A Lifetime of Surprises: 13 Unusual Things People Scored Big On

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Everyone can agree that getting a lifetime supply of anything is fantastic. In a recent online discussion, contest winners worldwide converged to reveal their winnings. From oil changes to cold, hard cash — and everything in between — you'll be shocked at what people have won over the years.

1. Donuts

Six assorted glazed sweet donuts in a paper box on a table
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The promise of free donuts speaks to the inner Homer Simpson in all of us.

“I won a ‘lifetime' supply of donuts (up to a dozen per day) at a local bakery, and it lasted two years until the original owner died and his jerk son took over the business and ended it for me,” says one person who misses his freshly baked treats. 

2. Gasoline

Hand of attendant holding refueling car and pumping at a gas petrol Station
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With prices at the pump still sitting at elevated levels across the United States, I'm wholly envious of the man who reveals he is the beneficiary of a lifetime supply of gasoline from his local gas station. I would do terrible things to get my hands on unlimited gas. 

3. Oil Changes

Engine oil change process. Used oil drain in lifted car.
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Speaking of car-related rewards, one man remembers winning lifetime oil changes through a local Toyota dealer. But, unfortunately, his good luck came to a halt just three years later when the dealer was sold to an owner who wouldn't honor the terms of the contest. Life's not fair, people. 

4. Metal Lubricant

Miercurea Ciuc, Romania- 26 July 2022: WD-40 multi purpose penetrating oil on old japanese car engine, space for text.
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Although being gifted a lifetime supply of metal lubricant isn't the sexiest brag, it's something to be proud of. “My stepdad won a lifetime supply of WD-40 in the 1990s,” one son remembers. “They sent him four 16-ounce cans. Unfortunately, he died in 2019, and my mom still has two cans.” So I'll say what everyone thinks: Wow, that's a lot of WD-40.

5. Coffee

Woman smiling pouring coffee.
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For caffeine addicts everywhere, the allure of free coffee for life sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, multiple people have confessed to winning “coffee for life” contests in their hometowns, and most are still enjoying unlimited coffee today!

6. Cold, Hard Cash

Millionaire Raining Money
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Ah, to be a lottery winner! “I won the lottery about ten years ago,” confesses an anonymous woman. “Every year I send them proof I'm still alive, and they send me a check for $52,000 in the mail.” Suddenly, a lifetime supply of donuts doesn't seem as good. 

7. Gym Membership

Fitness man makes selfie in gym with weight
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Going to the gym for free is a dream for countless people, especially with how expensive monthly memberships are. One person remembers winning a lifetime membership to their local gym. However, the lifetime membership didn't last, like a few entries on the list. When the gym switched owners, the free membership stopped immediately. 

8. Toiletries

Toilet paper gone
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Are prison-grade freebies worth your time? I'll leave that to you to decide. “My parents won a lifetime supply of toiletries,” one woman says. “Soap, toilet tissue, and some other stuff. Once per quarter, you mail in a coupon, and they send you another pallet of the items. It's all institutional grade. Like what you'd expect prisoners to use.” This doesn't sound too enticing!

9. Concert Tickets

Mosh Pit Concert
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One music fan reveals they won a fundraising raffle from a local music venue during the pandemic, where they won free admission for life. This woman has seen countless live shows and says it's made her appreciate all different genres of music in the process. 

10. Cat Food

Cat eating from a bowl on white wooden planks
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What happens when you can't put your winnings to good use? “My dad won a lifetime supply of cat food, but they delivered it all at once, and our cats didn't like that flavor,” says one pet owner who seems very in tune with their cats' taste preferences. “We donated it all to a local animal shelter, which was super pleased!” I'm glad all that cat food didn't go to waste.

11. Disposable Razors

Man Shaving
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Winning a lifetime supply of razors isn't as exciting as free rock shows for life, but I'm sure the man who won the razors put them to good use! Imagine the money he saved in the process! On a related note, imagine how handsome he looked all the time!

12. Oreos

Kerala-India-3-5-2023-Oreo Cookie Ramadan Iftar Background crescent moon shape
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Scoring a near-neverending supply of arguably the tastiest cookies in the world is a good haul. “I won a lifetime supply of Oreos back in the day,” reveals one man. “It was just one pallet full of Oreos. Probably would last a normal person their whole life. It was like 1000 pounds of Oreos.” Suffice it to say this man was not a normal person, and the cookies did not last an entire lifetime. 

13. Breath Mints

BELCHERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - JULY 27, 2021: Hand holding Altoids Smalls Peppermint Sugarfree Mints, a brand of mints sold primarily in distinctive metal tins.
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Winning a lifetime supply of breath mints is something to brag about! One woman casually mentioned winning a lifetime supply of Altoids in the mid-2000s. However, she didn't mention how minty-fresh her breath has been ever since. 

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