Dooku deserved more exploration than the films afforded him,” one fan shared. “His journey from the betrayal of the Jedi to the Dark Side was more logical and justifiably understandable given the context of the failures of the Jedi Council revealed in other stories like TOTJ.”

“I would have left too. But, of course, Dooku wouldn't have joined a shady conspiracist like Palpatine but not many different choices for Dooku if he wanted to do something about the current state of affairs in his galaxy.”

Honorable Mentions: Agent Kallus and  Plo Koon.

We hope you enjoyed the list of the most underrated Star Wars characters of all time.

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