25 Things That Nobody Can Defend as Anything But Bad

Some things are so bad we don't even wish them on our worst enemies; the very imagination of them makes our hair stand on end. From bed bugs to mosquitoes, over at an online discussion forum, some people reveal things they agree are 100 percent bad. Here's a list of some things we agree with.

1. Bed Bugs

Bed Bug
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This is exactly how a horrible infestation starts: a single bed bug makes its way to your home one night. In a few days, it magically multiplies, and soon your sleeps are haunted by painful bites of bedbugs. A contributor says they do not wish their worst enemies an infestation of bedbugs to show you how terrible it is.

2. Ticks

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You would agree with me that ticks are the worst. They are so bad that they can literally kill you if they find their way into your brain from your eardrum, for example. In addition, they can cause Lyme disease, an autoimmune nightmare that wrecks your whole body.

3. Alzheimer's Disease

Elderly Old Person
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Several people agree that Alzheimer's disease is terrible and should never have existed. Alzheimer's disease doesn't recognize class or gender; it affects anyone it wants to, causing its victim significant memory loss and other miseries.

4. Cancer

Husband with his sick wife
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Cancer has claimed several lives. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and can infect almost any tissue or organ of the body. Cancer growth in the body is characterized by abnormal, uncontrollable cell division that destroys body tissues.

5. Diarrhea

man with stomach ache sitting on sofa at home
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Nothing is worse than after you take a nice relaxing shower, get dressed in your finest clothes, and are all set to attend an urgent event or meeting, and then, boom, diarrhea hits you hard. It's sure not an experience you'd wish for.

6. Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning sick nausea
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The mere mention of food poisoning is terrifying for many. Unfortunately, it is a thing, and many people have experienced it. 

7. Mosquitoes

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The worst thing about these tiny creatures is their buzzing irritably around your ear till they finally bite you somewhere you most wouldn't suspect. Not to mention the notorious disease they can spread; they are a menace.

8. Kidney Stones

Tired woman
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This health condition, also known as nephrolithiasis, can cause painful urination but rarely causes permanent damage. However, it doesn't make it any less terrible.

9. Warm Toilet Seats

Toilet Seat
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For many, it feels disgusting to sit on a toilet seat immediately when someone has used it, and it feels warm. A warm surprise, you might say — except that this surprise leaves you frowning at the one guilty of this awful crime.

10. Noisy Eating

angry insane outraged man
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Don't noisy eaters make you want to scream at the top of your lungs? The sound of tooth grinding against teeth as it chews or smacks is hardly a symphony, and most would rather not be subjected to this rude manner.

11. Animal Abuse

Cat in Litter Box
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We don't like to even think about it, but harming animals is just absolutely horrible. If you have a pet, you need to be a responsible pet owner or you shouldn't have any animals in your life at all.

12. Slavery

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The practice of owning people and forcefully or coercively getting them to do things against their true will and freedom doesn't sit right with many people, and why should it? The world could do better than turning fellow humans into farm animals.

13. “Squirt” from Condiment Bottles

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It's that moment you open your condiment bottles without shaking them, and a whitish slimy liquid slides down. It may make you want to throw up, but this is only normal if you do not properly shake before opening, as condiments are generally emulsions. As all emulsions do, they separate into parts of left stationary for too long.

14. Cheating Partners

The Other Person
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Contributors agree that cheating on your partner is a terrible thing, unacceptable under no circumstances. Being in a relationship can be difficult, especially if you cannot commit to a single person, but it isn't impossible. Also, if you can't commit to one person, consider exploring options outside monogamy.

15. Bad Political Leaders

American Flag
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A system falters when the leaders of that system think that to play politics is to care less about the people and focus on personal needs. Most problems in the world today are caused by bad political leadership, irrespective of the system in question — whether on a big or small scale.

16. Human Trafficking

Stalker Man
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Human trafficking goes a long way to define how cruel humans can be to one another in the face of greed. It is a crime that should never have existed in the first place but sadly is still prevalent today.

17. Genocide

Skulls of victims of the Rwanda Genocide
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Today, genocide has become one of the most commonly used words because constant news of genocide attacks is on the rise in many parts of the world. It starts because one group thinks highly of themselves more than the other, and to destroy their opponents, they result in mass killings.

18. Poverty

Impoverished Man
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Nobody fantasizes about poverty or sees it as anything less than an affliction. The worst thing about poverty is how it forces you to do things you never thought you would, even things that make you question your morality.

19. Pain

sad lonely woman
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Why does pain even exist? Yes, some people seem accustomed to physical pain, but this doesn't mean there are no other areas of their lives where they cannot feel real pain. With emotions involved, pain hurts even worse than when it is physical and is one of the worst feelings ever.

20. Unskippable Ads

Annoyed worried aged man pensioner sit by laptop unable to make utility bill loan payment online has question how to use app need help. Stressed old grandpa confused with unexpected debt on pc screen
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We all hate it when we have an important video to watch on YouTube or other video or audio streaming platforms, and unskippable ads keep popping up. It slows the experience that should've been something more remarkable.

21. Discrimination

men threatened angry
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People are denied daily opportunities that they rightfully deserve because of color, class, gender, and the like. Discrimination goes to the far extent of creating division amongst people, leading to graver consequences.

22. Slow Internet

hate my job
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This is many people's worst enemy and a villain that deserves a grand spot on this list. And somehow, as if spying on us (well, duh!), it always knows and picks the worst time to strike.

23. Diddling

Greedy man, money
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Diddling is another word for cheating or swindling people; we all know how it hurts to be duped. People employ different diddling techniques to find their way to the top or take ownership of something that isn't theirs.

24. Friendship Betrayals

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There's a saying that if two close friends fight, and one spreads lies or talks bad about the other, they never really love or care for the other person. Sometimes, back-biting happens even in the heat of friendship, with a friend pretending to be an angel with you but a devil when you're not there, spreading lies and betraying the friendship and trust. It's just wrong.

25. Breaking a Nail Badly

Woman looking anxious, worried
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We're not talking about just chipping a nail. No. We're talking about when you break it so bad that it extends down to the nail bed. Then every time you hit something or touch something with that finger, it hurts so bad.

Source: Reddit

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