UNITED SIKHS on What It’s Really Like to Volunteer in a War Torn Region

Volunteering in war-torn zones is a daunting and challenging task, but UNITED SIKHS, a United Nations-affiliated Organization, is doing its part to help bring stability to these regions.

Founded in 1999, UNITED SIKHS is an international non-profit organization with a global footprint that provides humanitarian aid in conflict zones worldwide. Their primary focus is providing medical, educational, and other essential services to those affected by war and natural calamities.


Recently UNITED SIKHS has focused on helping those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Co-founder Hardayal Singh recently volunteered in Ukraine. He was joined by the Governor of the State of New Jersey, Phil Murphy; First Lady Tammy Murphy; the Governor of the City of Lviv, Maksym Kozytskyy; and other elite parliamentary members.

The volunteer work that UNITED SIKHS were involved in at the Ukraine-Polish border became known in the region and was quick to gain attention from the two Governors.

Together, they have provided basic amenities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance which go a long way toward helping those communities cope with their current situation.

In addition to delivering the necessities, UNITED SIKHS also runs training programs. Singh says it’s not easy volunteering in such a challenging environment, but with the proper training, anything is possible.

The Tactical Medicine Program is designed for people who live in the border areas of Ukraine to protect themselves and others in emergencies better and give first aid in situations where quick action can save lives.

Recognize The Human Race as One

The first program was presented to 50 citizens, as well as volunteers, says Hardayal Singh

“Together they have saved more than 1200+ lives through their train-the-trainer programs. Their mobile unit moves from war-torn border regions, providing training to civilians and volunteers to save lives just as Bhai Ghanaia jee and his team did some 350 years ago. Bhai Ghanaia jee, serving under the forces of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth Sikh Guru initiated the concept of saving lives, all lives including the ‘enemy' forces, as the IRC some 350 years ago, and not only provided food and emergency supplies but also ran a tactical medicinal program.

It's all in line with UNITED SIKHS' mission statement, “Recognize the Human Race as One.”

The program delivers emergency medical training, including access to the right medical equipment, treating fractures and wounds, evacuation of wounded people, clearing the airways or protecting against hypothermia, and conducting blood transfusions where necessary.

Singh says it’s incredibly rewarding knowing that you can make a difference for the people facing such unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

“Everyone has the opportunity to serve mankind,” he says, “whether it’s being kind to your neighbor or your colleague, or a stranger.” The question is, how do you react?

“You simply need to have compassion, and that’s the spirit of life. When people are going through a tough time, like those in Turkey and Ukraine at the moment, we need to come together.”


UNITED SIKHS’ volunteers come from a wide range of different backgrounds, and they now have an extensive database of potential volunteers to contact whenever they need volunteers. He says recruitment is easy thanks to the world wide web.

“Volunteers are an integral part of our organization,” Singh explains. “Through our website, we have a JOIN option or a DONATE option. And we also receive a lot of messages through social media of people asking to help; or we post on our platforms when we need volunteers for a specific mission, specific time and with specific skills.”

He says the organization currently has thousands of volunteers registered across the United States and globally, “so we can cultivate and initiate volunteering assignments to suit. Proximity matters for us to be efficient, so if we need people in Turkey, for example, we have volunteers in that country who are registered and ready.”

Local Areas

In addition to delivering supplies and providing services directly to those affected by war, UNITED SIKHS also works with local organizations and governments to help build capacity and sustainability within these areas. The aim is to provide long-term relief to these communities.

UNITED SIKHS’ work is not without its challenges – they face security risks while working in dangerous environments and limited resources when it comes to delivering aid – yet they remain committed to positively impacting those who are most vulnerable due to conflict.

“Our volunteers have literally risked their lives, yet they continue to volunteer because they know they are doing the right thing for humanity.” And he says, they must focus on the positive experiences and the good they are doing.

“Not only do volunteers gain invaluable skills and knowledge, but they also have the opportunity to make a real difference. By offering their time and expertise, volunteers can help those in need, making for an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling experience.”

You can find out more about how to become a volunteer online.

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