10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time

Pokémon has been updating their Pokedex, and, to date, there are over 1,000 Pokémon in the Pokémon universe. The fans aren’t losing the chance to debate which Pokémon is the strongest of them all.

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Is it Charizard with his array of diverse damage attacks? Or the duo legendary Pokémon from generation V, Reshiram and Zekrom? Or maybe it is the wild card Dragonite from Generation I? There's no right answer. Mostly because multiple Pokémons are considered powerful in different contexts.

But what about the weakest Pokémon?

The most famous weakest Pokémon in the Pokémon universe is Magikarp, and most fans agree with the verdict. Magikarp is the weakest Pokémon in the series and the game. In the game, Magikarp only has one move – Splash – that has literally no effect on its opponents.

Just like Magikarp, Metapod is also famous for being one of the weakest Pokémon. Metapod too only has one move – Harden. Trainers need to get Metapod to evolve into Caterpie to earn the move Tackle. And it is a hassle to upgrade these two Pokémon.

That said, some Pokémon are found to be unexpectedly weak. Many Pokémon fans are shocked when they learn that these are actually some of the weakest Pokémon out there.

Today, we will talk about those very Pokémon who no one expected to be weak. Yet they have some of the least powerful attacks and are left mostly helpless against more powerful opponents.

Unexpected Weak Pokémon of All Time

Without further ado, here are 10 Pokémons who are unexpectedly few of the weakest ones out there.

10. Abra 

abra pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 12

Every Pokémon fan knows that Alakazam is an indisputable boss. But do they know that the all-powerful Alakazam originally comes from a Psychic-type Pokémon named Abra? Yep! The high and mighty Alakazam, with its glorious mustache, evolved from the pitiful Abra.

Defenseless and feeble, Abra only knows one move – Teleport. Once trainers catch it, they need to evolve Abra to Kadabra. That way, it will have more moves. Lastly, trainers need to trade with others to get Abra to evolve into Alakazam.

9. Wobbuffet

wobbuffet pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 13

Remember Team Rocket? That’s right! The criminal organization whose sole purpose is to try to steal other trainers' Pokemons.

Surprise! This blue guy is a Team Rocket member, although he only ends up becoming their sandbag. Even so, Wobbufett always looks happy and says his catchphrase – “Wobbuffet!” – in a cheerful tone.

He may just be a sandbag, but he is very good at being one. Wobbufett cannot deal any damage, and it only can absorb a lot of attacks from opponents. Using Counter or Mirror Coat, Wobbuffet can also hit back opponents with twice the power of the damage it takes. The move looks powerful and deadly at the same time.

This would be impressive, except having great defense stats does not make Wobbuffet powerful. This means that, even though your Wobbufett has great defense stats, it will likely be killed in one shot if its opponent uses its most powerful attack.

8. Shuckle

shuckle pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 14

Shuckle has an incredibly high defense stat of 230. With that high a defense stat, the red turtle Pokémon should be strong. Unfortunately, Shuckle has almost no offense. This makes Shuckle extremely frustrating and challenging to use in a battle.

7. Lillipup

lillipup pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 15

Stoutland may be one of the most effective revenge killers in the game. Although it is described as a big-hearted Pokémon, Stoutland actually has incredible moves and decent attack stat. But did you know Stoutland is the last evolution stage of Lilipup?

Lillipup is a regular type of Pokémon that has the form of a puppy. Despite being cute and loved by dog fans, Lilipup itself is considered one of the weakest Pokémon in the Unova Region.

It does have solid physical moves that allow it to utilize its 60-attack stat, but Lillipup's weak defense stat leaves it open to swift retaliation. Even though Lillipup is weak, trainers still love to catch this puppy Pokémon. This is not only because Lillipup evolves into Stoutland but also because this puppy Pokémon is very loyal to its trainer.

6. Cosmog

cosmog pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 16

This cloud-looking Pokémon is a rare example of a legendary Pokémon with the ability to evolve. Cosmog can evolve into Lunala or Solgaleo, depending on whether the trainer is on Pokémon Sun or Moon.

Cosmog has a total of 200 base stat and has moves like Splash and Teleport, making this legendary Pokémon one of the weakest out there. This is regardless of how powerful its two evolutions – Lunala and Solgaleo – are.

5. Eevee

eevee pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 17

There are quite a few Pokémons on this list that only become powerful when they evolve. Eevee is one of the most popular weak Pokémons that become powerful after the evolve.

Eevee never proves useful to owners no matter what they try. This is why trainers always prefer to make Eevee evolve so it becomes powerful.

4. Moltres

moltres pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 18

Even though is a legendary Pokémon, it doesn’t mean Moltres is a strong Pokémon. Being a dual-type Pokémon, Fire/Flying Type, this legendary bird Pokémon can be easily swept aside in the battle by rock-type moves, especially Stealth Rock. Stealth Rock can cause Moltres to lose at least a quarter of its HP. 

Aside from its weakness to rock-type attacks, Moltres is also weak to water-type and electric-type moves. Moltres also has poor special defense stat, which makes this beautiful bird one of the weakest legendary birds.

3. Articuno

articuno pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 19

Like Moltres, Articuno is one of the legendary bird Pokémon in the Pokémon universe. Articuno has a beautiful design that corresponds to its element type. The color blue on Articuno represents its dual elements – Ice and Flying Types. 

Despite its beauty, Articuno has many weaknesses. This legendary bird is weak to Stealth Rock, like Moltres, and Fire-type moves. It also has a poor speed stat of 85. That’s why not many trainers want to catch this beautiful bird. Although pretty and gorgeous, Articuno has many weaknesses and disadvantages.

2. Geodude

geodude pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 20

There are many reasons a Pokémon may make it to this list. It could have a number of weaknesses, a host of bad moves to choose from, or even an irritating appearance. Geodude is accomplished in all three categories, making this pebble Pokémon one of the weakest ones out there.

This Rock-type Pokémon may be the only Pokémon that has no hope of winning against any opponent. Although Geodude has a high physical defense stat, it doesn't make up for its six different weaknesses, terrible special defense stat, and low speed. Nearly every standard move in the game can take Geodude – from the Kanto region – rock-type, making capturing it a waste of effort for any trainer.

1. Pikachu

pikachu pokemon
10 Unexpectedly Weak Pokémon of All Time 21

Who doesn’t know of Ash’s legendary first Pokémon, Pikachu? The series always give this little yellow mouse a lot of credit. Whether you like it or hate it, Pikachu will always be around. However, little does everyone know that the mascot of Pokémons is much weaker in the games than in the series.

Although most people love Pikachu, a lot of people hate the electric-type mouse too. Pikachu is too overrated because, in the TV show, they made it look so strong. Additionally, Pikachu isn't the reason why Pokémon games became popular. That honor goes to Mew. The lead developer secretly hid Mew in the first few games, causing an explosion of interest once people found out about the mysterious 151 Pokémon.

In the TV Show, Pikachu refuses to evolve. But this also becomes a real problem when Pikachu refuses to evolve in the game. Pokémon Yellow wouldn't even let you evolve Pikachu, no matter how much you wanted to. Raichu is objectively the better Pokémon, yet you are stuck with the inferior Pikachu throughout the entire game.

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